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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Co:Writer Co:Writer
User count: 2,845,219
Rating: 113
Word prediction that is grammar smart and inventive spelling aware. Speech recognition allows you to speak it, and we'll write it.
#2 News Tab News Tab
User count: 9,336
Rating: 408
Get the news you care about from the publishers you love with every new tab you open. Find any news topic or news source!
#3 BrainTool - Beyond Bookmarks BrainTool - Beyond Bookmarks
User count: 4,807
Rating: 240
BrainTool is the best Bookmark and Tabs Manager for your online life.
#4 Topic Blocker Topic Blocker
Publisher: Adam
User count: 63
Rating: 9
Filter out Facebook posts by topic.
#5 tweakers topic watcher tweakers topic watcher
Publisher: Gerardes
User count: 75
Rating: 5
Deze extensie houdt jouw favoriete topics in de gaten
#6 StudyIQ: Smart Way of Learning StudyIQ: Smart Way of Learning
Publisher: StudyIQ
User count: 2,129
Rating: 38
Learn and Navigate Smartly through StudyIQ Videos
#7 On Topic On Topic
Publisher: developer
User count: 47
Rating: 1
On Topic
#8 New Tab for Google Workspace™ New Tab for Google Workspace™
User count: 176,755
Rating: 425
Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring, fast access to installed applications, bookmarks, history.
#9 YouTube Suggested Video SEO (Get More Views) YouTube Suggested Video SEO (Get More Views)
User count: 2,787
Rating: 1
Get More Views On YouTube With This Curated Collection of Suggested Video Optimization Tips From Top YouTube Creators & SEO Experts.
#10 Topic Flower Extension Topic Flower Extension
Publisher: topic-flower
User count: 15
Rating: 4
Topic Flower Extension allows you to categorize your Facebook updates.
#11 News-Topic-Blocker News-Topic-Blocker
Publisher: kk2011mar
User count: 237
Rating: 15
#12 Black Menu for Wikipedia Black Menu for Wikipedia
User count: 6,074
Rating: 81
Easy access to the Wikipedia universe
#13 Science Research Assistant Science Research Assistant
User count: 21,204
Rating: 18
Search for scientific information as quickly as possible while researching and writing scientific papers.
#14 Steam Discussion Helper Steam Discussion Helper
Publisher: HHHApps
User count: 111
Rating: 3
Adds new functionality to assist in posting in the Steam Community.
#15 Med Study Pop-up by Picmonic Med Study Pop-up by Picmonic
User count: 1,650
Rating: 11
Quickly view high-yield details on any medical topic you're studying. Includes summaries, fact lists, and access to mnemonic videos.
#16 ProTABS - The Tab Manager for Pros ProTABS - The Tab Manager for Pros
Publisher: BkWare
User count: 10,788
Rating: 26
"I got 99 problems, but a tab ain't one." An intelligent tab manager for the everyday user.
#17 PocketTube: Youtube PlayList Manager PocketTube: Youtube PlayList Manager
User count: 6,959
Rating: 93
Group Youtube playlist Sort and filter Youtube playlists Bulk move and delete YouTube Playlist Duration Multiselect for YouTube
#18 NewsPrompt: Personalized Daily News Summary NewsPrompt: Personalized Daily News Summary
User count: 14,480
Rating: 91
Get all news and trending stories from the web every time you open your new tab along with a news search functionality.
#19 WikiTopicHover WikiTopicHover
Publisher: Wade Stone
User count: 56
Rating: 1
Shows 1st paragraph, thumbnail, and equation; zooms image and bookmarks popup on click when Wikipedia user hovers over a link
#20 Rllmuk Ignore Topics Rllmuk Ignore Topics
Publisher: jbscript
User count: 12
Rating: 0
Hide topics you're not interested in
#21 The Factual - News Evaluator The Factual - News Evaluator
User count: 4,732
Rating: 32
Get smarter about the news you read
#22 Trends for Chrome Trends for Chrome
User count: 1,561
Rating: 0
Trends for Chrome will notify you of important changes in trends.
#23 Medium Distribution Info Medium Distribution Info
Publisher: arousedbywords
User count: 695
Rating: 3
Shows distribution info about your (and other people's stories) on Medium!
#24 Cook'd and Bomb'd Ignore Topics Cook'd and Bomb'd Ignore Topics
Publisher: jbscript
User count: 9
Rating: 0
Ignore topics and forums, and other topic list tweaks
#25 PocketTube: Youtube Subscription Manager PocketTube: Youtube Subscription Manager
User count: 218,743
Rating: 3,720
Group YouTube subscriptions into YouTube folder. Video Deck for Youtube. Mark as watched videos. Filter YouTube video. Youtube mode
300 results. Page 1 of 12.