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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Replay Poker Flash Support Replay Poker Flash Support
Publisher: Replay Gaming
User count: 23,506
Rating: 12
Automatically enable Flash support for Replay Poker.
#2 Auto Replay for Youtube - Looper for Youtube Auto Replay for Youtube - Looper for Youtube
User count: 7,210
Rating: 100
Auto Replay a whole Youtube Video or a portion of a Youtube Video
#3 Auto Replay for Youtube™ Auto Replay for Youtube™
Publisher: Cool Apps
User count: 8,252
Rating: 270
Adds a button to YouTube videos to toggle auto-repeat.
#4 Youtube Replay (YTReplay Magic) Youtube Replay (YTReplay Magic)
Publisher: China-Cheats
User count: 3,054
Rating: 32
Youtube Replay (YTReplay Magic) is fastest and easiest way to Play Youtube Videos in Replay Mode (Non-Stop).
#5 Record/Replay Record/Replay
Publisher: Tom Gallagher
User count: 1,857
Rating: 8
Browser automation package. Easy to use and open source. Integrated functional testing framework.
#6 ModResponse - Mock, modify, and replay API ModResponse - Mock, modify, and replay API
User count: 1,615
Rating: 1
Mock, modify, and replay API. Easy setup. No proxy needed. No code change required.
#7 Auto Replay for Youtube™ Auto Replay for Youtube™
User count: 783
Rating: 31
Adds a button to YouTube videos to toggle auto-repeat.
#8 Replay It Replay It
Publisher: ConnectedPE
User count: 2,086
Rating: 5
Replay It is the worlds first Video Delay application made exclusively for Google Chrome. A simple yet powerful real-time video…
#9 Auto Replay YouTube™ Videos Auto Replay YouTube™ Videos
User count: 1,083
Rating: 8
Auto replay your favorite youtube videos in a loop with zero clicks!
#10 HD, Replay, Popout for YouTube™ HD, Replay, Popout for YouTube™
Publisher: Smart Software
User count: 2,996
Rating: 87
Make YouTube videos automatically play in HD, Repeat YouTube videos automatically, and Open any YouTube video in a popout window.
#11 Auto Replay for YouTube™ Auto Replay for YouTube™
Publisher: Lynn
User count: 834
Rating: 197
Automatically repeats your favourite YouTube video.
#12 iLoop: Youtube Loop Repeat Replay Part Video iLoop: Youtube Loop Repeat Replay Part Video
User count: 879
Rating: 10
Make auto loop, repeat, replay part of video easier on Youtube!
#13 Auto Replay - Looper for YouTube™ Auto Replay - Looper for YouTube™
Publisher: Download Manager
User count: 355
Rating: 4
Automatically replay, repeats your favorite YouTube video.
#14 Magic Actions for YouTube™ Magic Actions for YouTube™
User count: 1,045,542
Rating: 129,434
Enhance your YouTube watching experience! Cinema Mode, Mouse Wheel Volume Control, AutoHD, Expand, Snapshots …
#15 Twitch Chat Replay Twitch Chat Replay
Publisher: Abyss
User count: 842
Rating: 7
Replays Twitch chat for the anime marathons.
#16 Youtube Replay Youtube Replay
User count: 99
Rating: 5
Adds a replay button to player
User count: 59
Rating: 2
Screen Recording for Developers
#18 Replay Bankroll Chart Replay Bankroll Chart
Publisher: moofish
User count: 67
Rating: 0
Adds a chart to the Replay Poker transactions page showing your bankroll over time
#19 Sound Cloud Replay Button Sound Cloud Replay Button
Publisher: EyadFarra
User count: 2,078
Rating: 21
Finally Enjoy Repeating Your Favorite Tracks on Sound Cloud
#20 Twitcasting Chat Replay Twitcasting Chat Replay
Publisher: lyger
User count: 1,052
Rating: 3
Replays the chat on Twitcasting archives.
#21 Replay Launcher Replay Launcher
Publisher: Accounts
User count: 53
Rating: 0
Start recording a replay in one click.
#22 replay sans pub replay sans pub
Publisher: Igor Marty
User count: 92
Rating: 6
Retirer la pub en replay
#23 YCS - YouTube Comment Search YCS - YouTube Comment Search
Publisher: YCS
User count: 36,301
Rating: 167
Search comments, replies, chat replay, video transcript for the current video on YouTube by contents, authors, time.
#24 OpenRA Ladder Replay Analytics OpenRA Ladder Replay Analytics
Publisher: mister.smithson1
User count: 17
Rating: 1
OpenRA is an open-source implementation of Westwood's Command and Conquer series, including titles such as Tiberium Dawn, Dune 2000…
#25 ChatReplay ChatReplay
User count: 26,610
Rating: 45
Watch stream archive videos with chat replay.
106 results. Page 1 of 5.