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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Adding Furigana Function - Sateraito Office Adding Furigana Function - Sateraito Office
Publisher: Sateraito Office
User count: 954,775
Rating: 3
Adding Furigana Function allow to show the reading of a Kanji character by writing Furigana character at its side.
#2 Shopping researcher Shopping researcher
User count: 61,303
Rating: 73
We can who ASIN and JAN on Amazon. We can also transfer it to Ebay. We also support US, JP, IT, FR, UK, DE Amazon.
#3 Subtitles for Language Learning (Prime Video) Subtitles for Language Learning (Prime Video)
User count: 64,254
Rating: 50
Add foreign language subtitle display and dictionary function on Amazon Prime Video.
Publisher: Eric Wong
User count: 42,917
Rating: 37
Autoclicker for POPCAT that won't be affected by the RED EYES.
#5 Showroom Toolbox Showroom Toolbox
Publisher: immortal3valley
User count: 39,740
Rating: 133
Useful tools for Showroom viewers.
#6 Code Cola Code Cola
User count: 30,689
Rating: 253
Code Cola is a chrome extension for editing online pages' css style visually.
#7 Tab Suspender Tab Suspender
User count: 173,418
Rating: 500
Automatically suspend, park, hibernate inactive tabs and save up to 80% of memory, reduce load on your device, battery and heat.
#8 Google Meet - Automatically Accept Guests Google Meet - Automatically Accept Guests
Publisher: alljs
User count: 24,925
Rating: 23
Automatically accepts all guests at a Google Meet meeting
#9 Save as Shortcut Save as Shortcut
User count: 11,507
Rating: 97
Offers the ability to save tab(s) and bookmarks as Internet shortcut files.
#10 URL Shortener for Amazon URL Shortener for Amazon
Publisher: dadadadone
User count: 10,949
Rating: 14
This is a Chrome extension that copies Amazon URL to a clipboard in an abbreviation.
#11 Backup WhatsApp Chats Backup WhatsApp Chats
Publisher: fattynoparents
User count: 14,012
Rating: 196
Downloads a backup of your WhatsApp chats
#12 DM Saver for Instagram™ DM Saver for Instagram™
Publisher: fattynoparents
User count: 1,639
Rating: 48
Downloads Instagram™ direct messages
#13 JS Digger JS Digger
Publisher: Alex Feinstein
User count: 1,745
Rating: 11
List, search for, and modify all JavaScript functions, objects, and variables on a webpage.
#14 SaveTabs - Window & Tab Manager SaveTabs - Window & Tab Manager
User count: 1,569
Rating: 11
Save and open all web pages with one click.
#15 Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder
User count: 1,899,876
Rating: 16,599
Record screencasts - record video from your screen. Screen Capture FULL Web page or any part. Edit screenshots.
#16 Volume Booster 2022 - It's your sound control Volume Booster 2022 - It's your sound control
User count: 39,759
Rating: 56
Up to 600% volume boost. Like a Volumix but better
#17 ZoomEye Tools ZoomEye Tools
Publisher: knownseczoomeye
User count: 2,100
Rating: 5
ZoomEye Tools provides a variety of functions to assist the use of Zoomeye, including a proview host and many other functions
#18 New Volume Booster & equalizer - Audio + New Volume Booster & equalizer - Audio +
Publisher: Mi Audio
User count: 298,727
Rating: 244
Tab audio limiter, equalizer, volume control, volume booster and sound effects. Audio equalizer and volume booster for you
#19 Text Tools Text Tools
User count: 4,181
Rating: 23
Handy text tools a click away
#20 inTab Pro inTab Pro
User count: 556
Rating: 26
inTab Pro is a simple and easy-to-use new tab page plug-in, which not only provides a wealth of functions
#21 github-php-function-jumper github-php-function-jumper
Publisher: めもりー
User count: 117
Rating: 2
Jump to the PHP Manual from the php functions and classes on your GitHub source codes and discussion.
#22 Proper Menubar for Google Chrome Proper Menubar for Google Chrome
User count: 31,888
Rating: 294
Add the best menu bar to get easy and fast access to all your useful browser options and internet products!
#23 Better Formula Editor for Anaplan Better Formula Editor for Anaplan
User count: 702
Rating: 4
This extension enhances Anaplan formula editing in several ways; providing code completion, hover info and validity checks.
#24 MetaNumbers - Number Encyclopedia MetaNumbers - Number Encyclopedia
User count: 591
Rating: 5
Math tool providing information about any positive natural number.
#25 Copy Markup Markdown Copy Markup Markdown
Publisher: scootcho.yoo
User count: 514
Rating: 5
Copy seletion as Markup or Markdown
300 results. Page 1 of 12.