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#1 Color Temperature (Change Lux) Color Temperature (Change Lux)
Publisher: Benni
User count: 5,381
Rating: 26
A lite and easy-to-use addon that adjusts the screen color to match the environment!
#2 UV Weather UV Weather
User count: 80,201
Rating: 555
Real-time weather with a detailed forecast
#3 Alarm Clock - Alarm & Weather Alarm Clock - Alarm & Weather
User count: 4,707
Rating: 29
Calendar alarm clock which enables an alarm system for chrome new tab, a user can get the weather of the current location.
#4 Mercator Studio for Google Meet Mercator Studio for Google Meet
Publisher: Crossing
User count: 12,706
Rating: 50
Change how you look on Google Meet with adjustable exposure, vignette, emojis, and more!
#5 Karaganda temperature Karaganda temperature
User count: 23
Rating: 1
Shows thermometer and temperature in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Info from
#6 Dream Afar New Tab Dream Afar New Tab
Publisher: mifish
User count: 2,696
Rating: 35
Open New Tab to Explore the World
#7 mineTab mineTab
Publisher: Anaisha
User count: 72
Rating: 1
A new tab with minecraft landscapes!
#8 Temperate Temperate
User count: 34
Rating: 10
A new-tab page with temperature and weather forecasts
#9 Night Shift Redux Night Shift Redux
User count: 218,671
Rating: 632
Night Shift automatically shifts the colors of your browser content to warmer end of the color spectrum after dark
#10 Weather Weather
User count: 147,314
Rating: 6,160
The best way to see the Weather Forecast right in your browser. Easier than looking outside!
#11 compressed air manual book compressed air manual book
User count: 232
Rating: 16
compressed air manual book - -
#12 Temperature Worldwide Temperature Worldwide
Publisher: ponam23411
User count: 4
Rating: 0
Temperature Worldwide
#13 Weatherly Weatherly
User count: 13,738
Rating: 59
This extension provide information about (location, wind, atmosphere, astronomy, condition and forecasts!)
#14 Simple Weather Report Simple Weather Report
User count: 154
Rating: 3
Simple Weather Extension. Allows users to get current weather reports: temperature, wind, humidity, pressure, visibility, and more.
#15 CPU and Memory Performance Monitor CPU and Memory Performance Monitor
User count: 4,540
Rating: 8
Monitor Memory, CPU utilization & CPU Temp (Chome OS). Clean up memory by dicardings tabs. Clear browsing data.
#16 Weather Forecast Weather Forecast
User count: 5,653
Rating: 14
10 day weather forecast. Wind, Beaufort, Temp, Cloud, Rain, Humidity, Pressure. Daily, Hourly, Graph, Table screenings.
#17 Tabiverse: Space & Planets in New Tab Tabiverse: Space & Planets in New Tab
User count: 2,502
Rating: 36
Fill your new tab with cool planets, stars, and asteroids from space, giving you awesome interactive space themed 3D HD wallpapers!
#18 Weather Weather
User count: 4,068
Rating: 39
Extension shows the temperature and weather conditions for your current location
#19 Dream Afar New Tab Dream Afar New Tab
Publisher: mifish
User count: 79
Rating: 5
Open New Tab to Explore the World
#20 WUTemp extension WUTemp extension
User count: 1,744
Rating: 35
View the active temperature of a Weather Underground Station
#21 Surge - Material New Tab Surge - Material New Tab
User count: 855
Rating: 41
Replace your new tab with the weather and a todolist displayed over a popular image from Reddit.
#22 Night Video Tuner Night Video Tuner
Publisher: Pyves
User count: 875
Rating: 21
Protect your eyes and improve your sleeping cycles by adjusting video temperature and many other properties!
#23 Easy Unit Converter Easy Unit Converter
User count: 689
Rating: 10
Easy Unit Converter, Temperature Converter, Weight Converter, Time Converter, Length Converter, Area Converter, Volume Converter.
#24 Simple Weather Forecast and Radar Simple Weather Forecast and Radar
Publisher: jburnette
User count: 477
Rating: 22
Simple Weather Forecast and Radar shows the current conditions, forecast, and radar image.
#25 Daily Weather Forecast Daily Weather Forecast
Publisher: ikakodev
User count: 459
Rating: 2
Accurate weather forecast for the following 14 days
175 results. Page 1 of 7.