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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 ModHeader - Modify HTTP headers ModHeader - Modify HTTP headers
User count: 649,364
Rating: 613
Modify HTTP request headers, response headers, and redirect URLs
#2 Redirect URL, Modify Headers & Mock APIs Redirect URL, Modify Headers & Mock APIs
User count: 162,398
Rating: 989
Web Debugging Proxy to Intercept & Modify HTTPs Requests - Redirect URL, Modify Headers, Mock APIs, Modify Response, Insert Scripts
#3 Modify Header Value (HTTP Headers) Modify Header Value (HTTP Headers)
Publisher: Grephy
User count: 44,458
Rating: 36
Add, modify or remove a header for any request on desired domains.
#4 tweak: mock and modify HTTP requests tweak: mock and modify HTTP requests
User count: 16,935
Rating: 71
Mock or modify your HTTP requests to test, develop and demo your web application
#5 simple-modify-headers simple-modify-headers
Publisher: didierfred
User count: 10,328
Rating: 9
Simple Modify headers
#6 ModResponse - Mock, modify, and replay API ModResponse - Mock, modify, and replay API
User count: 1,615
Rating: 1
Mock, modify, and replay API. Easy setup. No proxy needed. No code change required.
#7 Google Calendar Guests Modify Event Default Google Calendar Guests Modify Event Default
Publisher: Robin Drexler
User count: 7,119
Rating: 23
Enables 'Guests can modify event' setting for google calendar by default, when creating a new event.
#8 Modify Content-Type Modify Content-Type
Publisher: Daniel Calliess
User count: 7,560
Rating: 32
Change the response content type to force documents to open in or outside the browser window or in a special view mode (PDF, XML...)
#9 Tamper Chrome (extension) Tamper Chrome (extension)
User count: 52,483
Rating: 235
Allows the user to modify requests as they happen.
#10 Chrome Response Override Chrome Response Override
User count: 2,843
Rating: 14
Provides support to override API/HTML/* response using simple Find & Replace steps. No external app installation required
#11 Moto Key Moto Key
User count: 730
Rating: 44
Securely login to apps and websites using the fingerprint on your Moto phone.
#12 Charset Charset
Publisher: jinliming2
User count: 159,101
Rating: 109
Modify the default encoding for the website
#13 Fedora User Agent Fedora User Agent
Publisher: tomas.popela
User count: 19,767
Rating: 170
Modifies your User-Agent string to contain the name of Fedora Linux distribution.
#14 Request Interceptor Request Interceptor
Publisher: Vinay Kaparthi
User count: 11,523
Rating: 41
Intercept Requests and add custom rules to modify request/response headers, block/redirect requests, modify query params.
#15 Modify href Modify href
User count: 155
Rating: 7
A Chrome extension for modifying the href / host / domain of the links on a web page
#16 JS Digger JS Digger
Publisher: Alex Feinstein
User count: 1,772
Rating: 11
List, search for, and modify all JavaScript functions, objects, and variables on a webpage.
#17 TheDroidWay : Modify your Android our Way TheDroidWay : Modify your Android our Way
User count: 1,184
Rating: 3
TheDroidWay is an emerging Android Blog which publishes Android tutorials , app stories, reviews and also provide support.
Publisher: devbyte
User count: 4,827
Rating: 18
Sitemod lets anybody modify a website without having access to the source code and get a shareable link to the modified website.
#19 Tab Position Customizer - Modified Tab Position Customizer - Modified
Publisher: Kristoffer
User count: 4,265
Rating: 26
A extension for position of tabs
#20 Fingerprint Spoofing Fingerprint Spoofing
Publisher: leelei
User count: 68,444
Rating: 24
Modify your broswer fingerprint!
#22 Web Component DevTools Web Component DevTools
Publisher: Matsuuu
User count: 2,364
Rating: 8
Developer tooling for Web Components and Web Component Libraries
#23 EADashboardHelper EADashboardHelper
Publisher: Mathew Horvath
User count: 1,134
Rating: 15
Chrome extension to help with Einstein Analytics v2
#24 uBlock Origin Lite uBlock Origin Lite
User count: 12,956
Rating: 39
An experimental, permission-less content blocker. Blocks ads, trackers, miners, and more immediately upon installation.
#25 Tamper Dev Tamper Dev
User count: 17,740
Rating: 21
Intercept and edit HTTP/HTTPS requests and responses as they happen without the need of a proxy.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.