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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Hacker Vision Hacker Vision
Publisher: dcolt
User count: 30,649
Rating: 2,127
Night-mode for the internet. Apply a highly-visible dark theme to all webpages. Helps with eye strain and dyslexia.
#2 Modern for Hacker News Modern for Hacker News
User count: 3,357
Rating: 13
A redesigned web interface for Hacker News.
#3 Hacker News Hacker News
Publisher: adam.albrecht
User count: 1,393
Rating: 36
Displays recent stories from Hacker News
#4 Refined Hacker News Refined Hacker News
User count: 1,285
Rating: 8
✨ Add useful features and tweak a few stuff to make the HN experience better without changing the look and feel
#5 Panda | Hacker News, Dribbble, Designer News Panda | Hacker News, Dribbble, Designer News
User count: 12,019
Rating: 231
Bringing you the most popular shots and latest news from popular sites.
#6 Hacker Tab Hacker Tab
User count: 3,001
Rating: 11
Customizable Hacker Themed New Tab For Chrome
#7 Hacker News Stack Hacker News Stack
User count: 454
Rating: 12
Focus on the really fresh and unread news in YCombinator - Hacker News. Relocate read items into the bottom of the website.
#8 Header Hacker Header Hacker
Publisher: Glenn Wilson
User count: 7,466
Rating: 121
Modifies HTTP headers on the fly.
#9 Hacker News UX Hacker News UX
Publisher: Volos
User count: 317
Rating: 24
Hacker News improve user experience experiment.
#10 Hacker News Enhancement Suite Hacker News Enhancement Suite
User count: 4,270
Rating: 87
Hacker News Enhanced.
#11 Hacker News Hacker News
User count: 285
Rating: 5
Hacker News for your new tab. Night mode or day mode (just like your IDE). Card view with images or the classic HN list view.
#12 Newsit: Hacker News and Reddit Links Newsit: Hacker News and Reddit Links
User count: 175
Rating: 3
Find Reddit or Hacker News discussions on the current page!
#13 HN Special - An addition to Hacker News HN Special - An addition to Hacker News
User count: 1,356
Rating: 55
This extension refreshes the visual style of Hacker News and adds a few features, like infinite scrolling. Everything is toggleable.
#14 Cookie Hacker Cookie Hacker
Publisher: Angel
User count: 904
Rating: 1
Cookie Hacker,方便使用盗取来的Cookie
#15 Hacker News + Hacker News +
Publisher: Jarques
User count: 198
Rating: 25
Stylish Hacker News.
#16 Hacker News OnePage Hacker News OnePage
User count: 151
Rating: 21
Provides users with the ability to browse Hacker News articles and comments without leaving the page.
#17 What Hacker News Says What Hacker News Says
User count: 358
Rating: 4
Easily find Hacker News threads about the page you're currently browsing.
#18 Hacker News Browser Hacker News Browser
User count: 132
Rating: 3
Browse Hacker News stories from any webpage.
#19 Keyword Hacker Keyword Hacker
User count: 664
Rating: 2
Auto Suggest & Frequency Hacker
#20 Hacker News Collapse Hacker News Collapse
Publisher: tomi.czinege
User count: 157
Rating: 15
Collapses comments on Hacker News
#21 Hacker News Collapsible Comments Hacker News Collapsible Comments
Publisher: muitocomplicado
User count: 309
Rating: 27
Adds reddit-like [+] and [-] links to collapse and expand comment threads.
#22 Dark Hacker News Dark Hacker News
User count: 204
Rating: 0
Dark Mode For Hacker News
#23 Hacker News discussion Hacker News discussion
Publisher: Adam Sapek
User count: 121
Rating: 7
Displays an icon linking to comments on Hacker News for the current page.
#24 Hacker News Highlighter Hacker News Highlighter
User count: 116
Rating: 3
A subtle indicator of popular posts on Hacker News
#25 Hacker News: Mark All Read Hacker News: Mark All Read
User count: 247
Rating: 11
Save time on HN by marking read the titles and comments you already scanned
300 results. Page 1 of 12.