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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Cookie-Editor Cookie-Editor
User count: 1,144,880
Rating: 199
Simple yet powerful Cookie Editor that allow you to quickly create, edit and delete cookies without leaving your tab.
#2 Cookie AutoDelete Cookie AutoDelete
Publisher: CAD Team
User count: 205,231
Rating: 440
Control your cookies! Automatically delete unwanted cookies from your closed tabs while keeping the ones you want.
#3 I don't care about cookies I don't care about cookies
Publisher: Daniel Kladnik
User count: 1,007,353
Rating: 1,114
Remove cookie warnings from almost all websites! The EU regulations require that any website using tracking cookies must get…
#4 Uncanny Cookie Clicker Uncanny Cookie Clicker
Publisher: Naoto Yokoyama
User count: 167,789
Rating: 917
A simple helper extension for Cookie Clicker players.
#5 Cookie Editor Cookie Editor
User count: 116,028
Rating: 4,251
A powerful and easy-to-use Cookie Editor.
#6 Get cookies.txt Get cookies.txt
Publisher: getcookies.txt
User count: 154,521
Rating: 79
Exports your cookies to the Netscape cookie file format a.k.a. cookies.txt which is compatible with wget, curl, youtube-dl and more.
#7 ARC cookie exchange ARC cookie exchange
User count: 89,095
Rating: 424
An extension that supports Advanced REST Client session management reading Chrome cookies.
#8 CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner
User count: 57,958
Rating: 60
CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner is a plugin designed to give you control of your online preferences, personal data, and private details.
#9 Cookie Remover Cookie Remover
Publisher: Adam
User count: 57,225
Rating: 59
Removes cookies for the current site
#10 Awesome Cookie Manager Awesome Cookie Manager
User count: 37,590
Rating: 121
Displays a list of all Google Chrome cookies. Allows searching, viewing, editing, saving, restoring, and deleting cookies.
#11 Cookie Clicker Cookie Clicker
Publisher: Asc
User count: 31,494
Rating: 162
Awesome cookie game for Chrome™ browser! Click on funny cookie, get more cookies, buy upgrades and become a cookie emperor!
#12 Cookie Notice Blocker Cookie Notice Blocker
Publisher: Ben Cheshire
User count: 32,856
Rating: 108
Remove most of those annoying "We value your privacy" banners & cookie notices from websites.
#13 Ninja Cookie Ninja Cookie
User count: 45,897
Rating: 69
Opt out of non-essential cookies and automatically remove cookie popups.
#14 The Cleaner -  delete Cookies and Cache The Cleaner - delete Cookies and Cache
Publisher: Clean Chrome
User count: 48,116
Rating: 81
The Cleaner delete the Cache, Cookies, Downloads, History from Chrome Browser. Set auto history cleaning, to protect your privacy!
#15 Adblock for Youtube™ Adblock for Youtube™
Publisher: AdRemover
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 270,004
Removes ads from Youtube™.
#16 CookieManager - Cookie Editor CookieManager - Cookie Editor
Publisher: joue.quroi
User count: 37,470
Rating: 20
Edit cookies related to the current page and all its CORS frames right from the popup interface
#17 Super Agent - Automatic cookie consent Super Agent - Automatic cookie consent
Publisher: Super Agent
User count: 25,294
Rating: 46
Super Agent fills out cookie consent forms based on your preferences, saving you time and letting you take control of your privacy.
#18 Cookie Watch Cookie Watch
User count: 80,399
Rating: 0
Provides fast and simple removal of cookies, tracking cookies, browsing history, download history and caches.
#19 Swoosh Cookie and Local Storage Specialist Swoosh Cookie and Local Storage Specialist
User count: 15,286
Rating: 110
Unites Local Storage, Session Storage and Cookie in one place. Powerful functions with intuitive and concise UI.
#20 Goodbye annoying cookie banners Goodbye annoying cookie banners
Publisher: Goodbye Cookies
User count: 7,132
Rating: 298
No one likes cookie banners, but they are everywhere. Remove annoying banners that ask you to accept all cookies.
#21 EditThisCookie EditThisCookie
User count: 2,585,428
Rating: 11,355
EditThisCookie is a cookie manager. You can add, delete, edit, search, protect and block cookies!
#22 Get Token Cookie Get Token Cookie
Publisher: Lala Team
User count: 48,586
Rating: 3
Công cụ hỗ trợ lấy token, cookie
#23 I still don't care about cookies I still don't care about cookies
Publisher: Guus
User count: 27,127
Rating: 50
Community version of the extension `I don't care about cookies` (no Avast)
#24 Cookie Muncher Cookie Muncher
User count: 13,205
Rating: 6
1 Click and the cookies are removed from the current tab
#25 Cookie Cleaner (Cookie Eraser) Cookie Cleaner (Cookie Eraser)
Publisher: unixeco
User count: 12,818
Rating: 9
Quickly delete/wipe your browser Cookies for a defined period with one click!
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