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#1 Snow Snow
User count: 8,006
Rating: 737
Let it snow on you current page.
#2 Snow Extension Snow Extension
Publisher: Snow Extension
User count: 1,682
Rating: 1
Chrome Extension for making it snow in your browser!
#3 Snow Snow
Publisher: gabe.szczepanek
User count: 59
Rating: 0
Add gently falling snow to your webpage :)
#4 Snow Snow
Publisher: Invisible
User count: 4
Rating: 1
Manage and control your social media usage. Save your valuable time.
#5 Super Snow Super Snow
User count: 93
Rating: 1
Improve privacy of applications by defending shoulder surfing
#6 Snow Forecast Snow Forecast
User count: 2
Rating: 0
Snow forecast conditions in USA And Canada
#7 Snow Snow
Publisher: Mero
User count: 26
Rating: 16
Get some snow in your browser with a small customization
#8 SNow Vim SNow Vim
Publisher: Nathan Grove
User count: 57
Rating: 3
Extension for adding vim keymap as well as applying monokai theme and :w saving within codemirror in ServiceNow
#9 Let it snow Let it snow
Publisher: ntwigs
User count: 1,144
Rating: 14
Making the internet look a lot like Christmas
#10 Falling Snow Falling Snow
User count: 140
Rating: 0
A Chromium extension to make snow fall on any website.
#11 Winter Snow Wallpaper Winter Snow Wallpaper
Publisher: zoeytan
User count: 406
Rating: 1
Winter Snow wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Winter Snow background. Winter Snow wallpaper background theme for fans.
#12 Snow! Snow!
User count: 13
Rating: 0
A lot of people like snow. I find it an unnecessary freezing of water.
#13 Falling Snow Falling Snow
Publisher: cyandragonfire
User count: 16
Rating: 0
Adds an overlay of falling snow on (almost) any webpage
#14 SNOW screenshot extension SNOW screenshot extension
User count: 80
Rating: 1
This extension allows the user take screenshot of the page and store it in the appropriate google drive location
#15 Snow Patrol Snow Patrol
Publisher: wheelera604
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Gather as many balls as possible and push them into the hole
#16 Ice Snow Wallpaper New Tab Theme [Install] Ice Snow Wallpaper New Tab Theme [Install]
Publisher: leewaldanmbjkd
User count: 19
Rating: 0
Change the layout Front Of Chrome Apps using Ice Snow Wallpaper New Tab Theme[Install Now] Images Change in every click
#17 Snow Copy Snow Copy
Publisher: mattcdowning
User count: 16
Rating: 0
copy title and link
#19 Snow Ball Warrior Game Snow Ball Warrior Game
Publisher: holmesgodwin37
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Click on the extension icon to play Snow Ball Warrior Game on Google Chrome
#20 Chilly Snow Ball Game Chilly Snow Ball Game
Publisher: dlcxkkncsux
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Click on the extension icon to play Chilly Snow Ball Game on Google Chrome
#21 SNOW Chat Alert SNOW Chat Alert
Publisher: Jason Pham
User count: 194
Rating: 1
Monitor Service Now Chat Queue monitor and alert upon waiting chat available!
#22 Snow Pig Snow Pig
Publisher: Honch 🐷
User count: 3
Rating: 0
It's raining pigs, Hallelujah !
#23 Snow Dog Snow Dog
Publisher: dilshandesilva80
User count: 2
Rating: 0
Jira + Git helper to streamline your DX
#24 Snow Lite Snow Lite
User count: 11
Rating: 1
Improve privacy of applications by defending shoulder surfing
#25 Let It Snow Let It Snow
Publisher: kravse
User count: 15
Rating: 0
Add cute snowflakes to your browser on every page.
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