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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Infinite Dashboard - New Tab like no other Infinite Dashboard - New Tab like no other
User count: 240,960
Rating: 1,338
Reinvent Chrome Startpage with Infinite. Power up the new tab with Apps, Messengers, Games, Google & Apple Services
#2 Enhance Salesforce Dashboard Enhance Salesforce Dashboard
User count: 22,396
Rating: 51
Auto Refresh and up to 7 Columns Salesforce Dashboard.
#3 uTab - Unlimited Custom Dashboard uTab - Unlimited Custom Dashboard
User count: 198,249
Rating: 941
Perfect New tab to organize bookmarks with lots of features. Create named folders with bookmarks, organize apps, set search bar...
#4 ProductivityTab — Custom New Tab Dashboard ProductivityTab — Custom New Tab Dashboard
User count: 32,252
Rating: 5,872
A customizable personal dashboard on your new tab page featuring 50+ widgets, breathtaking backgrounds and much more.
#5 MONKNOW New Tab - Personal Dashboard MONKNOW New Tab - Personal Dashboard
User count: 28,071
Rating: 334
This is the new tab you are dreaming of. Support website URL group management, data sync, dark theme mode.
#6 Cute Tab - Custom Dashboard Cute Tab - Custom Dashboard
User count: 38,381
Rating: 39
Perfect New tab to organize bookmarks with lots of features. Give a clean and modern look to your default Chrome homepage.
#7 Desmos Dashboard Download Desmos Dashboard Download
Publisher: Greg Epstein
User count: 1,781
Rating: 2
Download a Desmos teacher dashboard. (unofficial)
#8 VR Dashboard VR Dashboard
Publisher: Michael Kappert
User count: 25,343
Rating: 48
Monitor boat position & call virtual sailor weather router
#9 Dashboard Dashboard
User count: 5
Rating: 0
Dashboard for the Chrome Browser.
#10 iCloud Dashboard iCloud Dashboard
Publisher: fiveBrackets
User count: 115,855
Rating: 342
Easy iCloud Access
#11 ProductivityTab — Custom Homepage Dashboard ProductivityTab — Custom Homepage Dashboard
User count: 45,265
Rating: 5,339
A remarkably customizable personal homepage featuring 50+ widgets, breathtaking backgrounds and much more.
#12 Chrome Dashboard Chrome Dashboard
Publisher: Better addons
User count: 964
Rating: 10
Better new chrome startpage with built-in search engine,most visited websites and beautiful background images
#13 Simple Dashboard Simple Dashboard
Publisher: Rob
User count: 25
Rating: 1
Replace new tab page with a Simple Dashboard
User count: 9
Rating: 2
Dashboard io helper.
#15 Dashby - personal dashboard Dashby - personal dashboard
User count: 63
Rating: 5
Productivity start page with live wallpapers, inspirational quotes, bookmarks, HD photos, weather, todolist for your browser.
#16 Geek Dashboard Geek Dashboard
User count: 138
Rating: 1
Connecting with Geek Dashboard is the best way to stay up-to-date with the latest TECH happening around you.
#17 Appsco Dashboard Appsco Dashboard
User count: 345
Rating: 6
This extension is used to interact with Appsco Dashboard
#18 Dashboard Dashboard
Publisher: Yao
User count: 2
Rating: 0
New Tab chrome extension
#19 Notes Dashboard Notes Dashboard
Publisher: jovyntan
User count: 92
Rating: 5
Notepad and to-do lists saved to your browser
#20 TA Dashboard TA Dashboard
Publisher: alokranjan04
User count: 7
Rating: 0
TA Dashboard
#21 Dashboard Dashboard
Publisher: Zachary Sakowitz
User count: 14
Rating: 1
Dashboard gives you a stunning New Tab page, complete with different layouts, modules, themes, and more!
#22 ScreenCloud Dashboard Recorder ScreenCloud Dashboard Recorder
Publisher: ScreenCloud
User count: 853
Rating: 2
Record your dashboards for playback on your ScreenCloud Player
#23 Dashboard Dashboard
Publisher: Matt_Cocklin
User count: 2
Rating: 1
A simple dynamic dashboard to replace the new tab page
#24 Vanilla Dashboard - Beautiful Wallpapers Vanilla Dashboard - Beautiful Wallpapers
Publisher: Parth Shah
User count: 396
Rating: 41
Replace the New Tab and Homepage with a fully customizable dashboard that brings you News, Weather, Wallpapers and much more!
#25 Dashboard of Bookmarks Dashboard of Bookmarks
Publisher: Encore Shao
User count: 75
Rating: 4
Add a new dashboard of bookmarks and override the Chrome Newtab page.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.