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#1 Open Tweet Filter Open Tweet Filter
Publisher: Ricardo Stuven
User count: 20,172
Rating: 246
Filter tweets in Twitter web site.
#2 Just Tweet Button Just Tweet Button
Publisher: KaoriYa
User count: 7,187
Rating: 42
Just tweet browsing site, without any other features
#3 Tweak New Twitter Tweak New Twitter
Publisher: jbscript
User count: 86,860
Rating: 223
Remove algorithmic content from Twitter, hide news & trends, control which shared tweets appear on your timeline, and improve the UI
#4 Twemex: Sidebar for Twitter Twemex: Sidebar for Twitter
Publisher: twemexapp
User count: 27,220
Rating: 36
Stop doomscrolling and start exploring. Twemex is a browser extension that enhances Twitter and guides you to the best content.
#5 Tweet A Link Tweet A Link
User count: 311
Rating: 20
This extension allows you to share a link on twitter via one-click.
#6 Click n' Tweet Click n' Tweet
Publisher: Denis Ciccale
User count: 275
Rating: 12
Tweet in one click within Chrome
#8 ついすぽ -Tweet Export- ついすぽ -Tweet Export-
Publisher: afonomics
User count: 5,720
Rating: 6
TwitterのツイートをCSVでダウンロードできるようになります。 現在は、検索ページ(でのみ動作します。
#9 Twitter Screenshots Twitter Screenshots
User count: 9,187
Rating: 30
Easily capture beautiful, high-resolution screenshot images of Tweets right inside the Twitter website
#10 Capture Tweet Capture Tweet
Publisher: Shang Liang
User count: 282
Rating: 4
Make a screen grab of a tweet. Right click at a tweet and select the "Capture" option.
#11 twDisplayVicinity twDisplayVicinity
User count: 5,491
Rating: 39
Display the vicinity of a particular tweet on Twitter.
#12 Download Twitter videos Download Twitter videos
User count: 6,818
Rating: 15
Download videos, gifs, tweet photos, profile pictures, header banners, thumbnails, subtitles, color palettes, tags from Twitter.
#13 Tweet Filter - Simple filter for Twitter Tweet Filter - Simple filter for Twitter
Publisher: Dan Teeter
User count: 183
Rating: 9
On your Twitter home page, collapse irrelevant tweets (that match your chosen keywords) into a single line of text.
#14 Tweet This Page Tweet This Page
Publisher: shuymn
User count: 356
Rating: 2
Browser Extension that tweets the current page URL and title.
#15 Tweet Better Tweet Better
User count: 172
Rating: 28
Enables single click 'Quote' and 'Email' functionality on
#16 tweetGPT tweetGPT
Publisher: Yaroslav Nazarov
User count: 4,721
Rating: 2
Writes tweets with chatGPT
#17 Treeverse Treeverse
User count: 4,714
Rating: 22
A browser extension for navigating burgeoning Twitter conversations. Conversations are visualized as a tree. Each node (square) is…
#18 Twitter Media Assist Twitter Media Assist
Publisher: Flkalas
User count: 96,536
Rating: 579
For your better Twitter media experience.
#19 Tweet Button Tweet Button
Publisher: foooomio
User count: 200
Rating: 4
Adds Tweet Button to Toolbar
#20 Tweet Page Tweet Page
Publisher: Stuart Knightley
User count: 312
Rating: 5
A button that lets you tweet the current page title and url.
#21 Likers Blocker Likers Blocker
Publisher: likers.blocker
User count: 7,957
Rating: 40
block all visible likers or retweeters of a tweet.
#22 Just Tweet Button mod Just Tweet Button mod
Publisher: yoshiteru
User count: 193
Rating: 1
Just tweet browsing site.You can change the Prefix and window size.
#23 BlockZilla - Hide sponsored posts and tweets BlockZilla - Hide sponsored posts and tweets
User count: 892
Rating: 34
BlockZilla hides promoted tweets, sponsored posts and ads on major websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and many others.
#24 ThreadHelper ThreadHelper
User count: 940
Rating: 17
A serendipity engine on the Twitter sidebar.
#25 SocialDog - All-In-One Tool For Twitter Marketing SocialDog - All-In-One Tool For Twitter Marketing
Publisher: SocialDog
User count: 2,187
Rating: 2
This is an extension for the Twitter management tool "SocialDog" that allows you to easily schedule posts and retweets from Twitter.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.