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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder
User count: 2,871,782
Rating: 25,358
The best screen recorder and screen capture & screenshot tool to record screen.
#2 Awesome New Tab Page Awesome New Tab Page
User count: 98,179
Rating: 13,680
Enhance your New Tab Page with ultimate customizability and power. Awesome, like you. [ANTP]
#3 Awesome Custom Cursor Awesome Custom Cursor
User count: 15,338
Rating: 30
Awesome Custom Cursor replaces your default boring cursor with 100+ fun and cool customized cursors.
#4 Full screenshot Full screenshot
Publisher: Irina Repina
User count: 686,456
Rating: 12
Get full screenshot of the web page
#5 Awesome Auto Refresh Awesome Auto Refresh
Publisher: Marina Dmitrenko
User count: 594,362
Rating: 5
Auto refresh tool with multiple smart timers
#6 Awesome Dark Mode Awesome Dark Mode
User count: 357,026
Rating: 5
Curated dark mode for the most popular sites
#7 Font Awesome Icon Picker Font Awesome Icon Picker
User count: 3,246
Rating: 35
Font Awesome Icon Picker extension for Google Chrome
#8 New Volume Booster & equalizer - Audio + New Volume Booster & equalizer - Audio +
Publisher: Mi Audio
User count: 302,038
Rating: 244
Tab audio limiter, equalizer, volume control, volume booster and sound effects. Audio equalizer and volume booster for you
#9 Volume Booster Volume Booster
Publisher: Sequoia Red
User count: 244,811
Rating: 501
Easy-to-use sound booster with volume control and audio equalizer
#10 Awesome Cookie Manager Awesome Cookie Manager
User count: 35,569
Rating: 121
Displays a list of all Google Chrome cookies. Allows searching, viewing, editing, saving, restoring, and deleting cookies.
#11 Screenshot Tool  - capture & editor Screenshot Tool - capture & editor
User count: 317,511
Rating: 1,295
Innovative screenshot tool lets users capture and edit your screenshot and download it.
#12 Font Awesome Icon Finder Font Awesome Icon Finder
Publisher: CS76
User count: 6,168
Rating: 9
This extension allows you to search, preview and choose Font Awesome icons and copy the HTML code / Unicode to the clipboard
#13 Netflix Awesome Extensions Netflix Awesome Extensions
User count: 1,438
Rating: 22
The most awesome plugin for Netflix which solves all the inconveniences which should be solved by Netflix, but arent.
#14 Screenshot X Screenshot X
Publisher: Screenshot X
User count: 398,563
Rating: 2
Make full page screenshots with Screenshot X
#15 Awesome Print Button Awesome Print Button
User count: 4,154
Rating: 16
Awesome button to open up the Chrome print page in a new tab or window.
#16 Screenshot Master Screenshot Master
User count: 317,831
Rating: 7
Free and easy-to-use full page screenshot tool
#17 QR Code Generator QR Code Generator
Publisher: BXN
User count: 137,064
Rating: 25
Meet the QR Code Extension, the easiest and fastest way to generate and share QR codes
#18 Awesome Timesheet Awesome Timesheet
Publisher: Odoo
User count: 8,554
Rating: 21
Beautiful time tracking extension to get things done.
#19 Awesome PDF Viewer, Reader Awesome PDF Viewer, Reader
Publisher: Smart Software
User count: 31,103
Rating: 114
PDF Viewer, Reader is a free tool that allows you to view PDF files directly in your web browser.
#20 Awesome View Source Button Awesome View Source Button
User count: 832
Rating: 12
Awesome button to view the source in a new window or tab. If the source is already open, that tab is selected.
#21 Awesome Bookmarks Button Awesome Bookmarks Button
User count: 2,231
Rating: 26
Awesome button to open the Chrome bookmarks in a new window or tab. If the bookmarks page is already open, that tab is selected.
#22 Awesome Stars Awesome Stars
Publisher: henry40408
User count: 165
Rating: 3
Awesome Stars is a chrome extension that shows you stars of repository on awesome list.
#23 Awesome Shortcuts Awesome Shortcuts
Publisher: arifszn
User count: 538
Rating: 6
Navigate to your favorite actions on the websites you love with just one click.
#24 Awesome Window & Tab Manager Awesome Window & Tab Manager
User count: 1,489
Rating: 27
Displays a list of all windows and tabs open in Google Chrome. Allows filtering, sorting, refreshing, bookmarking, and saving.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.