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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 | Wallet Extension | Wallet Extension
User count: 78,525
Rating: 38
A Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet to Store, Earn and Grow your Crypto.
#3 CoinStats - Crypto Portfolio Tracker CoinStats - Crypto Portfolio Tracker
User count: 14,616
Rating: 27
Cryptocurrency live price and portfolio tracker.
#4 Miner Blocker - Block Coin Miners Miner Blocker - Block Coin Miners
Publisher: freshtools.cmp
User count: 20,586
Rating: 57
Auto Block from Crypto Miners on all websites.
#5 Internet Money | Crypto Wallet (Beta) Internet Money | Crypto Wallet (Beta)
User count: 7,335
Rating: 3
Dedicated to building financial freedom tools relevant for users of any experience level. The Internet Money Wallet is a…
#7 ZoidPay - Shop with Crypto ZoidPay - Shop with Crypto
User count: 4,133
Rating: 16
Shop Anything from Anywhere with Crypto across Amazon, eBay and 40M+ Online Retailers.
#8 ESEP Crypto Extension ESEP Crypto Extension
User count: 583,628
Rating: 138
Расширение, которое необходимо установить для работы в ЕСЭП пользователей, использующих версию Chrome 42+.
#9 Crypto-Plugin Crypto-Plugin
User count: 522,408
Rating: 284
Extension for signing payments without Java
#10 Trust Wallet Trust Wallet
Publisher: Trust Wallet
User count: 126,320
Rating: 382
Secure crypto wallet to access your digital assets across multiple networks.
#11 EO.Finance: Crypto & Fiat Wallet EO.Finance: Crypto & Fiat Wallet
User count: 2,264
Rating: 10
EO.Finance is a Crypto & Fiat wallet. We provide accounts in more than 40 different crypto and fiat currencies.
#12 Core | Crypto Wallet Extension Core | Crypto Wallet Extension
Publisher: Ava Labs
User count: 9,925
Rating: 60
A better way to connect to Web3
#13 SocialGood: Crypto CashBack SocialGood: Crypto CashBack
Publisher: SocialGood
User count: 2,128
Rating: 5
Earn up to 100% Crypto Back rewards when you shop online with the SocialGood extension.
#14 Crypto Miner Blocker Crypto Miner Blocker
Publisher: Sander
User count: 3,714
Rating: 14
This open-source extension automatically blocks Crypto Mining Scripts.
#15 Crypto Ticker Crypto Ticker
Publisher: epubreader
User count: 1,631
Rating: 9
Shows the current price of your favourite crypto currency in the browser toolbar. You can select between > 1,500 cryptos.
#16 Crypto Raiders Companion Crypto Raiders Companion
User count: 1,289
Rating: 11
The crypto raiders extentions you always needed!
#17 BlockBeat Crypto Hover BlockBeat Crypto Hover
User count: 2,082
Rating: 4
View real-time crypto prices by hovering over Twitter $Cashtags and $Hashtags in anyones Tweets
#18 Crypto Airdrops & Bounties Crypto Airdrops & Bounties
Publisher: Easier Life
User count: 1,121
Rating: 9
Crypto Airdrops & Bounties
#19 Exodus Web3 Wallet Exodus Web3 Wallet
User count: 38,234
Rating: 30
Exodus unifies Web3 by providing best-in-class, non-custodial, and multi-chain support–from Solana to Ethereum and beyond.
#20 Crypto Alert Crypto Alert
Publisher: crypto.alert
User count: 688
Rating: 2
Show Cryptocurrencies prices and set alarms while you are surfing the web ...
#21 Blockchair Blockchair
Publisher: Blockchair
User count: 8,122
Rating: 13
Block explorer and anonymous crypto portfolio tracker for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others in your browser
#22 BitKeep: Crypto & NFT Wallet BitKeep: Crypto & NFT Wallet
User count: 40,825
Rating: 29
A secure blockchain wallet that supports: BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, DApp, DeFi, and more
#23 Crypto Fear & Greed Index Crypto Fear & Greed Index
Publisher: Eduar Cardona
User count: 1,132
Rating: 2
Show Fear & Greed Index directly on Chrome toolbar
#24 Crypto Blade Win Chance Crypto Blade Win Chance
Publisher: Enzo Vergara
User count: 247
Rating: 1
Crypto blade automatic win chance computer based on
#25 Oxygen - Atomic Crypto Wallet Oxygen - Atomic Crypto Wallet
User count: 411
Rating: 4
Multi cryptocurrency secure wallet - your key, your money!
300 results. Page 1 of 12.