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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 YCS - YouTube Comment Search YCS - YouTube Comment Search
Publisher: YCS
User count: 39,588
Rating: 172
Search comments, replies, chat replay, video transcript for the current video on YouTube by contents, authors, time.
#2 Talk and Comment - Voice notes anywhere Talk and Comment - Voice notes anywhere
User count: 390,446
Rating: 5,764
Make voice notes and comments on any site!
#3 Shut Up: Comment Blocker Shut Up: Comment Blocker
User count: 12,391
Rating: 256
Toggles comments on many popular websites.
#4 Reddit Comment Collapser Reddit Comment Collapser
Publisher: tomjwatson
User count: 4,891
Rating: 70
A more elegant solution for collapsing reddit comment trees
#5 YouTube™ Comment Translate YouTube™ Comment Translate
Publisher: toluschr
User count: 18,838
Rating: 57
Automatically translate YouTube comments using the Google-Translate API
#6 Record Voice Comments in Google Docs - Beep Record Voice Comments in Google Docs - Beep
User count: 8,650
Rating: 115
The best way to record voice notes and audio feedback on Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms.
#7 YouTube Comment Translator YouTube Comment Translator
Publisher: DH
User count: 4,125
Rating: 12
A browser extension that easily translates YouTube comments, supports multiple languages, bilingual comparison, comment export,…
#8 Engage AI - Smart comments on social networks Engage AI - Smart comments on social networks
User count: 2,915
Rating: 37
Use AI to write insightful comments. Save hours of your time as you engage and increase touchpoints with multiple leads on LinkedIn.
#9 YouTube Comment Deleter YouTube Comment Deleter
Publisher: ian-campbell
User count: 1,118
Rating: 50
Clear your YouTube comment history
#10 IG Commenter - Comment Bot for Instagram IG Commenter - Comment Bot for Instagram
Publisher: WeBooster Team
User count: 2,030
Rating: 25
IG Commenter is a powerfull IG comment bot for Instagram, it brings attention to your account by commenting posts on your behalf.
#11 Github Comment Tracker Github Comment Tracker
Publisher: Ben Bernard
User count: 2,506
Rating: 1
Tracks resolved / unresolved state of comments on github pull requests
#12 Comment bot for IG Comment bot for IG
User count: 1,934
Rating: 9
It is a simple tool to help you automatically comment other peoples' posts to increase exposure and gain more followers
#13 Naver Band Post & Comment Remover Naver Band Post & Comment Remover
Publisher: Sihyeong Lee
User count: 4,517
Rating: 13
This is a chrome extension program that helps remove posts and comments from Naver band.
#14 Reddit (Au) Comment Highlights Reddit (Au) Comment Highlights
Publisher: Easy
User count: 1,136
Rating: 21
Highlight unread comments since your last visit to a Reddit comment section.
#16 Timestamped YouTube Comments Timestamped YouTube Comments
Publisher: kenny
User count: 1,497
Rating: 56
Allows users to see timestamped comments as they watch YouTube
#17 Mote: voice notes & feedback Mote: voice notes & feedback
User count: 1,886,241
Rating: 133
Mote - fast, friendly voice messaging
#18 Unicat - LinkedIn GIF comment picker Unicat - LinkedIn GIF comment picker
User count: 1,827
Rating: 7
Add GIF to your LinkedIn comments. In 1 click.
#19 VK Comment Blocker VK Comment Blocker
Publisher: mrmlnc
User count: 856
Rating: 67
A convenient way to hide comments in the news and groups.
#20 IGCommentExport - Export Instagram Comments IGCommentExport - Export Instagram Comments
User count: 9,587
Rating: 34
A chrome extension made for people who want to export comments from Instagram into csv for giveaway.
#21 Comment Picker Comment Picker
Publisher: JahaSoft
User count: 1,910
Rating: 7
Random Comments Picker for Giveaways and Contests.
#22 Comment Wizard Comment Wizard
Publisher: freiha
User count: 595
Rating: 13
This extension lists comments that were left on episodes of your webcomic you uploaded on WEBTOON to make comment management easier.
#23 Reddit Comment Companion Reddit Comment Companion
Publisher: richmondwatkins
User count: 718
Rating: 32
Hover over a post's comment url to see the top 10 comments for that post. Works with RES.
#24 IGCommentsExport - Export IG Comment (Email) IGCommentsExport - Export IG Comment (Email)
Publisher: Infwiz
User count: 746
Rating: 5
A smart lead tool to Extract Instagram Comments including Emails and export to CSV with one click
#25 Blog Comment Killfile Blog Comment Killfile
Publisher: fizbin
User count: 658
Rating: 21
Provides a killfile for certain blogs.
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