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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

The Chrome Web Store offers over 120,000 extensions, making it hard to find the best ones. so we have created a way to sort through all of them. Use the dropdown above to set different filters. Extensions are sorted by number of active users.

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#1 LinkedRadar - LinkedIn Auto Connect Tool LinkedRadar - LinkedIn Auto Connect Tool
User count: 5,989
Rating: 100
Generate LinkedIn qualified leads with automation, save 75% of your time by LinkedRadar.
#2 Group Funnels Group Funnels
User count: 4,434
Rating: 9
Get member information and question answers when approving user
#3 Grow Companion Extension Grow Companion Extension
User count: 157
Rating: 2
This extension will automatically refresh your page when a new update has been pushed out and you are in full screen mode.
#4 OnePercent Grow OnePercent Grow
User count: 53
Rating: 1
Your growth mentor, one percent at a time.
#5 3D Game 3D Game
Publisher: Offline Games
User count: 10,767
Rating: 3 3D - Become the grand trainin game by eating others and grow longer. Collect screws and toolboks to grow faster!
#6 Taplio Stats Taplio Stats
User count: 3,621
Rating: 35
Grow on Linkedin with your last posts stats
#7 OnlyFans Expired Fans Follower & Follow Bot OnlyFans Expired Fans Follower & Follow Bot
User count: 2,106
Rating: 33
The best & only FollowBot used by thousands of OnlyFans creators. Earn more money on OnlyFans by selling PPV in the DMs.
#8 Grow your YouTube with SEO | Tube Transcripts Grow your YouTube with SEO | Tube Transcripts
User count: 414
Rating: 3
More views. More watch-time. Only one click. Our tool transcribes videos directly from YouTube Studio. Transcripts help YouTube…
#9 FindThatLead FindThatLead
User count: 34,045
Rating: 195
Find any email you need on LinkedIn and web domains. Contact decision makers, expand your network and grow your business.
#10 Depop bot - SellerAider - Refresh & Grow Depop bot - SellerAider - Refresh & Grow
User count: 3,988
Rating: 90
Our Depop Bot will help you start making sales quicker than ever on Depop!
#11 blockyfriends Game for Chrome blockyfriends Game for Chrome
User count: 42,226
Rating: 0
Play blockyfriends HTML5 game for free!
#12 Poshmark Bot - Share & Grow - SellerAider Poshmark Bot - Share & Grow - SellerAider
Publisher: selleraider
User count: 162
Rating: 1
Poshmark Bot & Poshmark Sharer that allows you automate your actions in one Click!
#13 Gmail-2-Trello Gmail-2-Trello
User count: 5,998
Rating: 10
Gmail+Trello integration. Add Google mail to Trello cards with text, backlinks, and attachments.
#16 Lead Generation Toolkit (Strategy & Examples) Lead Generation Toolkit (Strategy & Examples)
User count: 617
Rating: 1
Lead Generation Toolkit - Strategies, Tools and Examples to Explode your Lists, Increase Sales and Grow your Business.
#17 LeadDelta - Network Manager for LinkedIn LeadDelta - Network Manager for LinkedIn
User count: 6,650
Rating: 82
Organize your LinkedIn connections the way you want. Network. Sell. Grow.
#18 On-Follow | Automator for Instagram On-Follow | Automator for Instagram
Publisher: imanialexgia
User count: 3,214
Rating: 35
Best Instagram manager on Chrome: Auto follows, likes, unfollows, Watching Story, IG stats and analytics.
#19 Poshmark Closet Bot | PoshPop Poshmark Closet Bot | PoshPop
User count: 1,940
Rating: 36
Poshmark seller automation tool that is simple and affordable for sharing on Poshmark.
#20 Hashtag Analytics by FILT Pod Hashtag Analytics by FILT Pod
User count: 5,558
Rating: 10
Seize hashtags with high follower growth and engagement. Get prospects finding your business with your professional content now.
#21 iZoom iZoom
Publisher: jp-correia
User count: 3,372
Rating: 89
Automatically changes zoom level to fit window width. With three different zooming modes.
#22 Find B2B Contact Info for Free Find B2B Contact Info for Free
User count: 288,019
Rating: 264
Apollo enables users to find contact info, connect with buyers, track emails, and more for free.
#23 Flora Flora
User count: 320
Rating: 5
Flora- A Chrome extension productivity tool to help you focus better using the Pomodoro technique. It shows a cute plant that grows…
#24 Koala Inspector - Shopify & Dropship Spy Tool Koala Inspector - Shopify & Dropship Spy Tool
User count: 117,837
Rating: 88
Koala Inspector For Shopify - Spy Tool For Dropshipping & Shopify
#25 Ali Reviews Ali Reviews
User count: 82,847
Rating: 110
Ali Reviews - Stunning social proof that drives growth
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