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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Twitch Legacy Chat v2 - EndOfLife - uninstall Twitch Legacy Chat v2 - EndOfLife - uninstall
Publisher: Tabakhase
User count: 5,037
Rating: 9
EndOfLife - uninstall - - Restores Legacy Chat by loading a popout-chat.
#2 Download Converter Free Download Converter Free
User count: 30,727
Rating: 22
Access free file converter services, news and shopping websites, plus free web search, right from your new tab page!
#3 Awesome New Tab Page Awesome New Tab Page
User count: 98,179
Rating: 13,680
Enhance your New Tab Page with ultimate customizability and power. Awesome, like you. [ANTP]
#4 MyNewsFree MyNewsFree
User count: 2,354
Rating: 21
Get access to the latest news, breaking stories ,entertainment news, search for local news and more!
#5 MyWeatherFree MyWeatherFree
User count: 3,164
Rating: 0
Get latest weather forecasts, weather maps, national forecast and world weather news – all in one place!
#6 Extension Manager Extension Manager
Publisher: HongyuanCao
User count: 327
Rating: 17
Quickly and Easy enable, disable, uninstall, custom group or nickname, star or top and export CSV extensions for Chrome Web Store.
#7 Volume Booster 2022 - It's your sound control Volume Booster 2022 - It's your sound control
User count: 41,172
Rating: 56
Up to 600% volume boost. Like a Volumix but better
#8 EmailCheckToday EmailCheckToday
User count: 6,378
Rating: 1
Get one-click access to all your Webmail accounts, all from one place! Access your messages and more.
#9 Newz Finder Newz Finder
User count: 66,157
Rating: 40
Brings your news search and digesting experience to your address bar.
#10 Content Site Search Guru Content Site Search Guru
User count: 62,925
Rating: 49
Provides an easy and pleasant search of content on the content sites directly from your browser's address bar.
#11 Get Weather Today Get Weather Today
User count: 62,913
Rating: 37
Brings the weather updates you care about to your address bar.
#12 Search Commands Search Commands
User count: 28,030
Rating: 16
Provides a Swiss-knife style commands tool inside your browser’s address bar to enhance your search experience.
User count: 18,280
Rating: 13
Search your query with MultiSearch Engines in new tab.
#14 FindIt-All FindIt-All
Publisher: finditall.ext
User count: 26,404
Rating: 0
Enjoy a quick and distraction-free search experience
#15 UpSearches UpSearches
Publisher: upsearches
User count: 18,476
Rating: 3
Search. Simple and Fast. UpSearches is a search-focused extension that offers New Tab and default search that is simple and fast.
#16 Bookmark Plus New Tab Bookmark Plus New Tab
Publisher: DiversifyMedia
User count: 21,838
Rating: 0
New tab rich backgrounds plus bookmarks.
#17 Smilebox Tab Smilebox Tab
Publisher: alinaf
User count: 19,977
Rating: 0
With Smilebox Tab you get fast access to your favorite sites and to the amazing selection of Smilebox ecards for all occasions
#18 GetTopTabs Search GetTopTabs Search
Publisher: gettoptabs
User count: 12,225
Rating: 0
GetTopTabs Search helps you easily configure your default search engine.
#19 Secret Lookup 2 Secret Lookup 2
User count: 816
Rating: 0
Lookup any unknown phone number within a comfort of your browser tab.
#20 BlockSite: Block Websites & Stay Focused BlockSite: Block Websites & Stay Focused
User count: 1,781,201
Rating: 26,289
Stay focused and improve productivity with our key features: Custom blocklist, Scheduled site blocking and Password protection
#21 Top Movies Search | Default Search Top Movies Search | Default Search
User count: 24,511
Rating: 0
An upscale web tool that makes the process of searching all your favorite movies easier and faster.
#22 Your Streaming Days Default Search Your Streaming Days Default Search
User count: 12,756
Rating: 0
Your Streaming Days turns your New Tab page into Music Streaming & Search.
#23 First Level Default Search First Level Default Search
User count: 12,072
Rating: 0
First Level Default Search is a state-of-the-art search engine possibility that will help to find anything you need in a click.
#24 Smarty Smarty
User count: 530,471
Rating: 84
Add coupon codes & get cash back when shopping online! By installing, you agree to the terms at
#25 Hidden Object Games Start Hidden Object Games Start
User count: 1,740
Rating: 0
When you install our chrome extension, your new tab will change to the Hidden Object Games Club new tab. Easily access free games.
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