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Control your cookies! Automatically delete unwanted cookies from your closed tabs while keeping the ones you want.

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Version: 3.6.0 (Last updated: 2021-01-21)
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Main Features
- Auto Deletes Site Data from Closed Tabs
- WhiteList/GreyList Support
- Easily Export/Import your Whitelist/Greylist
- Clear Site Data for a Domain
- Supports Manual Mode Cleaning from the popup

This extension does not clean data automatically until you enable "Auto-clean". This gives you the chance to add sites to the WhiteList.

1. Add the sites you want to keep site data in the WhiteList (permanently) or GreyList (until Browser restart)
2. Toggle "Auto-clean" in the popup or "Automatic cleaning" in the settings
3. Watch those unused site data disappear :)

You can disable Cleanup Notifications via the Settings.

Note: Site Data are Cookies, IndexedDB, Localstorage, etc. Support for clearing these is dependent on the Browser APIs and the extension implementation.

If you have any other problem, file an issue on GitHub. Maybe we can work it out.  Note that support may not be available for variants of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
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