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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Library Extension Library Extension
User count: 97,237
Rating: 3,079
See books, music and more at your local library as you browse the internet
#2 Lean Library Lean Library
Publisher: Lean Library
User count: 227,168
Rating: 66
A library-approved tool to unlock access to academic papers.
#3 Ad Library -  Ad Finder & Adspy Tool Ad Library - Ad Finder & Adspy Tool
User count: 17,591
Rating: 32
Free AdSpy tool for Facebook Ad Library. Search, view & save ads of any advertiser.
#4 Library Detector Library Detector
User count: 12,669
Rating: 52
Detects the Javascript libraries running on a page and displays their icons in the address bar.
#5 Google Scholar Button Google Scholar Button
User count: 3,364,494
Rating: 1,376
Lookup scholarly articles as you browse the web.
#6 Library Sniffer Library Sniffer
User count: 32,340
Rating: 97
Sniff web framework and javascript libraries run on browsing website.
#7 LearnPlatform for Educators LearnPlatform for Educators
User count: 465,685
Rating: 10
LearnPlatform provides product evaluations for educational websites you visit.
#8 Ad Library - Save Facebook TikTok - Foreplay Ad Library - Save Facebook TikTok - Foreplay
User count: 2,938
Rating: 17
Save ads from TikTok and Facebook Ad Library with one click.
#9 Audible Library Extractor Audible Library Extractor
Publisher: joonaspaakko
User count: 1,477
Rating: 5
Extracts your Audible library metadata and automatically generates a locally viewable gallery that can also be uploaded online.
#10 Harvard Library URL Harvard Library URL
User count: 1,400
Rating: 6
Adds to a URL
#12 Stanford GSB Library Chrome Extension Stanford GSB Library Chrome Extension
User count: 987
Rating: 4
Stanford GSB Library Chrome Extension
#13 ReadCube Papers ReadCube Papers
Publisher: Digital Science
User count: 46,666
Rating: 37
Easily import articles and webpages to your ReadCube Papers library.
#14 Library Library
User count: 751
Rating: 6
Save it for later with Library
#15 Cloudinary Media Library Cloudinary Media Library
Publisher: Cloudinary Ltd.
User count: 764
Rating: 3
Access your full Cloudinary Digital Asset Management media library to search, find, preview, and place assets.
#16 Watchtower Online Library Search - Unofficial Watchtower Online Library Search - Unofficial
Publisher: Serge Benard
User count: 1,434
Rating: 8
Use the context menu to search words on Watch Tower Library
#17 Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU
User count: 463
Rating: 40
Automatically load journal websites using Becker and Libproxy. By Nick Semenkovich <>
#18 PaperPanda — Get millions of research papers PaperPanda — Get millions of research papers
User count: 155,629
Rating: 389
PaperPanda helps you download papers
#19 Library Scan: OverDrive + Goodreads Library Scan: OverDrive + Goodreads
Publisher: Isaac B.
User count: 891
Rating: 8
Scan any OverDrive library for available eBooks & audiobooks from your Goodreads to-read shelf.
#20 NTU Library Proxy NTU Library Proxy
User count: 442
Rating: 15
NTU library proxy helper
#21 Testing Library: which query Testing Library: which query
Publisher: Ben Monro
User count: 2,852
Rating: 3
Find the suggested query to use in your tests
#22 Ceibal Library Reader Ceibal Library Reader
User count: 127,269
Rating: 30
Catalog of books downloaded from the Ceibal Library
#23 Eboost Ad Spy Eboost Ad Spy
User count: 15,648
Rating: 20
View the Facebook Ads of any brand or website.
#24 BibItNow! BibItNow!
Publisher: Langenscheiss
User count: 15,031
Rating: 26
Instantly generates a Bibtex, RIS, Endnote, APA, MLA or (B)Arnold S. bibliography item from journal articles, books, etc. .
#25 Sked Media Library Sked Media Library
User count: 453
Rating: 3
Add content to Sked's Media Library.
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