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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Free HTML Editor for Gmail by cloudHQ Free HTML Editor for Gmail by cloudHQ
User count: 44,766
Rating: 136
Free HTML Editor for Gmail™ - code HTML email directly from Gmail
#2 HTML Validator HTML Validator
User count: 41,775
Rating: 34
Add HTML Validator in Developer Tools
#3 HTML Error Checker HTML Error Checker
User count: 74,171
Rating: 97
Check the HTML for error. This doesn't send the source to the external. If web page behavior is not correct, you should turn off it.
#4 Amazing color picker Amazing color picker
Publisher: Danil Lypko
User count: 547,189
Rating: 4
Just amazing color picker tool
#5 FMath 'HTML + MathML' Solution FMath 'HTML + MathML' Solution
User count: 21,958
Rating: 14
HTML + MATHML + this extension. Draw/Convert MathML into an image. More info, questions or bug report on
#6 Single html downloader Single html downloader
User count: 11,188
Rating: 23
Download as a single html file for the current page with images and styles.
#7 HTML Diff Check Tool HTML Diff Check Tool
Publisher: scott
User count: 8,287
Rating: 17
Tool for checking HTML difference between tabs ,or between production and development environment.
#8 HTML editor WebStudio for Webpages HTML editor WebStudio for Webpages
User count: 12,450
Rating: 26
WebStudio, a HTML editor online to create and edit any webpage using a web browser.
#9 HTML Content Blocker HTML Content Blocker
Publisher: Benni
User count: 5,001
Rating: 71
Blocks desired HTML contents (script, style, image, object, media)
#10 insert HTML into email message insert HTML into email message
Publisher: dziul
User count: 4,213
Rating: 11
insert your HTML into a message from Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook(Live|Office).
#11 Gmail Append HTML Gmail Append HTML
Publisher: usefulwebtech
User count: 4,228
Rating: 71
Allows the usage of HTML content in Gmail from the context menu.
Publisher: chrome-webstore
User count: 4,343
Rating: 13
Convert any website into fully editable Figma designs. Requires the associated Figma plugin!
#13 Html Scan Html Scan
User count: 2,721
Rating: 8
Scan and copy text, html markup on any websites
#14 HTML-Table Scraper HTML-Table Scraper
Publisher: wtaulu
User count: 3,225
Rating: 5
Copy HTML Table to CSV/TAB Clipboard or File
#15 New Tab for Google Workspace™ New Tab for Google Workspace™
User count: 175,261
Rating: 425
Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring, fast access to installed applications, bookmarks, history.
#16 HTML Visual Validation HTML Visual Validation
Publisher: btisseo
User count: 2,111
Rating: 5
HTML Visual Validation gives you information about the html elements, live, on page.
#17 WhatFont - What html font WhatFont - What html font
Publisher: fontlucker
User count: 4,755
Rating: 17
WhatFont helps you identify the font on a web page, html font size, color, font family
#18 Kingsquare HTML Validator Kingsquare HTML Validator
User count: 2,242
Rating: 36
A HTML5 validation library, using a JavaScript port of the excellent TIDY library
#19 Insert HTML by Designmodo Insert HTML by Designmodo
User count: 15,271
Rating: 15
Insert custom HTML format Gmail.
#20 Dark Mode for Chrome Dark Mode for Chrome
User count: 139,216
Rating: 843
Dark Theme - a classic Dark mode for Web. Switch any website to dark reader and back in one click.
#21 Live color picker Live color picker
User count: 2,462,675
Rating: 29
Simple Color Picker app lets you detect (grab) the color from the browser tab
#22 HTML Tree Generator HTML Tree Generator
Publisher: Joel Saupe
User count: 83,987
Rating: 34
Html is really a tree of elements, css is what defines the layout. This extension displays any page as a tree.
#23 HTML DOM Navigation HTML DOM Navigation
Publisher: hkokila
User count: 3,087
Rating: 18
HTML DOM Navigation lets you view the node tree in a simple and easy way. IRB would be really useful for Watir automation.
#24 HTML to Figma - by HTML to Figma - by
User count: 68,444
Rating: 35
Import a web page to Figma layers
#25 Save Page WE Save Page WE
Publisher: DW-dev
User count: 127,802
Rating: 314
Save a complete web page (as curently displayed) as a single HTML file that can be opened in any browser.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.