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#1 Album Downloader for Facebook Album Downloader for Facebook
Publisher: FBDown
User count: 59,256
Rating: 515
Download Facebook Album in one click!
#2 DownAlbum DownAlbum
Publisher: inDream
User count: 374,603
Rating: 3,623
Download Facebook (Album & Video), Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, Weibo Album.
#3 Renren Album Downloader Renren Album Downloader
Publisher: Scott Cheng
User count: 2,991
Rating: 38
Download Renren album with one click.
#4 Album Downloader Album Downloader
Publisher: FINE54
User count: 1,624
Rating: 36
Find images on the page or album, download them to zip package or folder.
#5 Album Album
User count: 2,995
Rating: 15
Builds a list with the images present on the current page and exports it as text, mosaic or carousel.
#6 Album Download Album Download
User count: 2,292
Rating: 12
Download Google Photo Albums
#7 Coppermine album downloader Coppermine album downloader
Publisher: nikkii
User count: 909
Rating: 20
Save images from specific album of coppermine galleries.
#8 YouTube™ Album Tracks YouTube™ Album Tracks
Publisher: KoalaBear
User count: 689
Rating: 15
See which track of album/mix is playing
#9 YTMusic random album YTMusic random album
Publisher: Lubomír Moric
User count: 685
Rating: 3
Picks a random album from your YouTube Music library and plays it.
#11 A Photo Slider for Facebook Albums tool A Photo Slider for Facebook Albums tool
User count: 286
Rating: 9
A Photo Slider for Facebook , lets you watch any photos album on Facebook as a slide show, just like a screen-saver.
#12 Save Image To Google Photos Save Image To Google Photos
Publisher: Cool Apps
User count: 71,140
Rating: 254
Save Images to Google Photos with right click
#13 Flickr Fixr Flickr Fixr
User count: 1,333
Rating: 2
Makes Flickr almost awesome - while waiting for SmugMug to fully fix it ;-)
#14 Chiasenhac Download Plugin Chiasenhac Download Plugin
User count: 2,836
Rating: 33
Tool download nhanh album chất lượng cao trên trang
#15 Photos New Tab Photos New Tab
User count: 2,096
Rating: 29
Personalized photos from your Google Photos account in your new tabs.
#16 FIP Radio FIP Radio
User count: 1,027
Rating: 52
Unofficial FIP Radio player. One-click playback, scrobbling and 'now playing' informations display.
#17 CrateDigger: Album identifier CrateDigger: Album identifier
User count: 55
Rating: 2
This extension will analyze an image using Google's reverse image search and return the name of the album.
#18 Bandcamp Streamer Bandcamp Streamer
Publisher: aflowofcode
User count: 1,072
Rating: 13
Continuously stream from Bandcamp feed, collection, & wishlist pages + other cool features.
#19 Bandcamp Enhancement Suite Bandcamp Enhancement Suite
Publisher: Steven Bjornson
User count: 1,156
Rating: 14
Provides extra functionality for Bandcamp
#20 Plex bulk downloader Plex bulk downloader
Publisher: Bermos
User count: 3,958
Rating: 20
A Chrome extension to assist with downloading multiple files from a Plex server
#21 SpotifyTree SpotifyTree
Publisher: Andrey Shemetov
User count: 2,573
Rating: 32
Provides access to playlists and albums in a tree view and controls the Spotify Web Player through a quick and easy popup player.
#22 Pixiv Art Downloader Pixiv Art Downloader
User count: 3,901
Rating: 42
Downloads art from Pixiv artists with one click! Supports albums and single images.
#23 Stem Player Album Upload Stem Player Album Upload
User count: 183
Rating: 5
Upload entire albums to your stem player automatically
#24 Stoner Rock World Wide Album Player Stoner Rock World Wide Album Player
User count: 37
Rating: 0
A full album player for all albums published on STONER ROCK WORLD WIDE (SRWW) incl. play controls.
#25 Rainy night Rainy night
User count: 1,008
Rating: 45
This extension provides a nice 'rain' effect on your splash page.
256 results. Page 1 of 11.