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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Chrome Response Override Chrome Response Override
User count: 2,932
Rating: 14
Provides support to override API/HTML/* response using simple Find & Replace steps. No external app installation required
#2 Resource Override Resource Override
Publisher: Kyle Paulsen
User count: 59,062
Rating: 183
An extension to help you gain full control of any website by redirecting traffic, replacing, editing, or inserting new content.
#3 New Tab Override New Tab Override
Publisher: Mustang
User count: 2,801
Rating: 20
Load a custom URL when opening a new tab.
#4 Content Security Policy Override Content Security Policy Override
User count: 2,037
Rating: 8
Modify the Content Security Policy of web pages.
#5 Moesif Origin & CORS Changer Moesif Origin & CORS Changer
User count: 225,481
Rating: 181
This plugin allows you to send cross-domain requests. You can also override Request Origin and CORS headers.
#6 YouTube Time YouTube Time
Publisher: Chris Smith
User count: 7,697
Rating: 42
Prevent procrastination by setting a daily time limit for your YouTube usage.
#7 Salesforce No Override Salesforce No Override
Publisher: boogerklown
User count: 66
Rating: 0
Utilizes salesforce nooverride on vf override pages. Icon made by from is licensed by
#8 Override Chrome's New Tab Policy Override Chrome's New Tab Policy
Publisher: kareemsherif22
User count: 276
Rating: 5
A workaround for bypassing or replacing the default Chrome new tab policy set by your organization.
#9 Tab Activate Tab Activate
Publisher: Tab Activate
User count: 50,742
Rating: 236
New tabs open immediately instead of in the background
#10 JIRA Template Injector JIRA Template Injector
User count: 4,565
Rating: 39
The description field of new JIRA issues will automatically be populated with a template relevant to the issue type
#11 No-override Launcher for Salesforce No-override Launcher for Salesforce
Publisher: varughesefebin
User count: 11
Rating: 3
A simple extension with a single click solution to avoid the hassle of editing the URL to no-override a custom visualforce page.
#12 Network Overrides Network Overrides
Publisher: miguel.smsilva
User count: 126
Rating: 0
Override network calls. Configurable via network-overrides Node package.
#13 Megaphone Guid Override Megaphone Guid Override
Publisher: Slate Magazine
User count: 29
Rating: 0
An extension for overriding the guid of the megaphone podcast episode page you are on
#14 (No new tab override) (No new tab override)
User count: 486
Rating: 3
Modern bookmark manager for UX & Product designers
#17 Favicon Override Favicon Override
Publisher: crimsonmango
User count: 36
Rating: 2
Overrides the default favicon for with the old, far superior favicon.
#18 Request Header/Query Param Override MV3 Request Header/Query Param Override MV3
Publisher: paulb896
User count: 8
Rating: 0
A chrome extension for overriding external http request headers and query parameters
#19 Sauce for Strava™ Sauce for Strava™
User count: 32,788
Rating: 78
Additional functionality for your cycling and running analysis. This extension upgrades the Strava™ website.
#20 Ultrawidify Ultrawidify
Publisher: Tamius Han
User count: 54,214
Rating: 205
Removes black bars on ultrawide videos and offers advanced options to fix aspect ratio.
#21 GrowthBook DevTools GrowthBook DevTools
User count: 1,216
Rating: 1
QA and debug feature flags and experiments from GrowthBook's js/react SDKs
#22 JIRA Template Injector (Autosync Templates) JIRA Template Injector (Autosync Templates)
Publisher: biideveloper121
User count: 278
Rating: 3
The description field of new JIRA issues will automatically be populated with a template relevant to the issue type
#23 ButWhyMod ButWhyMod
Publisher: WKLaume
User count: 35
Rating: 1
Removes and/or stops stuff like modals(in-page popups), videos, etc. *Please be aware that some websites requires modals.*
#24 fonts infos fonts infos
Publisher: Paris
User count: 10,533
Rating: 19
An extention to show/inspect and analyze fonts in web-pages.
#25 mangadex-override-offset mangadex-override-offset
Publisher: dustysys
User count: 6
Rating: 0
Toggle extension for overriding double page offset on Mangadex.
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