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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Hola VPN - The Website Unblocker Hola VPN - The Website Unblocker
User count: 4,772,913
Rating: 356,015
Hola VPN - Free (limited) or Premium version. VPN extension to access any website.
#2 Legal Forms and Agreements Legal Forms and Agreements
User count: 2,055
Rating: 27
Free legal forms, documents, wills and agreements tailored to the judicial system of your country.
#3 1clickVPN - Free VPN for Chrome 1clickVPN - Free VPN for Chrome
User count: 4,405,321
Rating: 32,448
The simplest VPN for Chrome with one click connection. Unblock websites and browse anonymous with secure VPN connection
#4 Unpaywall Unpaywall
User count: 624,566
Rating: 196
Legally get full text of scholarly articles as you browse.
#5 OVPN - Free VPN Proxy & Secure for Chrome OVPN - Free VPN Proxy & Secure for Chrome
Publisher: Opera Free VPN
User count: 9,753
Rating: 42
OVPN - Free VPN Unblock Websites, Free VPN extension to access any website.
#6 Bright VPN - Secure Private & Free VPN Proxy Bright VPN - Secure Private & Free VPN Proxy
User count: 32,503
Rating: 86
Bright VPN desktop app remote controller. Bright VPN is easy to use, no email or credit card is required to use the VPN proxy.
#7 Legal Files Chrome Extension Legal Files Chrome Extension
User count: 203
Rating: 0
Easily import Gmail Emails, Google Calendar Events and Chrome Web Pages into Legal Files.
#8 YieldNodes Legal YieldNodes Legal
User count: 143
Rating: 3
YieldNodes Legal account verification, reporting, and participation.
#9 Legal One - Pacote de melhorias (não-oficial) Legal One - Pacote de melhorias (não-oficial)
Publisher: andrerpena
User count: 46
Rating: 8
Pacote de melhorias para o Legal One feito pela comunidade. Esta extensão não possui nenhuma ligação com a Thomson Reuters
#10 Save Emails to PDF by cloudHQ Save Emails to PDF by cloudHQ
User count: 125,629
Rating: 648
Export, convert and save Gmail™ emails as a PDF document
#11 Ƀitsell X - Buy, Pay, Trade 100+ Cryptos Ƀitsell X - Buy, Pay, Trade 100+ Cryptos
User count: 297
Rating: 8
Trade 100+ cryptocurrencies FAST! Non-Custodial, Lax verification, BEST market rates. Even EUR/USD/GBP credit card accepted!
#12 CiteRight CiteRight
User count: 5,800
Rating: 1
The CiteRight browser extension is used to save references such as case law from online sources into your online CiteRight library.
#13 Bright Data Bright Data
Publisher: Bright Data
User count: 79,635
Rating: 38
Changes location for manual data collection
#14 Amino Amino
User count: 38,552
Rating: 407
Live CSS Editor. Write custom CSS for any website and see your changes in real time.
#15 SimpleChessBoard SimpleChessBoard
User count: 2,233
Rating: 9
Simple chess FEN/PGN viewer with evaluation
#16 Open Access Helper Web Open Access Helper Web
User count: 3,059
Rating: 1
Helps you find Open Access copies of paywalled scientific articles, by utilizing Unpaywall and APIs
User count: 142
Rating: 8
DONDELOVEO es un sitio para encontrar donde ver películas, series y eventos online en forma legal y segura.
#18 SG Legal Citation Extension SG Legal Citation Extension
Publisher: eugbyte
User count: 32
Rating: 0
This web extension auto generates citations, when the user copies the text from the following Singapore legal websites. 1.…
#19 Bittrex balances in legal currency Bittrex balances in legal currency
Publisher: waqs
User count: 241
Rating: 8
Add value in USD & JPY & EUR & GBP & KRW & CNY and BTC Rate columns into Bittrex Balances view. add chrome tab preview
#20 BitCro Search BitCro Search
User count: 1,045
Rating: 6
BitCro Search extension sets your Default Search Engine (Omni Bar) to Yahoo. You can run searches from Chrome's search bar! By…
#21 FastBound FastBound
User count: 1,395
Rating: 1
FastBound is the leading FFL software for ATF compliance. This extension helps FastBound fill out NICS and online state forms.
#22 Clerkent - quick legal search Clerkent - quick legal search
Publisher: Huey
User count: 156
Rating: 6
quick search for case law
#24 Verified First - Background Screening Verified First - Background Screening
User count: 7,655
Rating: 9
Chrome Extension for Verified First
#25 Jurfinder Jurfinder
User count: 87
Rating: 4
Professional lawyers network
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