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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 CryptoPro Extension for CAdES Browser Plug-in CryptoPro Extension for CAdES Browser Plug-in
User count: 6,619,901
Rating: 701
Расширение позволяет использовать КриптоПро ЭЦП Browser plug-in в браузере. Для работы требует установленного ЭЦП Browser plug-in.
#2 Plug Plug
User count: 113,887
Rating: 37
Your plug into the Internet Computer
#3 myWorld Plug-in myWorld Plug-in
User count: 37,769
Rating: 112
myWorld Plug-in: Never miss out on Cashback and Shopping Points at online Partners of the myWorld Benefit Program again
#4 Plugins Plugins
User count: 16,886
Rating: 3
This extension allows you to go to the Plugins of Google Chrome with just one click.
#5 NeoCloud Plug NeoCloud Plug
Publisher: Neobay
User count: 17,207
Rating: 0
NeoCloud Extension
#6 "Missing Plug-in" Fix "Missing Plug-in" Fix
Publisher: TVT Studio
User count: 52,200
Rating: 664
A simple extension to fix error "missing plugin" when browsing flash content for Google Chrome.
#7 AEM Chrome Plug-in AEM Chrome Plug-in
User count: 3,359
Rating: 18
Devtools panel for AEM development. Includes in-browser Log Tracer and Adaptive Forms development tooling
#8 History & Cache Cleaner - Smart Clean History & Cache Cleaner - Smart Clean
Publisher: Smart extension
User count: 157,472
Rating: 111
Best way to clean cache and Chrome browsing data! Сlean History, Remove Downloads, Clear Cookie, Clear Cache or set auto history…
#9 Plug X Plug X
User count: 714
Rating: 75
Advanced features for Plug.DJ
#10 Reward eShop plug-in Reward eShop plug-in
User count: 5,034
Rating: 5
Bli automatisk varslet om CashPoints-opptjening når du handler online.
#11 Alichrome - Free Invoice generator Alichrome - Free Invoice generator
Publisher: AliChrome
User count: 31,091
Rating: 63
Extract your AliExpress order details to a printable PDF
#12 Plug-Up Bridge Content Script Plug-Up Bridge Content Script
User count: 461
Rating: 7
Chrome Content Script for Plug-up dongle access
#13 NIXZ SimpleRecruiter for Mysolution NIXZ SimpleRecruiter for Mysolution
User count: 463
Rating: 0
NIXZ SimpleRecruiter for Mysolution
#14 Reward eShop plug-in Reward eShop plug-in
User count: 1,756
Rating: 1
Meddelas automatiskt kontrollera om Cash Intjänade poäng när du handlar online.
#15 Plug-It Extension Plug-It Extension
User count: 88
Rating: 20
Easily load Plug-It or any script for
#16 Enterprise Data Catalog Plug-in Enterprise Data Catalog Plug-in
Publisher: Informatica
User count: 432
Rating: 4
Enterprise Data Catalog Plug-in is a quick way to access detailed metadata information about data assets.
#17 LocalService Web Plug-in 2 LocalService Web Plug-in 2
Publisher: shw03324
User count: 1,266
Rating: 3
the Web Plug-in for video play by LocalService
#18 wikifx wikifx
Publisher: Wiki Co.,LIMITED
User count: 2,108
Rating: 5
Global Forex Broker Regulatory Inquiry
#19 성능점검 접속 Plug-in 성능점검 접속 Plug-in
Publisher: ciwdeveloper
User count: 1,389
Rating: 0
성능점검 관리시스템 접속 플러그인
#20 Professor Plug Professor Plug
Publisher: tjp503
User count: 405
Rating: 31
Instantly connects you to professor ratings!
#21 Oracle Secure Form Fill Plugin Oracle Secure Form Fill Plugin
Publisher: Oracle
User count: 1,956
Rating: 12
Oracle Identity Cloud Service Secure Form Fill Plugin
#22 Porter Plug Porter Plug
User count: 296
Rating: 5
Power up your Github experience with embedded repo news and charts from
#23 LocalService Web Plug-in 2 RVi LocalService Web Plug-in 2 RVi
Publisher: shw03324
User count: 401
Rating: 0
the Web Plug-in for video play by LocalService
#25 AntumID MyDigiPassword AntumID MyDigiPassword
Publisher: AntumID
User count: 413
Rating: 3
AntumID MyDigiPassword for the AntumID Authenticator APP
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