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#1 RSSHub Radar RSSHub Radar
User count: 38,888
Rating: 41
RSSHub Radar is a spin-off of RSSHub that helps you quickly discover and subscribe to RSS and RSSHub for your current site.
#2 Pokupon Radar – узнайте о скидках на сайте Pokupon Radar – узнайте о скидках на сайте
User count: 1,286
Rating: 168
Экономьте везде! Установите расширение Pokupon Radar и получайте скидки на услуги по всему интернету. Pokupon Radar подскажет вам…
#3 Ecom Radar Ecom Radar
Publisher: Ecom Freedom
User count: 38,364
Rating: 35
"The #1 tool for finding profitable eCommerce products to sell, absolutely free." The absolute best tool for finding profitable…
#4 AMZ Radar — Amazon price tracker for shopping AMZ Radar — Amazon price tracker for shopping
User count: 5,752
Rating: 19
Price history and price tracking for billions of products on all Amazon ™ web sites.
Publisher: kendall.masse
User count: 559
Rating: 5
This extension reimplements the old 'radar' (location tracking) feature into DOTLAN using EVE's new ESI API.
#6 Weather Radar Tab Weather Radar Tab
Publisher: Richard Keller
User count: 167
Rating: 4
Shows US weather radar in new tab.
#7 Simple Weather Forecast and Radar Simple Weather Forecast and Radar
Publisher: jburnette
User count: 482
Rating: 22
Simple Weather Forecast and Radar shows the current conditions, forecast, and radar image.
#8 UX Radar UX Radar
User count: 151
Rating: 1
UX Radar unterstützt dich dabei Usability Schwachstellen zu erkennen.
#9 Radar by Meshed Labs Radar by Meshed Labs
User count: 94
Rating: 5
Web3 extension to intercept bad transactions before you get scammed.
#10 Ticket Radar - Compare Concert Ticket Prices Ticket Radar - Compare Concert Ticket Prices
Publisher: DevelopersHelper
User count: 23
Rating: 3
Ticket Radar Scrapes The Internet To Find The Cheapest Concert Tickets
#11 Trip Radar Trip Radar
User count: 65
Rating: 1
Get a birds eye view of all your upcoming travels automatically, right here in Chrome, with Trip Radar from OK Roger
#12 Ad Radar Ad Radar
Publisher: hestiaai
User count: 26
Rating: 0
An extension that shows you information about the ads you see online.
#13 Cashback Radar der Sparkasse Südholstein Cashback Radar der Sparkasse Südholstein
Publisher: Mehrwerk
User count: 20
Rating: 0
Verpassen Sie nie wieder Cashback mit dem Cashback Radar der Sparkasse Südholstein
#15 Trinity Radar Trinity Radar
User count: 18
Rating: 8
Trinity Radar extension for recording automated website tests.
#16 DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials
User count: 6,290,210
Rating: 1,937
Simple and seamless privacy protection for your browser.
#17 Maroc Radar d'emploi Maroc Radar d'emploi
User count: 23
Rating: 0
Maroc Radar d'emploi
#18 Mega Radar Mega Radar
Publisher: Mega Radar
User count: 8
Rating: 0
Pesquisar e comparar preços nunca foi tão fácil.
#19 Radar Plugin Radar Plugin
User count: 30
Rating: 5
Build to enchance the users experiance and enable them to find realstate properties in a better way
#20 Weather Forecast Weather Forecast
Publisher: chYer
User count: 14,170
Rating: 157
Provides local and long-range weather forecasts using Weather Underground
#21 Online AntiVirus Protection Online AntiVirus Protection
User count: 10,620
Rating: 14
Online URL scan through context menu, file scan through webapp and malware protection through safe search.
#22 Shopify Raise - Shopify store analysis tool Shopify Raise - Shopify store analysis tool
User count: 2,615
Rating: 12
Free Shopify store analysis and sales monitor tool.
#23 WalmartHunt-Walmart Dropshipping Tools WalmartHunt-Walmart Dropshipping Tools
Publisher: Wade Cheung
User count: 1,413
Rating: 17
Walmart dropshipping product research tool and improve listing page for Walmart sellers and brands.
#24 Reddit Radar Reddit Radar
Publisher: 3tooth
User count: 7
Rating: 3
This extension will notify you if the current page was posted on Reddit, clicking on the extension icon will take you to Reddit to…
#25 FindNiche - Shopify store traffic analysis FindNiche - Shopify store traffic analysis
User count: 1,214
Rating: 17
Free and overall analysis of stores, products, traffic, keywords & ads for all Shopify sellers.
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