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#1 Crevice Animal Game for Chrome Crevice Animal Game for Chrome
Publisher: minecraft2site
User count: 272,350
Rating: 0
Play Crevice Animal HTML5 game for free!
#2 Cute Animal Tab - New Tab Theme Cute Animal Tab - New Tab Theme
User count: 5,264
Rating: 69
New tab themes with cute animal pictures of puppies, kittens, rabbits, llamas, pigs, sloths, pandas and funny animal videos.
#3 Animal Search Now Animal Search Now
User count: 6,728
Rating: 0
Extension adding Animal Now search engine to Chrome.
#4 Animal Jam Animal Jam
User count: 3,825
Rating: 36
Animal Jam extension provide you with Animal Jam design on new tab. Designed for Animal Jam fans.
#5 Animal Crossing live background Animal Crossing live background
Publisher: Dustin Roundy
User count: 1,724
Rating: 88
Animal Crossing live backround
#6 Animalese - Animal Crossing speak Animalese - Animal Crossing speak
Publisher: Emil Elthammar
User count: 3,658
Rating: 99
All them animal crossing speak when you type on your keyboard.
#7 Animal Crossing Cursor Animal Crossing Cursor
Publisher: ethanhuang
User count: 1,109
Rating: 3
Animal Crossing cursor for chrome. New browser experience with custom Animal Crossing cursor. Created for Animal Crossing game fans.
#8 Virtual Pets for Google Chrome™ Virtual Pets for Google Chrome™
User count: 22,069
Rating: 380
Virtual Pets it's application that add cute pets to your browser!
#9 Cute Animals Wallpaper Cute Animals Wallpaper
User count: 1,371
Rating: 1
A Cute Animals Wallpaper in Each Chrome New Tab that is Sure to Make You Smile
#10 Animal Racing Animal Racing
User count: 323
Rating: 2
You and your dog are standing in the jungle to animal race that is organized in every year.
#11 Animal Kingdom HD Wallpaper New Tab Animal Kingdom HD Wallpaper New Tab
User count: 298
Rating: 0
Customize new tab with the animal kingdom wallpaper extension and display animal you admire in your background.
#12 Wild Animal Wallpaper Wild Animal Wallpaper
Publisher: grace.yeo
User count: 266
Rating: 1
Wild Animals Wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Wild Animal background. Wild Animal wallpaper background theme for fans.
#13 Cute Animals Cursor Cute Animals Cursor
User count: 438
Rating: 10
Cute Animals cursor for chrome. Choose your favorite Cute Animals cursor with this extension. Created for animal fans.
#14 What does the animal say? What does the animal say?
Publisher: RJ Richter
User count: 129
Rating: 1
Animal Sounds
#15 Best Animals wallpapers backgrounds Best Animals wallpapers backgrounds
User count: 5,297
Rating: 0
Animals HD wallpapers for each new tab
#16 Cursor Cat Cursor Cat
Publisher: Asc
User count: 118,011
Rating: 3,212
Funny custom cats chase the cursor in your Chrome browser. Your personal pet.
#17 Asana Animal Parade Asana Animal Parade
Publisher: evangipson
User count: 76
Rating: 1
This extension lets you feel even better when completing tasks in Asana by enabling parades of their super cute creatures!
#18 Nook Nook
Publisher: matlsn
User count: 19,033
Rating: 239
Nook is an extension that plays Animal Crossing hourly themes on the hour.
#19 Wildee search & rescue for animal lovers Wildee search & rescue for animal lovers
Publisher: vw.wildee
User count: 15
Rating: 1
Wildee generate income from your daily web browsing and use it to help animals.
#20 Keyword Volume Extractor Keyword Volume Extractor
User count: 1,618
Rating: 7
Retrieve & download keyword volume directly inside Google Search Console UI.
#21 theHunter:Classic helper theHunter:Classic helper
Publisher: pastuh
User count: 83
Rating: 6
Show in-game friends, discount items, ammo and trophies
#22 Twitter Sans Trump Twitter Sans Trump
Publisher: twittersanstrump
User count: 61
Rating: 5
Trump Tweets in Comic Sans Bold is Comic Gold
#24 Animals Tab Animals Tab
Publisher: Vessel Media
User count: 6
Rating: 0
Our Animals tab is an extension designed to display putiful images of your favorite animals into your browser home search experience
#25 New Tab Animal Kill Counter New Tab Animal Kill Counter
Publisher: evan.sandhoefner
User count: 7
Rating: 3
Replaces the new tab page with a photo of a farm & an animal kill counter.
289 results. Page 1 of 12.