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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Auto Refresh Plus | Page Monitor Auto Refresh Plus | Page Monitor
User count: 626,486
Rating: 4,994
Refresh page automatically with powerful page monitor features
#2 Easy Auto Refresh Easy Auto Refresh
User count: 1,313,494
Rating: 1,946
Auto-refresh and auto-reload pages after any number of seconds.
#3 Page Auto Refresh Page Auto Refresh
User count: 658,465
Rating: 17
Auto refresh web pages with multiple smart timers
#4 Refresh Page - Auto reload page Refresh Page - Auto reload page
Publisher: Refresh Inc.
User count: 509,458
Rating: 9
Automatically page reload after any number of seconds. Works for all pages. Refresh tab on demand.
#5 Amazing Auto Refresh Amazing Auto Refresh
User count: 556,043
Rating: 4
Auto refresh for web pages - multiple timers, works automatically
#6 Maxi Refresher Maxi Refresher
Publisher: MitchelLil
User count: 2,063,812
Rating: 15
Refresh pages with multiple timers. Reach maximum efficiency with Maxi auto refresh tool
#7 Tab Auto Refresh Tab Auto Refresh
Publisher: Free Apps
User count: 168,580
Rating: 662
Set the time you want the application to automatically reload your Chrome Browser
#8 Smart Auto Refresh Smart Auto Refresh
User count: 68,255
Rating: 190
Smart auto refresh extension automatically refreshes web pages on a selected time interval
#9 Awesome Auto Refresh Awesome Auto Refresh
Publisher: Marina Dmitrenko
User count: 557,843
Rating: 5
Auto refresh tool with multiple smart timers
#10 Tab Auto Refresh Tab Auto Refresh
Publisher: MeryDev
User count: 112,660
Rating: 55
Automatically refresh tabs based on custom time intervals
#11 Auto Refresh Page Auto Refresh Page
User count: 40,278
Rating: 70
Refresh web pages automatically. Auto-refresh and page monitor with specified time intervals.
#12 Super Simple Auto Refresh Super Simple Auto Refresh
Publisher: vbob277
User count: 31,608
Rating: 23
Very easy auto refresher: choose random or fixed interval to refresh the page. Search for text and get notification as it's found
#13 Looker Studio Auto Refresh Looker Studio Auto Refresh
User count: 22,054
Rating: 44
Auto-refresh and automated pagination of your Google Looker Studio reports, on a chosen interval.
#14 Auto Refresh With Notifications Auto Refresh With Notifications
User count: 8,705
Rating: 34
chrome extension to auto refresh web page with notifications.
#15 SuperRefresh , Auto Refresh pages SuperRefresh , Auto Refresh pages
User count: 9,111
Rating: 17
Auto Refresh pages every time interval , Multi task support .
#16 Auto Refresh Plus | Old version Auto Refresh Plus | Old version
User count: 11,949
Rating: 6
Refresh page automatically, plus page monitor feature.
#17 Page Refresh Page Refresh
Publisher: Page Refresh
User count: 135,015
Rating: 566
Finally a page refresh that works. Reload any page with just a few clicks. Page refresh works on any website.
#18 Gmail POP3 Auto Refresh Gmail POP3 Auto Refresh
User count: 4,438
Rating: 19
Refresh unlimited POP3 email accounts of Gmail with a frequency of one minute for free.
#19 Tab Reloader (page auto refresh) Tab Reloader (page auto refresh)
Publisher: tlintspr
User count: 117,952
Rating: 108
An easy-to-use tab reloader with custom reloading time for individual tabs and more!
#20 Simple Auto Refresh & Text Finder PRO Simple Auto Refresh & Text Finder PRO
User count: 4,502
Rating: 11
Select the interval in seconds and extension will refresh your page with random interval and can search for a text!
#21 Auto Refresh & Switch Tabs Auto Refresh & Switch Tabs
Publisher: Maxonix
User count: 4,284
Rating: 1
Every 20 secondes : Switch to next tab & refresh next (+1) tab
#22 Auto refresh Chrome Auto refresh Chrome
Publisher: Presci Lia
User count: 2,693
Rating: 2
Chrome refresh all tabs, reload tab, safe and free forever.
#23 Zendesk Auto Refresh Zendesk Auto Refresh
Publisher: brandon stubbs
User count: 11,573
Rating: 20
This is a third party plugin that will enforce zendesk to refresh.
#24 Disable Ynet auto refresh Disable Ynet auto refresh
Publisher: atlanteh
User count: 933
Rating: 6
Disables Ynet from auto refreshing every 15 minutes
#25 Custom Auto Refresh Custom Auto Refresh
Publisher: VastBlast
User count: 2,258
Rating: 15
A simple and lightweight chrome extension that automatically refreshes a tab on a fully customizable interval.
256 results. Page 1 of 11.