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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Picture-in-Picture - floating video Picture-in-Picture - floating video
Publisher: PIP Ext.
User count: 124,244
Rating: 267
Continue watching your videos on Picture-in-Picture mode while doing something else! Floating video.
#2 Mobile simulator - responsive testing tool Mobile simulator - responsive testing tool
User count: 254,620
Rating: 514
Smartphone and tablet simulator on computer with several models to test mobile responsive websites.
#3 Floating Player - Picture-in-Picture Floating Player - Picture-in-Picture
Publisher: Floating Player
User count: 343,331
Rating: 83
Watch videos in a floating window (Picture-in-Picture) outside the browser window or on top of any other application.
#4 Mobile View Switcher Mobile View Switcher
Publisher: Benni
User count: 77,889
Rating: 71
Switch to mobile view with one click via toolbar button.
#5 Xerox Mobile Print Portal Xerox Mobile Print Portal
User count: 48,137
Rating: 28
DESCRIPTION The Xerox Mobile Print Portal requires one of our Xerox Mobile Print Solutions currently available on…
#6 Mobile Legends Wallpaper Mobile Legends Wallpaper
User count: 32,299
Rating: 0
Mobile Legends wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Mobile Legends background.
#7 Mobile Number Tracker Mobile Number Tracker
User count: 19,517
Rating: 21
Mobile Number Tracker: Links all Phone number and Emails to MNT search.
#8 Mobile Guardian Mobile Guardian
Publisher: Mobile Guardian
User count: 25,253
Rating: 25
Mobile Guardian App
#9 Mobile Text Alerts for Gmail by cloudHQ Mobile Text Alerts for Gmail by cloudHQ
User count: 17,617
Rating: 115
Get mobile text alerts for emails that are urgent, from specific people, or once someone replies back
#10 App for Instagram with DM App for Instagram with DM
User count: 404,378
Rating: 168
Direct Messages is fully supported. Enjoy the most beautiful Desktop client for Instagram.
#11 TikTok Mobile App TikTok Mobile App
Publisher: Great Extensions
User count: 3,427
Rating: 10
TikTok Mobile Version in Chrome Browser
#12 PUBG Mobile India APK Download PUBG Mobile India APK Download
User count: 3,859
Rating: 1
Download PUBG Games new version PUBG Mobile India For Android and iOS Users, The Game size was arouund 1.7 GB All Devices.
#13 Multi Chat - Messenger for WhatsApp Multi Chat - Messenger for WhatsApp
Publisher: Harold Riders
User count: 250,498
Rating: 275
Open WhatsApp and other popular messengers on desktop easily and get access to all your chats from mobile.
#14 Mobile DevTools Mobile DevTools
User count: 2,885
Rating: 4
A mobile browser extension for debugging web sites and applications with the console, DOM, network info, sources, and more.
#15 Web TikTok Web TikTok
Publisher: divanov6120
User count: 489,926
Rating: 5
Watch tik tok in mobile form in a browser.
#16 AppSpy - Mobile Tracker AppSpy - Mobile Tracker
User count: 2,099
Rating: 10
Free Mobile Tracker. Include more 25+ features.
#17 Web for Instagram™ Web for Instagram™
Publisher: Webig-App
User count: 112,282
Rating: 288
Fastest way to use Instagram with all functions right from your browser. Upload/download stories or IGTV and more.
#18 2048 - Classic Games 2048 - Classic Games
Publisher: Retro Games
User count: 150,938
Rating: 87
Play 2048 Game Online. Play 2048 Game Offline. Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!
#19 Simple Gmail Notes Simple Gmail Notes
User count: 65,918
Rating: 696
Add notes to email threads in Gmail and Inbox.
#20 Temporary Mobile View Temporary Mobile View
Publisher: lunu.bounir
User count: 2,208
Rating: 6
View current page in the mobile-friendly format by spoofing Android or iOS user-agent string on request header and JavaScript sides
#21 Mobile Data Collection - Scan-IT to Office Mobile Data Collection - Scan-IT to Office
Publisher: TEC-IT
User count: 11,280
Rating: 8
Field Data Acquisition and Barcode Scanning for Google Chrome
#22 Share me - Content sharing for Mobile/Tablet Share me - Content sharing for Mobile/Tablet
Publisher: DivP3
User count: 1,474
Rating: 4
Share your favorite web contents like article, link, video and text on your Mobile/Tablet.
#23 Infinity New Tab for Mobile Infinity New Tab for Mobile
Publisher: Infinity Teams
User count: 3,069
Rating: 6
Customize your new tab page.Now compatible with Kiwi browser, Lemur browser,etc.
#24 Sophos Chrome Security Sophos Chrome Security
Publisher: Sophos Limited
User count: 91,931
Rating: 14
This is the Sophos Mobile client for Chrome devices.
#25 Click to Call Mobile Click to Call Mobile
User count: 1,357
Rating: 4
Launches highlighted text as Tel: link.
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