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#1 Manga Translator Manga Translator
User count: 30,038
Rating: 178
AI translator for raw manga
#2 Manga Downloader Manga Downloader
Publisher: Adil Allali
User count: 9,387
Rating: 78
Download Manga/Manhua/Manhwa/Webtoons/Comics chapters as PDF/ZIP(images) from many websites.
#3 Ichigo Reader🍓: Translate Manga Ichigo Reader🍓: Translate Manga
Publisher: Erik Lanning
User count: 7,469
Rating: 139
Translate manga from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese to English.
#4 Raw Manga Fan Raw Manga Fan
User count: 7,433
Rating: 149
Translate manga right in your browser.
#5 Manga Downloader Assistant Manga Downloader Assistant
Publisher: Red Squirrel
User count: 1,852
Rating: 2
An extension to get necessary data to bypass Cloudflare and similar anti-bot protection for Manga Downloader desktop application
#6 Manga Notifier Manga Notifier
Publisher: spect88
User count: 330
Rating: 76
Notifies you about new manga chapters released.
#7 Manga Downloader Manga Downloader
Publisher: Nhan Ngo
User count: 4,058
Rating: 20
Downloading images naming in order, from multiple tabs into separate folders
#8 Hidari - Manga & Webtoon Reading Assistant Hidari - Manga & Webtoon Reading Assistant
Publisher: iamrexthebuilder
User count: 497
Rating: 5
Read manga and webtoons online hands free! Scrolls and goes to next chapter automatically.
#9 Comic Reader Comic Reader
Publisher: Free Apps
User count: 3,846
Rating: 45
Read your comic books quickly from Google Drive or local computer.
#10 Download Bilibili videos Download Bilibili videos
User count: 24,569
Rating: 59
The best solution to download Bilibili anime shows, videos, manga, subtitles, thumbnails, filmstrip, tags, comments from Bilibili
#11 VIZ Hotkeys - For VIZ Manga & Shonen Jump VIZ Hotkeys - For VIZ Manga & Shonen Jump
Publisher: Adakenko
User count: 453
Rating: 8
✧ Keyboard Shortcuts / Hotkeys for's Manga Reader (Regular & Shounen Jump) ✧
#12 Manga Komi Downloader Manga Komi Downloader
Publisher: danielmichaelni
User count: 143
Rating: 1
Download manga from Manga Komi
#13 MAL-Sync MAL-Sync
Publisher: lolamtisch
User count: 31,758
Rating: 253
Integrates MyAnimeList/AniList/Kitsu/Simkl into various sites, with auto episode tracking.
#14 Anime-Manga RPC Anime-Manga RPC
Publisher: Herom123
User count: 83
Rating: 4
Discord Rich Presence for which anime/manga you're reading/watching.. Anime-Manga RPC lets all your Discord mates know which…
#15 Manga Reader Key Correction Manga Reader Key Correction
User count: 75
Rating: 3
Swaps left and right arrow key functions on popular manga websites to better match the "right to left" format of a printed manga.
#16 MangaDex Similar Manga MangaDex Similar Manga
Publisher: goldbattle
User count: 74
Rating: 2
Similar manga recommendations for MangaDex.
#17 Anime Manga Wallpaper Anime Manga Wallpaper
Publisher: Dropsify
User count: 86
Rating: 1
Anime Manga New Tab Wallpapers & Games, designed just for anime manga fans. Changes your new tab with an epic anime manga new tab.
#18 Vagabond: Manga Theme with Musashi quotes. Vagabond: Manga Theme with Musashi quotes.
Publisher: juicytabteam
User count: 110
Rating: 1
Your aesthetic Vagabond Manga theme with inspirational quotes from Miyamoto Musashi.
#19 Manga-Scout Manga-Scout
Publisher: Florian Riedel
User count: 57
Rating: 0
An extension to check for new manga chapters across multiple webpages.
#20 Manga Subscriber Manga Subscriber
Publisher: jasonshao8
User count: 43
Rating: 3
This allows users to see updates of their manga series on the homepage. It also keeps track which chapters have been read.
#21 Koi Pixiv Extension Koi Pixiv Extension
Publisher: Blue
User count: 527
Rating: 14
Make Pixiv Browsing Better
#22 Dragon Ball Z mmorpg game ! Dragon Ball Z mmorpg game !
User count: 586
Rating: 44
Play the whole Dragon Ball and DBZ story and fight online more than 3000 players
#23 Manga reader Manga reader
Publisher: kaimisou
User count: 595
Rating: 2
Show all images from local folder in single page. スクロールだけでマンガを読む
#24 Pixiv Toolkit Pixiv Toolkit
Publisher: Leo
User count: 106,907
Rating: 1,123
Download ugoira, illustrations, manga and novel on Pixiv, Pixiv Fanbox and Pixiv Comic.
#25 Mouse Tooltip Translator Mouse Tooltip Translator
Publisher: ttop324
User count: 33,059
Rating: 172
Mouse Tooltip Translator translate mouseover text using google translate
130 results. Page 1 of 6.