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Downloading images naming in order, from multiple tabs into separate folders

Rating: 4.22 (18)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 3.0 (Last updated: 2021-08-28)
Size: 1.22M
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A powerful manga downloader as Chrome extensions. Specialized in downloading images naming in order, from multiple tabs into separate folders.

Release Notes:
[Feature] Button to manual download image
[UI] Add more tooltip, longer delay
[UI] Adjust margin, change tab index
[UI] Change folder name regex
[Bug] History null pointer first time install
[Bug] History not updated after a tab is finished
[Bug] Images sometimes downloaded without correct filename and location
[Refactor] Background download flow

[Feature] Expand tab item to show download details
[Feature] Failed images log error to console in the tab, and the tab will not be closed
[UI] Show history in reverse
[Bug] Retry process causing images to download multiple times
[Bug] Fix CORS error hang the whole process

[Feature] Enhance performance when download from hosts that forbidden
[Feature] Use chrome webrequest permission to bypass CORS errors
[Feature] Add Image status tracking (behind the scene)
[Bug] Fix progress stuck when download 404 image, and CORS error image
[Bug] Fix new tabs not filtered correctly since ID can be duplicated

[Feature] Button to add all current images to exclude URLS
[Bug] Abort ongoing not clear progress
[Bug] Workaround for Error "Tabs cannot be edited right now (user may be dragging a tab)"
[Bug] New Tab load missing images due to width/height not initialized yet
[Bug] Progress stuck on 404 error
[UI] Show display name, version, author from package.json
[UI] Bigger Refresh button when hide Download button

[Feature] Refresh new tab, to load new changes
[Feature] Abort ongoing tab, clear and reset tab that in progress. No need to remove/re-add the extension anymore.
[Feature] Button to add all current images to exclude URLS
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