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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 eTrack - Package Tracking eTrack - Package Tracking
Publisher: eTrack
User count: 44,616
Rating: 84
The One Click Package Tracker That Monitors All Your Orders In One Place.
#2 Where is my package? - Package tracker Where is my package? - Package tracker
Publisher: FreeVideo
User count: 5,292
Rating: 16
Package tracker is a free and useful browser extension for tracking your packages from any website
#3 Migration Tool Package Creator Migration Tool Package Creator
Publisher: Elie Perez
User count: 4,055
Rating: 9
Create XML package to use with Ant on top of Salesforce Workbench. Go to Workbench and browse Metadata. By Elie Perez
#4 Package tracker Package tracker
Publisher: grunbaster
User count: 1,422
Rating: 7
Package tracker searches for your parcel by tracking number from couriers such as usps, fedex, ups etc
#5 Package Tracker Package Tracker
Publisher: Package Tracker
User count: 20,576
Rating: 5
This extension is a single purpose Smart Web Search new tab experience. Browse the web on your New Tab experience and our Smart…
#6 Package Hub Package Hub
Publisher: Ezinwa Okpoechi
User count: 271
Rating: 2
Display dependencies for many package managers on GitHub
#7 Github Package.json Enhancer Github Package.json Enhancer
Publisher: mikaelb
User count: 197
Rating: 0
Enhance Package.json on Github by linking up modules to NPM
#8 AliHelper - shopping assistant AliHelper - shopping assistant
User count: 149,815
Rating: 299
AliExpress ™ price history, best prices monitoring, package tracking, feedback, real seller rating.
#9 Download Salesforce Change Set package.xml Download Salesforce Change Set package.xml
User count: 2,054
Rating: 14
This extension will add Download button on Inbound/Outbound Change Set page allowing you to download package.xml of its components.
#10 Tumblr Savior Tumblr Savior
User count: 74,359
Rating: 981
Would you like to control what shows up on your dashboard? Tumblr Savior is here to save you!
#11 Package tracker Package tracker
Publisher: aliprice2
User count: 448
Rating: 47
#12 Ali Epacket Ali Epacket
Publisher: Edrop
User count: 6,072
Rating: 14
Search for items with Epacket, List of products with Epacket, Support national search support Epacket
#13 Elm Package Info Elm Package Info
Publisher: dmy
User count: 98
Rating: 3
Display additional information for a package on (install command, license, dependencies, …)
#15 npmhub npmhub
Publisher: npmhub
User count: 2,059
Rating: 19
Explore npm dependencies on GitHub repos
#16 NPM Package Search NPM Package Search
Publisher: Bryan Clark
User count: 211
Rating: 1
To use, type 'npm' plus your search term into the url bar.
#17 OOXML Tools OOXML Tools
User count: 6,897
Rating: 31
View, edit, analyse and compare contents of OOXML documents.
#18 Node Package Finder Node Package Finder
User count: 154
Rating: 3
An easy way to find node.js packages right from your browser with just one click without needing to open another page. Please…
#19 Goto GoDoc Goto GoDoc
User count: 187
Rating: 5
Open the currently selected page in
#20 Chrome Regex Search Chrome Regex Search
Publisher: rshen
User count: 42,004
Rating: 160
An extension for Regex Search in lieu of Chrome's CTRL+F
#21 ChinaHelper - Shop assistant in Chinese stores ChinaHelper - Shop assistant in Chinese stores
Publisher: ShopHelp24
User count: 66,687
Rating: 1,493
Sellers check and price change tracking. Package tracking on AliExpress.
#22 Save Emails to PDF by cloudHQ Save Emails to PDF by cloudHQ
User count: 125,629
Rating: 648
Export, convert and save Gmail™ emails as a PDF document
#23 NuTake NuTake
Publisher: M Hickford
User count: 1,315
Rating: 24
Add 'download zip' links to package pages on the website.
#24 Github Package.json Enhancer Github Package.json Enhancer
User count: 15
Rating: 2
Enhance Github's package.json file viewing experience by making npm dependencies as direct links to npm package page.
#25 Neoboard Lite Neoboard Lite
Publisher: NAVINES
User count: 43
Rating: 8
Chrome extension for eCommerce here you can get Package Tracking, Instant Translator, Messages Templates, Profit calculator and more
300 results. Page 1 of 12.