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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Office - Enable Copy and Paste Office - Enable Copy and Paste
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 289
Cut, copy, and paste from the right-click menu and ribbon in Office on the web.
#2 Don't F*** With Paste Don't F*** With Paste
Publisher: Jacob Swanner
User count: 135,625
Rating: 582
Prevents the blocking of copying from & pasting into input fields
#3 Enable Copy Paste Enable Copy Paste
User count: 62,238
Rating: 27
Enable copy paste on websites that have disabled copy paste.
#4 Paste It Paste It
User count: 23,921
Rating: 76
Paste text from a toolbar button, context menu or keyboard shortcut
#5 GTM Copy Paste GTM Copy Paste
User count: 16,855
Rating: 41
Copy your Tags, Triggers and Variables and Paste them into any other account
#6 ADP Copy & Paste ADP Copy & Paste
Publisher: Federico Bridger
User count: 23,419
Rating: 40
Allows to copy and paste rows in ADP
#7 Copy Paste Pro Copy Paste Pro
Publisher: webhtg
User count: 25,991
Rating: 48
Enable Copy , Paste , Select Text , Right Click On Websites
#8 DSM Auto-Paste Chrome Extension DSM Auto-Paste Chrome Extension
User count: 17,910
Rating: 43
DSM Auto-Paste Dropshipping Chrome Extension
#9 Emoji Copy Paste Emoji Copy Paste
Publisher: BrowserNative
User count: 12,095
Rating: 15
Click on any emoji to Copy it instantly. Now Paste it anywhere.
#10 Copy and Paste more Copy and Paste more
Publisher: satoshiho2012
User count: 33,080
Rating: 6
Copy and Paste more
#11 Emoji Keyboard- copy&past your emoji. Emoji Keyboard- copy&past your emoji.
Publisher: Emoji World
User count: 429,686
Rating: 51
#1 Emoji keypad for Chrome Browser. Copy and past emojies in messages. Smileys, food, hands, transport, animals and more.
#12 Spot N Paste Spot N Paste
User count: 7,361
Rating: 30
Automates your dropship orders.
#13 Emoji copy and paste Emoji copy and paste
User count: 5,301
Rating: 12
Missing your mobile phone emojis? Insert your favourite emoji to popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.
#14 Paste as Markdown Paste as Markdown
Publisher: Medusis
User count: 2,472
Rating: 8
Paste as Markdown.
#15 Clipboard History Pro: best productivity tool Clipboard History Pro: best productivity tool
User count: 117,622
Rating: 555
Clipboard manager extension for your browser: history of copied text, favorite items, instant paste
#16 Clipboard - Paste Anywhere Clipboard - Paste Anywhere
User count: 2,892
Rating: 21
A clipboard app that synchronizes across iOS, android and chrome extensions
#17 Paste to download Paste to download
User count: 5,906
Rating: 20
Paste to download makes it easy to save images copied to your clipboard.
#18 Dropship N Paste Dropship N Paste
Publisher: Seller Desk
User count: 981
Rating: 29
Automatically fills in buyers address at your supplier/dropship checkout.
#19 Supreme Copy Supreme Copy
Publisher: Sasha Totenko
User count: 526,662
Rating: 6
Allow copy on web sites with copy protection: allow right click, unblock context menu.
#20 Paste Email Paste Email
Publisher: Thomas Theiner
User count: 1,632
Rating: 60
Paste Email clone for Chrome
#21 Superior allow copy Superior allow copy
User count: 423,421
Rating: 10
Allow context menu, right click, allow copy, selection on web sites that prevent it
#22 Simple Paste Extension Simple Paste Extension
User count: 657
Rating: 3
Allows you to copy and paste customizable phrases!
#23 Tab-Snap Tab-Snap
User count: 25,385
Rating: 138
Get open tab URLs for window, or load a list of URLs into new tabs on this window.
#24 Paste Enforcer Paste Enforcer
Publisher: snit.ram
User count: 1,044
Rating: 2
It will type the contents of your Clipboard so you can paste text in websites that block it
#25 Allow Copy/Paste Allow Copy/Paste
Publisher: Fraser Benjamin
User count: 562
Rating: 0
An extension to permit copy and paste on sites that block this feature.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.