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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 COVID-19 Footprint | Coronavirus Live Tracker COVID-19 Footprint | Coronavirus Live Tracker
Publisher: Abir Bhushan
User count: 33
Rating: 2
Track the novel coronavirus outbreak from your very own Chrome menu.
#2 uMatrix uMatrix
User count: 105,341
Rating: 795
Point & click to forbid/allow any class of requests made by your browser. Use it to block scripts, iframes, ads, facebook, etc.
#3 Bouncy Bouncy
Publisher: sellner
User count: 8
Rating: 0
Send the current URL to another web service.
#4 Facts and Myths Facts and Myths
User count: 24
Rating: 1
Online Resources for Checking common Facts and Myths
#5 Mind Myths Screen Sharing Mind Myths Screen Sharing
Publisher: Playsign
User count: 24
Rating: 0
Screen sharing extension for mind myths
#6 Twitch chat overlay on fullscreen Twitch chat overlay on fullscreen
Publisher: Live3D
User count: 91
Rating: 5
Free Twitch chat,send messages,emotes,and anything you can do in the chat box while Twitch fullscreen.
#7 Web Acknowledgement Web Acknowledgement
Publisher: caleblstone
User count: 76
Rating: 0
A Chrome extension that performs a land acknowledgement based on where the website is stored physically
#8 Dictionary, Thesaurus & Reference Dictionary, Thesaurus & Reference
User count: 8,716
Rating: 27
Quick access to reference pages on and
#9 Yozify Yozify
Publisher: aherbez
User count: 22
Rating: 7
Make the web a bit more magical
#10 Recently Closed Recently Closed
User count: 3,202
Rating: 18
View and restore recently closed Tabs and Windows
#11 Home Shortcut for Chromebook™ Home Shortcut for Chromebook™
User count: 1,042
Rating: 5
Adds a keyboard shortcut for the Home button.
#12 Folderwise Bookmarks: Search & Sessions Folderwise Bookmarks: Search & Sessions
User count: 509
Rating: 16
Search for Bookmarks by Folder Name, and save Sessions in Bookmark Folders
#13 Open New Tab Open New Tab
User count: 397
Rating: 14
It's an extension for overwriting a new tab in chrome
#14 Scratchpad Scratchpad
User count: 604
Rating: 2
A notepad with autosave, sync, file export, and themes
#15 Bookmarks HotList Bookmarks HotList
User count: 449
Rating: 11
A Speed Dial in your toolbar, with easy set-up and keyboard shortcuts
#16 purify purify
Publisher: djanezashvili
User count: 5
Rating: 0
The extension uses a language model to predict whether or not they post on social media contains Fake News. It uses five categories…
#17 Blank New Tab Page plus... Blank New Tab Page plus...
User count: 43
Rating: 5
A blank New Tab Page with a colour and background of your choice
#18 Calendar Calendar
User count: 40
Rating: 1
A month calendar with a days-between calculator
#19 Benefits of Taking Creatine supplements Benefits of Taking Creatine supplements
User count: 3
Rating: 0
Benefits of Taking Creatine supplements: Truth or Myth?.
#20 Cyclops Screen Sharing Cyclops Screen Sharing
User count: 22
Rating: 0
Allows Cyclops users to share their Desktop.
#21 Search items in steam groups. Search items in steam groups.
Publisher: 14k
User count: 6,888
Rating: 54
This extension allows to find items you looking for in Steam group members inventories. (On Steam group members page e.g.…
#22 Better Bookmarker Better Bookmarker
User count: 12
Rating: 0
A better way to bookmark
#23 Hide the YouTube Comments Section Hide the YouTube Comments Section
User count: 172
Rating: 7
The comments section is the open text area where anyone can give his or her feedback regarding a specific post. Like many features…
#24 Pingterval! Pingterval!
User count: 4
Rating: 0
Track time with a ping every hour
#25 Mahjong Games - HTML5 Mahjong Games - HTML5
Publisher: Chrome Games
User count: 195
Rating: 0
Mahjong Solitaire is a game of ability, technique, and estimation
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