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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Dictionary Lookup Dictionary Lookup
Publisher: Max Shawabkeh
User count: 20,739
Rating: 597
Look up any word in an inline frame with a simple click and without leaving the page.
#2 Lookup Companion for Wikipedia Lookup Companion for Wikipedia
Publisher: mongolian2010
User count: 44,351
Rating: 1,609
Essential extension for any Wikipedia users. Full-featured: saves your recent wiki lookups, multi-lingual, back/forward and more!
#3 WordWeb Dictionary Lookup WordWeb Dictionary Lookup
User count: 40,153
Rating: 48
One-click lookup with WordWeb (, Windows only)
#4 ThreatPinch Lookup ThreatPinch Lookup
Publisher: ThreatPinch
User count: 3,055
Rating: 25
Add threat intelligence hover tool tips. IPv4, MD5, SHA2, CVE, FQDN or add your own ThreatIntel IOC. Use any REST API.
#5 RFPIO® LookUp for Chrome RFPIO® LookUp for Chrome
User count: 9,835
Rating: 37
——Access your RFPIO Answer Library from Google Chrome——
#6 Wikipedia Lookup - Context Menu Wikipedia Lookup - Context Menu
Publisher: Damien Brunet
User count: 4,145
Rating: 43
Search Wikipedia from the context menu.
#7 WalmartHunt-Walmart Dropshipping Tools WalmartHunt-Walmart Dropshipping Tools
Publisher: Wade Cheung
User count: 1,355
Rating: 17
Walmart dropshipping product research tool and improve listing page for Walmart sellers and brands.
#8 Saleshandy Connect: Email Tracker & Lookup Saleshandy Connect: Email Tracker & Lookup
User count: 2,093
Rating: 5
All-in-one tool to track opens & clicks right in your Gmail and look up email addresses in one click.
#9 Wikipedia Lookup - Browser Action Wikipedia Lookup - Browser Action
Publisher: Damien Brunet
User count: 808
Rating: 21
Select a word or two, click the icon in the toolbar, learn something new.
#10 WebRank Whois Lookup WebRank Whois Lookup
User count: 7,854
Rating: 15
Check WHOIS details including nameservers, contact information, registration details as well as creation and expiration dates.
#11 Reverse Phone Lookup Reverse Phone Lookup
User count: 5,921
Rating: 12
Perform completely free reverse phone lookup to get full name and location. By the team.
#12 Fetchify Address Lookup Fetchify Address Lookup
User count: 747
Rating: 3
Fetchify Address Lookup extension for various systems, including BigCommerce, Shopify, Shopify Plus and Salesforce.
#13 Lookup Lookup
Publisher: Miguel Batres
User count: 3,830
Rating: 10
Domain data at your fingertips. Provided by Coded by @StayUber.
#14 Lookup Word in Dictionary Lookup Word in Dictionary
Publisher: baspeti
User count: 13,142
Rating: 85
Looks up the selected text on a world famous online dictionary.
#15 Netrunner Lookup Netrunner Lookup
Publisher: Sean Ahern
User count: 317
Rating: 58
Replaces Android: Netrunner card names with links and card image tooltips.
#16 Secret Lookup 2 Secret Lookup 2
User count: 819
Rating: 0
Lookup any unknown phone number within a comfort of your browser tab.
#17 DNS Checker - SEO and Domain Analysis DNS Checker - SEO and Domain Analysis
User count: 22,453
Rating: 23
SEO and Domain Analysis Tool by DNS Checker. Provides SEO Report, Meta Redirects and 404s, Client IP, Domain IP & Geo Location, etc
#18 DNS Lookup DNS Lookup
User count: 1,239
Rating: 2
Lookup DNS records for any domain name
#19 Walmart UPC Lookup and other Seller Tools Walmart UPC Lookup and other Seller Tools
User count: 2,081
Rating: 13
What started out as a simple Walmart UPC Finder tool to display the Walmart UPC on the product page has now developed into a full…
#20 Lookup In Popup Lookup In Popup
Publisher: HardeepTheDev
User count: 294
Rating: 16
Lookup selected texts in the popup on your preferred search engine, and open links in the popup
#21 GeForce Now Lookup GeForce Now Lookup
Publisher: Malte Koblitz
User count: 462
Rating: 1
Lookup the compatibility of any game on Steam within the extension
#23 FFRK Lookup FFRK Lookup
Publisher: FFRK Lookup
User count: 289
Rating: 11
This extension is used as a quick reference tool for Enlir's FFRK spreadsheet.
#24 VIN Lookup VIN Lookup
User count: 806
Rating: 0
Lookup any VIN with a free preview. Enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to find out.
#25 Oxford Dictionary Lookup Oxford Dictionary Lookup
User count: 4,229
Rating: 23
Looks up the selected text on Oxford Learner's Dictionaries
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