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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Video Downloader by ODM Video Downloader by ODM
User count: 255,819
Rating: 1,101
Powerful video downloader. Pro download manager: save video, download music and images, managing downloads, etc.
#2 New Volume Booster & equalizer - Audio + New Volume Booster & equalizer - Audio +
Publisher: Mi Audio
User count: 302,038
Rating: 244
Tab audio limiter, equalizer, volume control, volume booster and sound effects. Audio equalizer and volume booster for you
#3 Cash Back Service Megabonus Cash Back Service Megabonus
User count: 185,819
Rating: 3,442
Service helping to make smart online purchases
#4 Better Wattpad Interface Better Wattpad Interface
User count: 10,571
Rating: 199
Improves the WattPad user interface on desktop (just some tricks, but incredibly convenient). Fully configurable.
#5 Schoology Plus Schoology Plus
User count: 145,328
Rating: 89
Schoology Plus enhances your Schoology experience with numerous interface improvements
#6 Interface enhancer for BGG Interface enhancer for BGG
User count: 820
Rating: 30
Web interface enhancer for site.
#7 Cr!Box Cr!Box
User count: 7,922
Rating: 119
An extension that provides an easy way of reconnecting your Fritz!Box.
#8 Screen Capture and Recorder by Screeny Screen Capture and Recorder by Screeny
User count: 668,105
Rating: 893
The #1 Screen Recorder and Screenshot tool! Full page screen capture and video record of your screen.
#9 Screenshot Tool  - capture & editor Screenshot Tool - capture & editor
User count: 317,511
Rating: 1,295
Innovative screenshot tool lets users capture and edit your screenshot and download it.
#10 CPS Test CPS Test
User count: 30,384
Rating: 14
Build your own cps record.
#11 Petapator Petapator
User count: 2,420
Rating: 96
Increase your patent efficiency
#12 AAMC MCAT Interface by Jack Westin AAMC MCAT Interface by Jack Westin
User count: 12,404
Rating: 72
This extension allows users who have purchased AAMC practice material to view it in the proper intended MCAT exam format.
#13 Translator uLanguage - translate, dictionary Translator uLanguage - translate, dictionary
User count: 118,686
Rating: 511
Translate words, phrases or texts on web pages with text-to-speech feature for over 120 languages.
#14 Multiple Search and Highlight Multiple Search and Highlight
Publisher: brian.girko
User count: 10,435
Rating: 21
Highlight multiple words separated by comma, space or arbitrary separator with persistent history
#15 Screen Capture Screen Capture
User count: 88,448
Rating: 115
Screen capture of the entire page or any part. Edit screenshots and save as PDF / JPEG / PNG.
#16 Record/Replay Record/Replay
Publisher: Tom Gallagher
User count: 1,857
Rating: 8
Browser automation package. Easy to use and open source. Integrated functional testing framework.
#17 Tenhou English UI Tenhou English UI
Publisher: mai
User count: 3,934
Rating: 14
Change the UI text on the Tenhou HTML5 Web Client from Japanese to English
#18 Jira Interface Improvements Jira Interface Improvements
Publisher: Barry Murphy
User count: 126
Rating: 3
Some simple interface improvements for Jira
#19 Translate Man Translate Man
Publisher: marchen
User count: 19,261
Rating: 230
Mouse pointer translation, selected translation, support any languages, google translate api, human interface, love it
#20 Cute Custom Cursors 2022 for Chrome Cute Custom Cursors 2022 for Chrome
User count: 33,450
Rating: 22
Take a cute custom cursors for Chrome. The mouse becomes a cute mouse.
#21 Notion Canvas Assignment Import Notion Canvas Assignment Import
Publisher: JamesNZL
User count: 902
Rating: 3
Automatically import Canvas assignments into a Notion database.
#22 CSpeak - Browser Interface CSpeak - Browser Interface
User count: 525
Rating: 0
Provides text control services to the CSpeak v6 NMH.
#23 Quick translator Quick translator
Publisher: DorothyApp
User count: 535,287
Rating: 795
Select word or whole phrase and right click to translate using Google translator
#24 Zoho Books Easier Time Tracking Zoho Books Easier Time Tracking
Publisher: Émile Perron
User count: 345
Rating: 7
Time tracking for Zoho Books, made easier and more efficient!
#25 Screen Recorder Screen Recorder
Publisher: Grephy
User count: 303,802
Rating: 232
Record your computer's screen with just one click!
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