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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 List Goal List Goal
User count: 3,215
Rating: 156
List Goal finds simple ways for you to get more email subscribers and monitors your email list performance.
#2 Goal Reminder Goal Reminder
User count: 875
Rating: 52
Reminds you of your goals in life while wasting your time in the internet. No registration. Full privacy. Speech (TTS)
#3 Committed - NewTab Todo and Goal Manager Committed - NewTab Todo and Goal Manager
User count: 3,152
Rating: 78
Manage your weekly goals and todos in your newtab
#4 New Tab Studio: widgets in a new tab New Tab Studio: widgets in a new tab
User count: 41,730
Rating: 1,167
New tab widgets: Pretty background, Countdown timer, Todo List, Habit tracker, Notes, Dashboard, Photos, Clock, Deadline, Dark theme
#5 Win the Day Win the Day
User count: 12,874
Rating: 52
Transform Your Browser To Improve Focus and Increase Productivity
#6 Daily Goal Tracker Daily Goal Tracker
User count: 390
Rating: 4
Track your goals in your New Tab page. Mark each day complete and see your progress
#7 Goal Board, Vision Board, GSD Board Goal Board, Vision Board, GSD Board
User count: 717
Rating: 21
Get rid of distractions and deviations from success in your most frequent browser interaction.
#8 r/soccer goals r/soccer goals
Publisher: Yashwanth Reddy
User count: 595
Rating: 7
Fetches you the goals uploaded on r/soccer.
#9 Motivate - Reach Your Goals Motivate - Reach Your Goals
User count: 261
Rating: 4
Motivate helps you to stay on track to reach your goals.
#10 Goal io Sports Game Goal io Sports Game
User count: 131
Rating: 0
In this 4 player io game, you have to score the ball to the opponents' goal and protect your own goal.
#11 Fructify: Productivity + New Tab Fructify: Productivity + New Tab
User count: 1,005
Rating: 20
Productivity new tab dashboard with todo list, goal manager, and screen time tracker
#12 Achieve Goal Achieve Goal
Publisher: Mohit Kumar
User count: 48
Rating: 2
Makes you motivated and focused towards your goal. Help you do the task and attend the events on time.
#13 Dream Head Soccer Game Dream Head Soccer Game
User count: 7,299
Rating: 1
In this football game, you have to choose your team and beat the opponent before the time runs out.
#14 Strava Enhancement Suite Strava Enhancement Suite
Publisher: Strajk
User count: 8,992
Rating: 70
Handy tools and improvements to
#15 Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List
User count: 507,946
Rating: 4,309
⏱ Pomodoro Timer ✅ Task Organizer 📊Time Tracker 📅 Schedule Planner 🔔 Reminder
#16 Subliminal Goal Achievement Helper Subliminal Goal Achievement Helper
Publisher: dmlsites
User count: 174
Rating: 12
An extension to keep your goals and possitive affirmations showing on your screen while you work or browse in order to implant them…
#17 MyTab: Goal MyTab: Goal
User count: 45
Rating: 3
Join the Goal team! Get all the latest news and gossip before anybody else
#18 Better Today day planner Better Today day planner
User count: 208
Rating: 4
Better Today replaces your new tabs with a day planner for tracking goals, tasks, life, health and habits at one place.
#19 Serene: Website Blocker & Productivity Timer Serene: Website Blocker & Productivity Timer
User count: 2,379
Rating: 14
Block distracting websites and get more done with Serene, a productivity browser extension for laser focus.
#20 Hypergraphia: Writing Habit Tracker Hypergraphia: Writing Habit Tracker
User count: 330
Rating: 7
Build a consistent writing habit like a pro-writing stats, ability to track multiple writing projects, and much more.
#21 Goal Board Goal Board
User count: 26
Rating: 0
Keep sight of your goals, visualize your dreams, progress towards being a better you.
#22 Difree - distraction-free text editor Difree - distraction-free text editor
User count: 761
Rating: 7
Difree is distraction-free text editor to calmly write something meaningful. Focus on writing, not on searching for the right tool
#23 ClickValue's VWO Chrome extension ClickValue's VWO Chrome extension
User count: 342
Rating: 3
A Visual Web Optimizer extension to see active experiments and change variations
#24 Super Ping-Pongoal Game - Runs Offline Super Ping-Pongoal Game - Runs Offline
User count: 1,122
Rating: 1
Super Ping-PonGoal is a reimagined version of the classic ping pong arcade game. Pick a ball from soccer, basketball, volley. Enjoy!
#25 Brian Tracy Brian Tracy
User count: 45
Rating: 3
Start living a defined life by setting a goal with new tab that Get you inspired and motivated daily with Brian Tracy Quote
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