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#1 Tabs Backup & Restore Tabs Backup & Restore
User count: 18,958
Rating: 286
With 'Tabs Backup & Restore' you will never lose your work again! Backup an entire Chrome session (windows and tabs).
#2 Easy Undo Closed Tabs Easy Undo Closed Tabs
Publisher: moorlen3011
User count: 895,337
Rating: 5
The app opens recently closed tabs. Undo closed tab, restore tab, restore last session.
#3 Tab Suspender Tab Suspender
User count: 173,864
Rating: 500
Automatically suspend, park, hibernate inactive tabs and save up to 80% of memory, reduce load on your device, battery and heat.
#4 Tab Manager Plus for Chrome Tab Manager Plus for Chrome
User count: 274,342
Rating: 686
Quickly find open tabs, see all windows in one view, find duplicates and limit tabs per window. The best Tab Manager for Chrome.
#5 Tab Session Manager Tab Session Manager
Publisher: Sienori
User count: 104,293
Rating: 201
Save and restore the state of windows and tabs. It also supports automatic saving.
#6 Tabs Outliner Tabs Outliner
User count: 150,282
Rating: 3,140
The Next Generation Session Manager; A Really Working Too Many Open Tabs Solution; And Your Browsing Notebook.
#7 Tab Restore Tab Restore
Publisher: Banana
User count: 12,202
Rating: 35
Tab Restore helps to restore recently closed tabs and window sessions.
#8 TABLERONE tab manager TABLERONE tab manager
User count: 10,465
Rating: 162
All-in-one tab manager to save tabs, restore sessions, and organize bookmarks.
#9 - Tab Session Manager - Tab Session Manager
User count: 1,926
Rating: 40
Manage, save and restore your windows, tabs and sessions.
#10 Backup and Restore Tabs Backup and Restore Tabs
Publisher: TheLostRiver
User count: 608
Rating: 10
Backup all opened urls, and restore them next time.
#11 Hide Tabs (Panic Button) Hide Tabs (Panic Button)
Publisher: Yubi
User count: 6,494
Rating: 18
Easily hide and restore all open tabs with the click of a button!
#12 Save Tabs - Browser Session Manager Save Tabs - Browser Session Manager
Publisher: emano.waldeck
User count: 744
Rating: 10
A password-protected tab saver and session manager to store tabs in the current window, or all windows with tab grouping support
#13 Save Tabs Save Tabs
Publisher: dev.pashutosh
User count: 1,675
Rating: 25
Save browser tabs in one-click and Restore tabs when need.
#14 Tabs Hide  Button Tabs Hide Button
Publisher: 1982thomasdunn
User count: 1,320
Rating: 7
Hides all tabs very fast by single button click and restores them later. Also available a context menu option for control.
#15 Button: Restore Recent Tabs Button: Restore Recent Tabs
User count: 3,909
Rating: 13
Restore closed tabs with just one click.
#16 SimpleUndoClose SimpleUndoClose
User count: 153,677
Rating: 432
A simple popup to undo closed tabs, just that and a bit more.
#17 Restore Closed Tabs - Free Restore Closed Tabs - Free
Publisher: admin
User count: 320
Rating: 1
Manage closed tabs. Easily restore a closed tab with a click!
#18 TooManyTabs for Chrome TooManyTabs for Chrome
User count: 188,253
Rating: 2,417
Manage your tabs, improve your browsing, and maintain your sanity when you have many tabs open.
#19 20 Tabs - Simple Tab Manager 20 Tabs - Simple Tab Manager
User count: 493,416
Rating: 65
Quick access to all opened tabs. Manage browser tabs to easily navigate and switch between them
#20 tabWindow - multi window vertical tabs tabWindow - multi window vertical tabs
User count: 237
Rating: 5
Multi-window vertical tab manager. save and restore tabs & windows with auto-saver. Never forget why this tab left open?
#21 Cluster - Window & Tab Manager Cluster - Window & Tab Manager
User count: 67,636
Rating: 660
Window and Tab manager for managing multiple open tabs and windows with simplicity.
#22 Workona Tab Suspender Workona Tab Suspender
User count: 20,197
Rating: 166
Suspend your browser tabs to save memory.
#23 TabJump - Intelligent Tab Navigator TabJump - Intelligent Tab Navigator
User count: 36,555
Rating: 438
A new way to navigate your tabs. Easily access most used tabs, associated tabs, and closed tabs. Allows tab locking too.
#24 Tab-Snap Tab-Snap
User count: 25,385
Rating: 138
Get open tab URLs for window, or load a list of URLs into new tabs on this window.
#25 Restore Closed Tabs Restore Closed Tabs
Publisher: Alan Tai
User count: 97
Rating: 0
Provides a reliable way to restore closed tabs. Never lost a tab again!
300 results. Page 1 of 12.