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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Request Maker Request Maker
Publisher: Juho Nurminen
User count: 38,074
Rating: 186
Log, edit and send HTTP requests
#2 Amazon Review Request Tool ASINsell Amazon Review Request Tool ASINsell
User count: 9,903
Rating: 1,132
Amazon review request tool to track & manage product reviews, export reviews
#3 Request Interceptor Request Interceptor
Publisher: Vinay Kaparthi
User count: 12,359
Rating: 44
Intercept Requests and add custom rules to modify request/response headers, block/redirect requests, modify query params.
#4 Screen Recorder & Video Request Tool Screen Recorder & Video Request Tool
Publisher: berrycast
User count: 5,972
Rating: 26
Quickly record your screen & webcam with one click, then share that content instantly as a link, or request video from someone else.
#5 Better Pull Request for GitHub Better Pull Request for GitHub
Publisher: Tal Bereznitskey
User count: 19,955
Rating: 228
Add a file tree to GitHub Pull Requests
#6 Text Request Text Request
User count: 7,866
Rating: 6
Text Request Chrome extension for online SMS texting. Text from any web page. Integrates with your CRM, email, and more.
#7 ModHeader - Modify HTTP headers ModHeader - Modify HTTP headers
User count: 677,767
Rating: 646
Modify HTTP request headers, response headers, and redirect URLs
#8 Request X Request X
Publisher: gera2ld
User count: 5,164
Rating: 16
Intercept requests and cookies by flexible rules.
#9 Amazon Review Request Tool Amazon Review Request Tool
User count: 4,544
Rating: 45
Use SellerApp’s free Amazon Review Request Tool to generate hassle-free review requests in one go
#10 HTTP Request Blocker HTTP Request Blocker
Publisher: cristi.lupascu
User count: 37,976
Rating: 19
This extension blocks HTTP Request based on configurable URL patterns.
#11 Meet Plus for Google Meet Meet Plus for Google Meet
User count: 315,308
Rating: 306
Breakout rooms,attendance,dark mode,chat,emojis,reward points,quiz,poll,file sharing,stickies,many more features for Google Meet
#12 Popup Blocker (strict) Popup Blocker (strict)
User count: 179,774
Rating: 775
Strictly block all popup requests from any website
#13 tweak: mock and modify HTTP requests tweak: mock and modify HTTP requests
User count: 18,623
Rating: 79
Mock or modify your HTTP requests to test, develop and demo your web application
#14 Wizdler Wizdler
Publisher: Peter Prikryl
User count: 122,410
Rating: 427
Parses the WSDL files and generates SOAP messages for you.
#15 Moesif Origin & CORS Changer Moesif Origin & CORS Changer
User count: 225,481
Rating: 181
This plugin allows you to send cross-domain requests. You can also override Request Origin and CORS headers.
#16 Yet Another REST Client Yet Another REST Client
User count: 59,496
Rating: 127
YARC (Yet Another REST Client) is an easy-to-use REST Client. Use it to develop, test and debug RESTful APIs.
#17 CORS Unblock CORS Unblock
Publisher: balvin.perrie
User count: 140,963
Rating: 106
No more CORS error by appending 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *' header to local and remote web requests when enabled
#18 uMatrix uMatrix
User count: 104,113
Rating: 797
Point & click to forbid/allow any class of requests made by your browser. Use it to block scripts, iframes, ads, facebook, etc.
#19 Mouse Tooltip Translator Mouse Tooltip Translator
Publisher: ttop324
User count: 36,857
Rating: 188
Mouse Tooltip Translator translate mouseover text using google translate
#20 Quick Review Request For Amazon Sellers Quick Review Request For Amazon Sellers
User count: 715
Rating: 12
Request Reviews from the Order List Page, makes requesting reviews much faster!
#21 ObservePoint TagDebugger ObservePoint TagDebugger
User count: 36,683
Rating: 50
Troubleshoot and audit analytics tags, variables and on-click events. Supports Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Ensighten and more
#22 RestMan RestMan
User count: 41,103
Rating: 27
RESTMan is a browser extension to work on http requests.
#23 Header Editor Header Editor
Publisher: ShuangYa
User count: 127,907
Rating: 47
Manage browser's requests, include modify the request headers and response headers, redirect requests, cancel requests
#24 Querio - GraphQL and XHR requests inspector Querio - GraphQL and XHR requests inspector
Publisher: Enkot
User count: 1,852
Rating: 7
Missing DevTools network inspector for GraphQL and XHR requests
#25 KB SSL Enforcer KB SSL Enforcer
User count: 21,917
Rating: 290
Automatic security, browse encrypted.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.