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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List
User count: 503,393
Rating: 3,645
⏱ Pomodoro Timer ✅ Task Organizer 📊Time Tracker 📅 Schedule Planner 🔔 Reminder
#2 Call Timer for Meet Call Timer for Meet
Publisher: Walter Radduso
User count: 104,565
Rating: 48
This extension add a timer in your Meet calls.
#3 Otto – Pomodoro timer and website blocker Otto – Pomodoro timer and website blocker
Publisher: Joel Benjamin
User count: 57,876
Rating: 92
Be mindful while working - A Pomodoro timer and website blocker to help you stay focused
#4 Tide - Focus Timer & White Noise Tide - Focus Timer & White Noise
User count: 82,545
Rating: 265
Tide offers you the best focus timer with natural white noise. Stay focused and increase productivity with Tide!
#5 Timer for Google Chrome™ Timer for Google Chrome™
User count: 38,685
Rating: 19
Useful timers for all your needs
#6 Break Timer Break Timer
Publisher: tomjwatson
User count: 24,888
Rating: 136
Enforce periodic breaks to prevent RSI / eye strain.
#7 Timer Timer
Publisher: Karl
User count: 21,350
Rating: 82
Stylish timer combined with stopwatch and alarm for your browser.
#8 Ultra Timer Ultra Timer
Publisher: Ultralab Apps
User count: 20,325
Rating: 51
Helps to become organized. Counts down time up to 999 minutes. Both online and offline. Simple and straightforward design.
#9 Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch
Publisher: brian.girko
User count: 46,765
Rating: 55
A powerful alarm extension that supports multiple timers and stopwatches with five to ten-minute snooze.
#10 Timer Timer
User count: 135,847
Rating: 592
This simple timer tells you when your time is up.
#11 Timer for Google Meet Timer for Google Meet
User count: 19,174
Rating: 15
Realtime timer for google meet.
#12 PomoDone: Pomodoro™ timer for your workflow PomoDone: Pomodoro™ timer for your workflow
User count: 14,719
Rating: 88
Apply Pomodoro timer to your tasks: Trello, Asana, Todoist, ClickUp, Paymo, etc. Block certain websites while you work.
#13 Timer 25: the Minimalist Timer Timer 25: the Minimalist Timer
User count: 9,473
Rating: 38
A minimalist 25 minutes timer. Simple, reliable and easy to use.
#14 Auto Refresh Plus | Page Monitor Auto Refresh Plus | Page Monitor
User count: 629,608
Rating: 5,061
Refresh page automatically with powerful page monitor features
#15 Web Timer Web Timer
Publisher: DK
User count: 7,055
Rating: 30
Keep track of how you spend your time on the web.
#16 Timer, Alarm & Stopwatch Timer, Alarm & Stopwatch
Publisher: leocompson
User count: 8,779
Rating: 11
An easy-to-use and lite timer, alarm, and stopwatch for your browser.
#17 Tab Countdown Timer Tab Countdown Timer
Publisher: lokico
User count: 5,346
Rating: 9
A Chromium Extension that allows you to set a timer that counts down and then closes the tab.
#18 Mini Break Timer: Every 20 Minutes Mini Break Timer: Every 20 Minutes
Publisher: Feedsgo
User count: 59,741
Rating: 7
Prevent eye strain using a simple reminder, every new tab
#19 AgroMod: The Only Merge Timer AgroMod: The Only Merge Timer
User count: 5,467
Rating: 127
Take your Agar game to the next level with a tactical merge timer, 7-w hotkey for virus attacks, and persistent settings.
#20 Zoho Books Timer Zoho Books Timer
User count: 5,127
Rating: 9
Start a timer and log time for your projects in Zoho Books, anywhere on the web!
#21 Pomodoro Timer PRO Pomodoro Timer PRO
User count: 3,871
Rating: 45
Pomodoro Timer is a free and great tool that can help you boost your productivity and quality of your work.
#23 LeetCode Timer LeetCode Timer
Publisher: Bhanu Prakash
User count: 3,323
Rating: 10
Leetcode timer and performance tracking
#24 Leetcode Timer Leetcode Timer
Publisher: Samarth Tambad
User count: 3,951
Rating: 8
Easily time your leetcode practise sessions with automatic time setting based on difficulty
#25 YouTube Sleep Timer YouTube Sleep Timer
Publisher: snoring riceball
User count: 3,550
Rating: 15
A video play/pause timer for Youtube! Also serves as a sleep timer :)
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