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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 XPath Helper XPath Helper
Publisher: Adam Sadovsky
User count: 266,291
Rating: 602
Extract, edit, and evaluate XPath queries with ease.
#2 Quick Tabs Quick Tabs
Publisher: bAbymAn
User count: 45,093
Rating: 576
A keyboard centric most recently used (MRU) ordered page list plugin with seek and switch functionality inspired by IntelliJ IDEA
#3 Query String Values Query String Values
User count: 1,033
Rating: 7
View all of the query string parameters in the current tab's url.
#4 Salesforce DevTools Salesforce DevTools
User count: 43,030
Rating: 39
Powerful Salesforce developer tools, includes Query Editor, Fields definition, ERDs, Page Layout, and others.
#5 Graphql Query Generator Graphql Query Generator
Publisher: Mahesh Chand
User count: 1,329
Rating: 4
Generate graphql queries with random input data by extracting details from your graphql endpoint or schema text
#6 SFDC Query Manager SFDC Query Manager
Publisher: kmishra
User count: 536
Rating: 9
SFDC Query Manager is a very handy extension at your disposal for querying records on the fly while being on the same page and…
#7 Multiple Tabs Search Multiple Tabs Search
Publisher: Luiz
User count: 16,462
Rating: 75
Opens multiple URLs or searches for several words using a configured search engine, each one in a new tab.
#8 Tailwind CSS Media Query Inspector Tailwind CSS Media Query Inspector
User count: 563
Rating: 3
Easily see which breakpoint you are currently in without cluttering up your UI.
#9 Testing Library: which query Testing Library: which query
Publisher: Ben Monro
User count: 2,856
Rating: 3
Find the suggested query to use in your tests
#10 Altair GraphQL Client Altair GraphQL Client
User count: 55,941
Rating: 58
A beautiful feature-rich GraphQL client for all platforms
#11 URL Query Editor URL Query Editor
Publisher: Arthur Liao
User count: 1,136
Rating: 4
Add and edit URL query parameters more easily.
#12 BigQuery Mate BigQuery Mate
Publisher: Mikhail Berlyant
User count: 6,831
Rating: 25
Companion tool for Google BigQuery UI used by myself and my peers at Viant Inc. Adds some extra functionality to BQ Native UI
#13 Splunk Query Formatter Splunk Query Formatter
Publisher: bhatganesh
User count: 201
Rating: 6
One click to format Splunk query
#14 NetSuite :: WB/DS Query Export to SS 2.x NetSuite :: WB/DS Query Export to SS 2.x
Publisher: Nathan Fiedler
User count: 240
Rating: 0
Export a NetSuite Workbook/Dataset Query to SuiteScript 2.x, formatted as TypeScript, a typed superset of JavaScript.
#15 Ubersuggest - SEO and Keyword Discovery Ubersuggest - SEO and Keyword Discovery
Publisher: Ubersuggest
User count: 448,496
Rating: 208
Keyword search volume, CPC and insights for all keywords you search. Works with Google, YouTube and Amazon. SEO tool by Neil Patel.
#16 Highlighty: Search, Find, Multi-Highlight Highlighty: Search, Find, Multi-Highlight
User count: 17,596
Rating: 20
Searching and highlighting multiple words on the web was never this easy. It's the most efficient finder and highlighter out there.
#17 URL Query Decoder URL Query Decoder
Publisher: jerrod.lankford
User count: 549
Rating: 9
This extension will break apart the query parameters in the url and decode them. Also allows you to copy them to the clipboard.
#18 XPath Helper Wizard XPath Helper Wizard
User count: 9,648
Rating: 44
Create XPath queries select similar elements and visualize the results.
#19 Gmail Tabs by cloudHQ Gmail Tabs by cloudHQ
User count: 36,662
Rating: 102
Set Gmail labels or Gmail filters as tabs
#20 WebSite IP Information Query WebSite IP Information Query
User count: 8,320
Rating: 40
Query the current location of the IP address of the site, ASN, port open information and other information.
#21 Funnel Search Funnel Search
Publisher: Kodebroz
User count: 3,020
Rating: 1
Advance search operators for google search
#22 Wolfram|Alpha (Official) Wolfram|Alpha (Official)
User count: 164,752
Rating: 422
Instantly query Wolfram|Alpha from any page or tab.
#23 Query params Query params
Publisher: oliverjash
User count: 471
Rating: 1
Provides a user interface to read/write URL query parameters for the currently active tab.
#24 Search API Query String Parser Search API Query String Parser
Publisher: Sam Larison
User count: 316
Rating: 2
View and edit long URL search query string with relative ease
#25 Chrome Query Chrome Query
User count: 877
Rating: 8
Displaying the jQuery data associated with the selected DOM element.
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