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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Tab Suspender Tab Suspender
User count: 173,864
Rating: 500
Automatically suspend, park, hibernate inactive tabs and save up to 80% of memory, reduce load on your device, battery and heat.
#2 Manganum: #1 New Tab for Chrome™ Manganum: #1 New Tab for Chrome™
User count: 149,445
Rating: 100
The new tab with sidebar turns Chrome™ from just a browser into a productivity workspace.
#3 Tab Manager Plus for Chrome Tab Manager Plus for Chrome
User count: 274,342
Rating: 686
Quickly find open tabs, see all windows in one view, find duplicates and limit tabs per window. The best Tab Manager for Chrome.
#4 New Tab for Google Workspace™ New Tab for Google Workspace™
User count: 176,755
Rating: 425
Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring, fast access to installed applications, bookmarks, history.
#5 Home - New Tab Page Home - New Tab Page
User count: 66,032
Rating: 9,723
A homepage you will fall in love with! Notifications, badges, recently closed tabs, quick notes, calendar and more.
#6 Quick Tabs Quick Tabs
Publisher: bAbymAn
User count: 45,119
Rating: 576
A keyboard centric most recently used (MRU) ordered page list plugin with seek and switch functionality inspired by IntelliJ IDEA
#7 QR Code Generator QR Code Generator
Publisher: BXN
User count: 137,064
Rating: 25
Meet the QR Code Extension, the easiest and fastest way to generate and share QR codes
#8 Volume Booster Volume Booster
Publisher: Sequoia Red
User count: 244,811
Rating: 501
Easy-to-use sound booster with volume control and audio equalizer
#9 New Volume Booster & equalizer - Audio + New Volume Booster & equalizer - Audio +
Publisher: Mi Audio
User count: 302,038
Rating: 244
Tab audio limiter, equalizer, volume control, volume booster and sound effects. Audio equalizer and volume booster for you
#10 Screen Capture and Recorder by Screeny Screen Capture and Recorder by Screeny
User count: 668,105
Rating: 893
The #1 Screen Recorder and Screenshot tool! Full page screen capture and video record of your screen.
#11 Screenshot Tool  - capture & editor Screenshot Tool - capture & editor
User count: 317,511
Rating: 1,295
Innovative screenshot tool lets users capture and edit your screenshot and download it.
#12 QuicKey – The quick tab switcher QuicKey – The quick tab switcher
User count: 9,398
Rating: 73
Add keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs with a Quicksilver-style search or a most recently used menu
#13 Scrcast screen recorder Scrcast screen recorder
Publisher: Malik Haryanto
User count: 905,932
Rating: 42
Scrcast screen recorder - screencasting and screen recording tool. Completely free!
#14 Vimium C - All by Keyboard Vimium C - All by Keyboard
User count: 25,317
Rating: 124
A keyboard shortcut tool for keyboard-based page navigation and browser tab operations with an advanced omnibar and global shortcuts
#15 Quick translator Quick translator
Publisher: DorothyApp
User count: 535,287
Rating: 795
Select word or whole phrase and right click to translate using Google translator
#16 Open in Firefox Open in Firefox
User count: 45,742
Rating: 137
Open current page, link, or all tabs in the Firefox browser with a left-click or through right-click context menu.
#17 Shortkeys (Custom Keyboard Shortcuts) Shortkeys (Custom Keyboard Shortcuts)
Publisher: Mike Crittenden
User count: 103,221
Rating: 632
Custom keyboard shortcuts for your browser
#18 Open in Brave Browser Open in Brave Browser
Publisher: brian.girko
User count: 7,599
Rating: 9
Open current page, link, or all tabs in the Brave browser
#19 Mouse Gesture Events Mouse Gesture Events
Publisher: Make it Simpler
User count: 70,068
Rating: 187
Control your browser faster and easier with gestures using mouse movement.
#20 Vimium Vimium
User count: 447,911
Rating: 4,949
The Hacker's Browser. Vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of Vim.
#21 Open in Chromium Browser Open in Chromium Browser
Publisher: lunu.bounir
User count: 5,603
Rating: 12
Open the current tab or all tabs in Chromium browser or send links to Chromium from right-click context menu.
#22 20 Tabs - Simple Tab Manager 20 Tabs - Simple Tab Manager
User count: 493,416
Rating: 65
Quick access to all opened tabs. Manage browser tabs to easily navigate and switch between them
#23 Volume Booster - Increase sound levels Volume Booster - Increase sound levels
Publisher: James Farrar
User count: 50,533
Rating: 74
The trusted Volume booster can increase volume levels by up to 600% on all online audio and video media platforms.
#24 BrainTool - Beyond Bookmarks BrainTool - Beyond Bookmarks
User count: 4,807
Rating: 240
BrainTool is the best Bookmark and Tabs Manager for your online life.
#25 Freezetab Freezetab
User count: 5,978
Rating: 48
A powerful alternative to bookmarks.
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