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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Avira Password Manager Avira Password Manager
Publisher: Avira
User count: 5,265,852
Rating: 417
Avira Password Manager saves, manages, and syncs all your passwords across all your devices.
#2 Free Download Manager Free Download Manager
User count: 2,157,443
Rating: 4,297
Free Download Manager integration with browser
#3 Norton Password Manager Norton Password Manager
User count: 4,174,378
Rating: 1,148
A cloud-based password manager that makes it easy to log in to your favorite sites.
#4 Chrono Download Manager Chrono Download Manager
User count: 729,540
Rating: 21,957
Download Manager | Video Downloader | Bulk Image Downloader
#5 Video Speed Controller Video Speed Controller
Publisher: Elmer Murry
User count: 517,744
Rating: 658
Speed controller for HTML5 videos. Manage video speed, speed up, slow down, advance and rewind using the keyboard.
#6 LastPass: Free Password Manager LastPass: Free Password Manager
Publisher: LastPass
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 27,285
LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.
#7 Tab Manager Plus for Chrome Tab Manager Plus for Chrome
User count: 277,227
Rating: 713
Quickly find open tabs, see all windows in one view, find duplicates and limit tabs per window. The best Tab Manager for Chrome.
#8 Workona Tab Manager Workona Tab Manager
User count: 177,453
Rating: 2,957
The world’s best tab manager
#9 RoboForm Password Manager RoboForm Password Manager
User count: 640,578
Rating: 2,715
RoboForm Password Manager makes your life easier by remembering passwords and logging you into websites automatically
#10 DualSafe Password Manager & Digital Vault DualSafe Password Manager & Digital Vault
User count: 214,023
Rating: 9
DualSafe Password Manager extension lets you safely manage passwords in one place to autosave, autofill & access them anytime.
#11 Open With Download Manager Open With Download Manager
Publisher: Muyor
User count: 110,067
Rating: 286
Open and download desired links with internet download manager.
#12 PocketTube: Youtube Subscription Manager PocketTube: Youtube Subscription Manager
User count: 224,262
Rating: 3,776
Group YouTube subscriptions into YouTube folder. Video Deck for Youtube. Mark as watched videos. Filter YouTube video. Youtube mode
#13 Cluster - Window & Tab Manager Cluster - Window & Tab Manager
User count: 67,659
Rating: 672
Window and Tab manager for managing multiple open tabs and windows with simplicity.
#14 HP Classroom Manager Student HP Classroom Manager Student
Publisher: HP Inc.
User count: 105,821
Rating: 23
Enjoy real-time communication, prevent unwanted distractions, and enhance student learning with the HP Classroom Manager Chrome…
#15 Turbo Download Manager (3rd edition) Turbo Download Manager (3rd edition)
Publisher: InBasic
User count: 71,346
Rating: 82
A download manager with speed acceleration, site spider, dynamic segmentation, resume, pause, and download recovery
#16 Bookmark Manager Speed Dial | Papaly Bookmark Manager Speed Dial | Papaly
User count: 40,360
Rating: 2,131
Bookmark Manager that helps with Organization, Syncing across browsers and platforms
#17 Free Download Manager for Google Chrome™ Free Download Manager for Google Chrome™
User count: 48,448
Rating: 194
Easily manage and accelerate your downloads up to 5 times!
#18 Download with Free Download Manager (FDM) Download with Free Download Manager (FDM)
Publisher: InBasic
User count: 50,541
Rating: 135
Sends your downloading jobs to the Free Download Manager by pausing the built-in download manager
#19 Turbo Download Manager (Classic) Turbo Download Manager (Classic)
Publisher: InBasic
User count: 61,153
Rating: 412
a download manager with multi-threading support
#20 Scopus Document Download Manager Scopus Document Download Manager
User count: 1,205,531
Rating: 172
Scopus authenticated users can download PDF files directly from Scopus!
#21 Referer Manager Referer Manager
User count: 685,932
Rating: 10
Control your referer headers. Apply flexible rules to block, allow, or change HTTP referer.
#22 Ninja Download Manager Ninja Download Manager
User count: 26,092
Rating: 355
Allows you to quickly add downloads to NDM from within the Chrome browser
#23 NetSupport Manager Client NetSupport Manager Client
Publisher: NetSupport Ltd
User count: 27,064
Rating: 241
NetSupport Manager delivers the very latest in remote PC support and desktop management capabilities. Flexibility is key in the…
#24 Password Manager Pro Password Manager Pro
User count: 58,488
Rating: 29
Secure vault for storing and managing shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents & digital identities of enterprises.
#25 ApkOnline APK manager for Android emulator ApkOnline APK manager for Android emulator
User count: 516,937
Rating: 601
Manager that allows to handle APK files that are run with the ApkOnline android emulator platform
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