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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Meet Plus for Google Meet Meet Plus for Google Meet
User count: 311,126
Rating: 309
Breakout rooms,attendance,dark mode,chat,emojis,reward points,quiz,poll,file sharing,stickies,many more features for Google Meet
#2 meeting room helper meeting room helper
Publisher: Treffynnon
User count: 1,939
Rating: 6
Auto enter (previously meetings muted and cam off (configurable).
#3 Sync Watch Sync Watch
Publisher: Semro
User count: 54,841
Rating: 62
Watch videos together at the same time!
#4 Google Meet Breakout Rooms by Robert Hudek Google Meet Breakout Rooms by Robert Hudek
User count: 473,403
Rating: 138
Completely Free and your Data is Private. Google Classroom integration, Slider Control, Nicknames, Help tutorials
#5 Eco-Index by Changing Room Eco-Index by Changing Room
User count: 1,384
Rating: 180
Changing Room's Eco-Index provides the best second hand deals for fashion products.
#6 Extended Extended
Publisher: mark.reeder
User count: 4,917
Rating: 260
Adds configurable desktop notifications, scrobbling, and more to
#7 Haxball All-in-one Tool Haxball All-in-one Tool
Publisher: xenonsb
User count: 5,039
Rating: 14
Tools for searching rooms, auto refreshing and joining rooms, admin kick/ban shortcuts, and local-muting of other players
#8 Chat Room Popup Tool Chat Room Popup Tool
User count: 765
Rating: 6
Let you to add a Chat Room Popup on Twitch or YouTube live video, even in fullscreen mode.
#9 Valarea Room Valarea Room
User count: 342
Rating: 1
This extension improves the Valarea Room experience by enabling auto join and speeding up instant meetings.
#10 2ConnectMe Screen Sharing 2ConnectMe Screen Sharing
User count: 2,203
Rating: 25
Screen Sharing of 2ConnectMe
#11 Gruveo Instant Connect Gruveo Instant Connect
User count: 1,930
Rating: 22
Easily generate Gruveo room links for quick and secure video calls
#12 Room Steals Extension Room Steals Extension
User count: 1,012
Rating: 4
Browse your favorite hotel site. We'll tell you when there's a wholesale (cheaper) rate available!
#13 Multiplayer Wikigame Multiplayer Wikigame
Publisher: Ahmad Zaky
User count: 1,632
Rating: 7
Play multiplayer Wikiracing online with your friends, directly from the Wikipedia Page!
#14 Showroom 投げカウントはワンクリックで回収も補助するちゃん1号 Showroom 投げカウントはワンクリックで回収も補助するちゃん1号
Publisher: pano
User count: 846
Rating: 4
#15 Chat++ for Chatwork Chat++ for Chatwork
Publisher: thangtd90
User count: 5,636
Rating: 252
An all-in-one Chatwork Enhancement Toolkit which provides many useful features!
#16 New Room for Google Meet™ New Room for Google Meet™
User count: 35
Rating: 5
The best way to create a new Google Meet™ Room!
#17 AirMedia Sender AirMedia Sender
User count: 9,785
Rating: 5
Mirror your device to any computer screen any time
#18 HitchHiker HitchHiker
User count: 257
Rating: 4
A chrome extension for collaboratively surfing the web with others
#19 ANF Conference Room Locator ANF Conference Room Locator
Publisher: Marko Skugor
User count: 54
Rating: 7
This extension is a wrapper for the conference room locator app
#20 Sinc - Watch Netflix Together Sinc - Watch Netflix Together
User count: 831
Rating: 16
Sinc allows you and others to watch Netflix together. It offers a group call functionality so you can chat while watching.
#21 YouTube With Friends YouTube With Friends
Publisher: Steven Te
User count: 54,022
Rating: 42
YouTube With Friends allows you and friends to watch synchronized YouTube videos together.
#22 Lifesize Scheduler for Google Calendar Lifesize Scheduler for Google Calendar
Publisher: Lifesize
User count: 46,840
Rating: 24
Schedule Lifesize meetings directly from Google Calendar.
#23 Ratepunk - Same Hotel Way Cheaper Ratepunk - Same Hotel Way Cheaper
User count: 41,645
Rating: 47
Make less effort searching for the best hotel deals.
#24 Hotel Search Hotel Search
User count: 177
Rating: 11
Find the cheapest hotel using HotelsCombined
#25 TFS 2015 Team Room Notifications TFS 2015 Team Room Notifications
Publisher: a.granpre
User count: 28
Rating: 2
This extension shows a desktop notification when a message is received in tfs team room
300 results. Page 1 of 12.