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#1 Power Thesaurus Power Thesaurus
User count: 220,074
Rating: 371
Use the power of synonyms by button in toolbar, right-click or by word selection on any page.
#2 Thesaurus: Synonym 4 Right Click Thesaurus: Synonym 4 Right Click
Publisher: Wahibi Mohammed
User count: 41,416
Rating: 143
Thesaurus: Synonym option added to right click menu (+Urban Dictionary)
#3 Extension Extension
User count: 2,714
Rating: 3
Find synonyms for English words at - free online thesaurus website.
#4 Extension for WordHippo Thesaurus(Unofficial) Extension for WordHippo Thesaurus(Unofficial)
User count: 5,849
Rating: 158
Chrome extension to select any word on Google Docs or any website to lookup synonyms, antonyms, rhymes, definitions on Word Hippo.
#5 Thesaurus for Google Chrome™ Thesaurus for Google Chrome™
Publisher: Free Apps
User count: 683
Rating: 5
Quick Thesaurus access. Synonyms are words that have the same or nearly the same meaning
#6 Thesaurus Rex Thesaurus Rex
User count: 179
Rating: 1
A well-spoken dinosaur that uncomplicates the science of extinction and climate change.
#7 Dictionary, Thesaurus & Reference Dictionary, Thesaurus & Reference
User count: 10,839
Rating: 27
Quick access to reference pages on and
#8 Lexico: Dictionary & Thesaurus by Oxford Lexico: Dictionary & Thesaurus by Oxford
User count: 855
Rating: 1
Write 'lexico' followed by the word to search, then press enter.
#9 Dictionary & Thesaurus Extension Dictionary & Thesaurus Extension
Publisher: ncyk.siu
User count: 63
Rating: 0
Get the definition and synonynms of any word you are not familiar with
#10 Thesaurus & Collocations Thesaurus & Collocations
Publisher: inspirassion
User count: 70
Rating: 1
Online English Collocation Dictionary
#11 Emoji Magic Emoji Magic
User count: 1,087
Rating: 8
Find Emoji Easily. Safe and secure: only asks for clipboard permissions.
#12 - Dictionary, Thesaurus, & Rhymes - Dictionary, Thesaurus, & Rhymes
Publisher: AirCodes
User count: 318
Rating: 6
Have the ability to search for definitions, synonyms, and rhymes! The extension is a multi-purposed dictionary extension…
#13 Outwrite — Grammar checker & rewrite tool Outwrite — Grammar checker & rewrite tool
User count: 60,017
Rating: 96
Write perfect content with Outwrite. Check spelling & grammar, improve writing style, find synonyms and paraphrase sentences.
#14 Quick References by Bee Academic Tutoring Quick References by Bee Academic Tutoring
User count: 375
Rating: 2
Quick References: Calculator, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, Google
#15 The Danish Dictionary The Danish Dictionary
Publisher: Daniel
User count: 3,078
Rating: 6
Make quick lookups in ordnet's thesaurus - The Danish Dictionary.
#16 Simply Synonyms Simply Synonyms
User count: 944
Rating: 4
A simple synonym finder for Google Chrome
#17 Word Thesaurus Word Thesaurus
Publisher: AdityaAtri
User count: 7
Rating: 1
Keep your words online
#18 Extension for RhymeZone Rhymes (Unofficial) Extension for RhymeZone Rhymes (Unofficial)
User count: 315
Rating: 1
Chrome extension that allows you to select any word on any website or Google Docs and lookup rhymes on RhymeZone.
#19 Look-it-up Look-it-up
User count: 248
Rating: 2
Adds context menu item that looks up selected text on dictionary sites
#20 Từ điển Tummo Từ điển Tummo
User count: 170
Rating: 1
Từ điển Anh Việt Việt Anh dành cho người Việt
#21 sez sez
User count: 129
Rating: 0
Deeper, Faster, Cleverer Web Browsing.
#22 QuickSearch QuickSearch
Publisher: Areeb Ahmed
User count: 92
Rating: 2
Search directly on websites through URL bar.
#23 WordMapDictionary | A visual dictionary WordMapDictionary | A visual dictionary
User count: 101
Rating: 0
It is a visual dictionary/thesaurus. It uses a mindmap like interface to show relationships between words and definitions.
#24 Pukhto Qamus Pukhto Qamus
Publisher: taimoor.muhammad
User count: 12
Rating: 1
A pashto thesaurus
#25 ArvindLexiconBar ArvindLexiconBar
User count: 71
Rating: 4
Easily lookup a word in Arvind Lexicon, the most comprehesive online bilingual Hindi-English-Hindi Dictionary and Thesaurus
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