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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 FAX.PLUS - Receive & Send Fax (Free Trial) FAX.PLUS - Receive & Send Fax (Free Trial)
User count: 52,959
Rating: 215
FAX.PLUS is a secure HIPAA compliant fax solution, recognized as the best online fax service for its reliability and ease of use.
#2 1clickVPN - Free VPN for Chrome 1clickVPN - Free VPN for Chrome
User count: 4,405,321
Rating: 32,448
The simplest VPN for Chrome with one click connection. Unblock websites and browse anonymous with secure VPN connection
#3 CocoFax - Send & Receive Fax (Free Trial) CocoFax - Send & Receive Fax (Free Trial)
User count: 4,510
Rating: 81
CocoFax enables you to send fax online from computer, cell phone, email(Gmail), Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.
User count: 48,968
Rating: 40
Bringing Web 3 to Everyone
#5 Crystal Ad block Crystal Ad block
Publisher: tatumtacey90
User count: 5,056,388
Rating: 31
Crystal ad block - Open source and transparent ad block software.
#6 JustCall - Click To Call for CRM Tools JustCall - Click To Call for CRM Tools
User count: 29,228
Rating: 38
Click to call phone numbers available on any web page. Make & receive more sales calls, track all calls.
#7 Phone to Chrome Phone to Chrome
Publisher: Amaan Cheval
User count: 13,986
Rating: 97
Receive links from your phone
#8 AliExpress Assistant and Cashback AliExpress Assistant and Cashback
User count: 25,225
Rating: 2,053
Shopping helper: Compare price; Track product price trends; Price-drop reminder; Find similar products; Search goods by image.
#9 BuxBack - Earn R$ BuxBack - Earn R$
Publisher: sponsorships
User count: 53,494
Rating: 131
Earn ROBUX back for every purchase you make on the ROBLOX catalog!
#10 Free SMS, Fax Receiver Free SMS, Fax Receiver
Publisher: AppFactory
User count: 9,684
Rating: 142
This extension allows you to use our free phone numbers to receive SMS, FAX document without Registration.
#11 Sms Receive  Temporary & Fake Phone Number Sms Receive Temporary & Fake Phone Number
User count: 770
Rating: 3
Our service receives SMS Free from all anywhere in the world to our Temporary phone numbers Good sms receiver for you to protect…
#12 MightyText - SMS from PC & Text from Computer MightyText - SMS from PC & Text from Computer
User count: 267,238
Rating: 8,848
SMS from PC or Mac using your Android #. Sync Text Messages, Calls, Notifications, Photos, Battery Status
#13 SMS from Gmail ™ & Facebook™ (MightyText) SMS from Gmail ™ & Facebook™ (MightyText)
User count: 99,183
Rating: 2,733
Text using your Android phone # directly in Gmail™ or Facebook™. See your calls & phone battery. SMS, MMS, group messaging, texting
#14 RingCentral for Microsoft 365 RingCentral for Microsoft 365
Publisher: RingCentral
User count: 29,442
Rating: 15
RingCentral for Microsoft 365
#15 NEW FreeBitco Claimer With/Without Captcha NEW FreeBitco Claimer With/Without Captcha
Publisher: FB Solver
User count: 1,900
Rating: 24
Auto Claime BTC from FreeBitco with Captcha V2 or Without Captcha and Activation of Bonuses.
#16 SimpleLogin:Receive & Send emails anonymously SimpleLogin:Receive & Send emails anonymously
User count: 29,530
Rating: 39
Easily create a different email for each website to hide your real email. Protect your inbox against spams, phishing, data breaches
#17 Shopping & Tracking for AliExpress Shopping & Tracking for AliExpress
User count: 2,578
Rating: 61
Compare prices, track your orders, get exclusive discounts, receive notifications of new messages and don't miss any promotion!
#18 Pricecheckrs | Coupons and Price comparison Pricecheckrs | Coupons and Price comparison
User count: 2,588
Rating: 8
Compare prices of web shops such as Amazon while shopping online with Pricecheckrs. And save money on your online purchases.
#19 mysms - SMS/Text from Computer mysms - SMS/Text from Computer
User count: 57,698
Rating: 381
The easiest way to send and receive SMS from your Chrome browser!
#20 Vextend Office - Simplify Vend/Lightspeed Vextend Office - Simplify Vend/Lightspeed
Publisher: cornmazesamerica
User count: 167
Rating: 0
Add extra functions to the Vend/Lightspeed back office functions
#21 Push Protocol (Alpha) Push Protocol (Alpha)
User count: 1,747
Rating: 4
Receive Notifications from Web3.0. Introducing Push (Previously EPNS) - The Missing Piece of Web3.
#22 Coin98 Wallet Coin98 Wallet
User count: 59,626
Rating: 646
Crypto Wallet & Defi Gateway
#23 Fanatical Assistant Fanatical Assistant
Publisher: Fanatical
User count: 31,197
Rating: 65
Automatically get better prices on Steam games, and receive coupon codes that are exclusive to you!
#24 ShareAccount ShareAccount
User count: 24,206
Rating: 38
Share your current account with others without revealing your password, securely.
#25 Ale Ale
User count: 14,687
Rating: 102
A wallet for Oort
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