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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Previews (For TTV) Previews (For TTV)
Publisher: MarkM
User count: 52,722
Rating: 865
Live previews when hovering over streams on twitch | A bunch of quality of life improvement features to twitch.
#2 SERP Preview Tool SERP Preview Tool
Publisher: dejan-tools
User count: 13,222
Rating: 39
SERP Preview Tool by DejanSEO
#3 Social Share Preview Social Share Preview
User count: 11,987
Rating: 13
Check any website's social share previews while you browse!
#4 Video Preview Video Preview
User count: 8,292
Rating: 263
Mouse hover video thumbnail to see more images for video
#6 Instant Preview Instant Preview
Publisher: Jungle
User count: 4,319
Rating: 149
Adds instant preview to search engine results page
#7 URL Link Previews in Gmail by cloudHQ URL Link Previews in Gmail by cloudHQ
User count: 6,968
Rating: 44
Automatically add full web URL link previews when composing your email.
#8 Nyaa Preview Nyaa Preview
User count: 4,656
Rating: 3
Preview thumbnail images for website
#9 Snapfont - Preview fonts on any page Snapfont - Preview fonts on any page
User count: 3,033
Rating: 7
Snapfont - Test fonts on live websites
#10 Markdown Preview Plus Markdown Preview Plus
User count: 107,366
Rating: 220
Converts and previews markdown files (.md, .markdown) to HTML(include TOC) right inside Chrome and support live reload
#11 Bookmark Preview - Productivity and Extension Bookmark Preview - Productivity and Extension
Publisher: Ledison
User count: 2,014
Rating: 4
Preview all the Bookmarked websites...
#12 Markdown Preview Markdown Preview
Publisher: erichschroeter
User count: 1,352
Rating: 15
Preview markdown text.
#13 Preview any link, anywhere - Link Preview Preview any link, anywhere - Link Preview
Publisher: CodingLeo
User count: 1,591
Rating: 18
Preview links from across the web!
#14 osu! preview osu! preview
Publisher: Jerry Zhu
User count: 2,718
Rating: 22
Preview an osu! beatmap in your browser.
#15 Webcam Preview Webcam Preview
User count: 5,671
Rating: 39
Shows web camera preview on top of any https site.
#16 Link-Preview Link-Preview
Publisher: abilitools
User count: 1,254
Rating: 11
Enrich DOM links with icon, title and preview.
#17 Scroll Preview Scroll Preview
Publisher: Mike Chen
User count: 706
Rating: 26
Scroll Preview integrates a whole-page preview with scrollbar that inspired by Sublime Text's mini map.
#18 Reddit Image Preview Reddit Image Preview
Publisher: Alexandru Stamp
User count: 918
Rating: 10
Previewing images on reddit is faster than ever.
#19 Remote Preview Remote Preview
User count: 571
Rating: 9
Remote Preview allows to preview any URL on large number of mobile devices simultaneously
#20 Markdown Preview Plus Dz特别版 Markdown Preview Plus Dz特别版
Publisher: Viswow
User count: 1,223
Rating: 14
Converts and previews markdown files (.md, .markdown) to HTML right inside Chrome. dz改良版
#21 Tab Preview Board Tab Preview Board
User count: 1,352
Rating: 10
You can switch tabs with seeing their previews
#22 Web Maker Web Maker
User count: 59,178
Rating: 986
Blazing fast & offline playground for your web experiments
#23 Preview - Sneak peak at links Preview - Sneak peak at links
Publisher: benamara.otniel
User count: 748
Rating: 20
ALT+Click links for a popup preview
#24 Youtube™ Thumbnail Preview Youtube™ Thumbnail Preview
Publisher: James_Hynes
User count: 4,780
Rating: 29
View youtube thumbnails with a single click.
#25 Frosmo Preview Frosmo Preview
Publisher: Frosmo
User count: 249
Rating: 6
Frosmo Preview application for Frosmo users
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