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#1 Ripple Tool Ripple Tool
User count: 372,055
Rating: 5
Ripple Tools provide mental health sign posting, in browser
#2 Health and Fitness Health and Fitness
Publisher: kukom6
User count: 1,290
Rating: 5
Health and fitness is a web application to monitor the nutritional value of meals and tracking exercises during the day
#3 Virtual Pets for Google Chrome™ Virtual Pets for Google Chrome™
User count: 22,069
Rating: 380
Virtual Pets it's application that add cute pets to your browser!
#4 Virtual Pets Virtual Pets
User count: 9,192
Rating: 124
Virtual Pets it's application that add cute pets to your browser!
#5 HONcode Toolbar HONcode Toolbar
User count: 7,404
Rating: 11
Search and navigate the medical web with complete confidence thanks to the thousands of HONcode websites certified.
#6 Praxis Eye Health Praxis Eye Health
Publisher: Alisha
User count: 463
Rating: 17
Reminders to help improve your health when using a computer
#7 HealthGuard HealthGuard
User count: 1,431
Rating: 17
HealthGuard's ratings help users know which health news and medical information websites to trust.
#8 Intouch Health Screen Sharing Intouch Health Screen Sharing
Publisher: Intouch Health
User count: 95
Rating: 0
This Chrome extension is developed primary for . It captures content of your screen.
#9 2C Health Solutions 2C Health Solutions
User count: 80
Rating: 2
Health Care Organization
#10 eyeCare - Protect your vision eyeCare - Protect your vision
User count: 59,974
Rating: 231
Notifies you in multiple ways to take breaks and helps you with eye exercises based on 20-20-20 rule and with lower back exercises.
#11 Daily Health Tips Daily Health Tips
User count: 66
Rating: 4
Get FREE daily health tips and keep healthy & be happy.
#12 NYC Restaurant Health Inspection Letter Grade NYC Restaurant Health Inspection Letter Grade
Publisher: Carlos Cuevas
User count: 89
Rating: 5
Show health inspection grade for restaurants in New York City on Uber Eats, Yelp, Grubhub, Seamless, Slice, Menupages, & Opentable
#13 Catadoo - A Free, Playful and Fun Todolist! Catadoo - A Free, Playful and Fun Todolist!
Publisher: Joel Benjamin
User count: 604
Rating: 4
Catadoo is a gamified fun todolist that will make you want to finish your tasks
#15 PosturePanda PosturePanda
User count: 548
Rating: 3
Reminders for posture breaks and guided stretches to keep you healthy at work.
#16 Check-In Chicken Check-In Chicken
Publisher: spencerfulgham
User count: 403
Rating: 3
This extension will help users study, as well as help keep their mental health positive
#17 Health and Fitness Tips Health and Fitness Tips
Publisher: ojafemi
User count: 44
Rating: 1 - Number one weight loss, health and fitness
#18 Screen sharing for Video Call Screen sharing for Video Call
User count: 275,648
Rating: 13
Share desktops or windows during a call with other Attend Anywhere Video Call participants.
#19 Pyrls Pyrls
User count: 1,738
Rating: 12
New-tab extension brought to you by Pyrls. Includes a todo manager, daily pyrl, and rotating array of beautiful background images.
#20 ergoActive desk health assistant ergoActive desk health assistant
User count: 85
Rating: 2
A chrome extension to promote good desk health by timed reminders and notifcaitons
#21 HP Support Assistant for Chrome OS HP Support Assistant for Chrome OS
Publisher: HP Inc.
User count: 3,221
Rating: 2
HP Support Assistant allows the customer to maintain their device health, find troubleshooting options, and contact support.
#22 Otto – Pomodoro timer and website blocker Otto – Pomodoro timer and website blocker
Publisher: Joel Benjamin
User count: 57,876
Rating: 92
Be mindful while working - A Pomodoro timer and website blocker to help you stay focused
#23 Altais for Athena Health Altais for Athena Health
Publisher: Altais Health
User count: 33
Rating: 1
Easily navigate your Athena Health EHR to access your patient’s records all on one simple to use screen.
#24 30s Neck Stretch 30s Neck Stretch
Publisher: Scott Cheng
User count: 677
Rating: 12
30 seconds for a healthy neck!
#25 Miko New Tab Miko New Tab
Publisher: Ein Kerem Po
User count: 13,376
Rating: 4
Meet Miko the virtual pet dog. Every time you open a new tab, Miko eats and stays healthy.
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