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#1 Click Counter Click Counter
Publisher: testclicker
User count: 290
Rating: 1
Count Mouse Button Clicks.
#2 Simple Click Counter Simple Click Counter
Publisher: scottyunho
User count: 302
Rating: 2
Simple counter for clicks!
#4 2048 - Classic Games 2048 - Classic Games
Publisher: Retro Games
User count: 150,938
Rating: 87
Play 2048 Game Online. Play 2048 Game Offline. Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!
#5 Click Count Extension Click Count Extension
User count: 173
Rating: 4
This extension will allow you count your CPS and much more !
#6 Button Counter G Button Counter G
Publisher: akovalyov
User count: 2,614
Rating: 7
Increments number based on the button click
#7 Button Counter Button Counter
User count: 2,312
Rating: 6
Increments number based on the button click
#8 Productivity Tracker Productivity Tracker
Publisher: SmartAlec
User count: 305
Rating: 3
Count your clicks and keystrokes in chrome so you can view your productivity over time
#9 Word Counter Plus Word Counter Plus
User count: 123,264
Rating: 81
Provides a right click context menu to get stats on the selected text
#10 Spacebar Counter tool Spacebar Counter tool
User count: 1,009
Rating: 2
The spacebar counter tool is used to improve your space bar button speed with the helping this tool.
#11 Discogs Enhancer Discogs Enhancer
User count: 7,130
Rating: 103
Adds a dark theme, block sellers, price comparisons, currency converter, configurable quick search, & more to Discogs!
#12 PhotoTracker Lite PhotoTracker Lite
User count: 14,212
Rating: 425
Fast and free one-click image duplicates search in Google, Yandex, Bing and TinEye.
#13 Social Media Bot. Auto Clicker Growbot. Social Media Bot. Auto Clicker Growbot.
User count: 11,024
Rating: 96
Social Media Bot auto clicker growbot for Twitter,TikTok,SoundCloud,LinkedIn,Gettr,Weibo,Truth. Automatic bot likes,follows,reposts.
#14 Word Counter - Character/Word Counting Stats Word Counter - Character/Word Counting Stats
User count: 209
Rating: 0
Count number of Characters/Letters/Words with one-click. Right-click context menu to count Words/Letters/Characters of selected text
#15 Tally Word Counter Tally Word Counter
User count: 322
Rating: 5
Easily count the number of words, characters, and paragraphs on any site. Right click on any selected text and click Count.
#16 Button Counter Overlay Button Counter Overlay
User count: 98
Rating: 1
Increments number based on the button click
#17 Online Seller Addon Online Seller Addon
Publisher: amidart
User count: 106,038
Rating: 43
Free stock counter for Amazon sellers with unlimited daily product checks. This extension will show the inventory counts for the…
#18 Word Counter Word Counter
User count: 2,626
Rating: 5
Word Counter allows you to count the number of selected words and characters in a single click.
#19 Word Counter Plus Word Counter Plus
Publisher: ecaterinavslv91
User count: 282
Rating: 0
Find out how many words and characters are on the page. Just select the text, right click and click the word counter icon!
#20 Counting Characters - #1 Letter & Word Count Counting Characters - #1 Letter & Word Count
User count: 25,914
Rating: 32
#1 Character, Letter & Word Counter Tool - Help to count letters, characters & words (UPPERCASE, Titlecase & lowercase converter).
#21 Word Counter Word Counter
Publisher: Benni
User count: 1,848
Rating: 4
A lite tool for counting words and characters via right-click menu.
#22 Elemental 4 Helper Elemental 4 Helper
Publisher: asosmaq
User count: 297
Rating: 5
Convenience features for Elemental 4
#23 Word Counter Pro Word Counter Pro
User count: 192
Rating: 1
Provides a right click context menu to get stats on the selected text
#24 Leprosorium on Steroids Leprosorium on Steroids
Publisher: LHQ
User count: 1,039
Rating: 38
Set of different things and pipyakas that increase hang time on Leprosorium.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.