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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 1 Video Downloader 1 Video Downloader
Publisher: 1q Downloads
User count: 595,672
Rating: 7,334
Download video online from any websites fast and easily. 1 free Video Downloader allows to save video and watch it later
#2 HD Video Downloader HD Video Downloader
Publisher: Sarah Hill
User count: 295,051
Rating: 616
Chrome app to download any video. HD Video Downloader powers up Chrome browser with download utility for the most video formats
#3 Finviz Stock Screener X eToro Extension Finviz Stock Screener X eToro Extension
Publisher: amadhukar1
User count: 77
Rating: 0
You don’t need to keep switching tabs between Finviz and eToro to see if a certain stock exists in eToro anymore.
#4 OR Manager OR Manager
User count: 125
Rating: 1
Xpath Evaluator will help you to find Xpath and other properties of a WebElement and save it to form an object repository
#5 PersistIQ PersistIQ
User count: 1,604
Rating: 15
PersistIQ Chrome Extension
#6 BrainTool - Beyond Bookmarks BrainTool - Beyond Bookmarks
User count: 5,259
Rating: 246
BrainTool is the best Bookmark and Tabs Manager for your online life.
#7 Slick RSS by users Slick RSS by users
Publisher: gandfhdev
User count: 5,205
Rating: 15
A full featured RSS reader that's fully contained within the browser.
#8 Project Naptha Project Naptha
User count: 453,520
Rating: 1,723
Highlight, copy, edit, and translate text from any image on the web.
#9 a11y.css a11y.css
Publisher: gael.poupard
User count: 1,980
Rating: 4
a11y.css provides warnings about possible risks and mistakes that exist in HTML.
#10 Simplify Aeries Simplify Aeries
User count: 63
Rating: 1
Simple customizable QOL CSS changes to Student SIS sites
#11 Docamatic - Add Sticky Notes to the Web Docamatic - Add Sticky Notes to the Web
User count: 1,085
Rating: 29
Want to add your own sticky notes to any webpage? Docamatic is your solution
#12 Hubris Hubris
Publisher: dev
User count: 1,383
Rating: 19
LinkedIn, Hubspot
#13 ValeVPN ValeVPN
User count: 1,027
Rating: 6
ValeVPN Proxy Extension
#14 VIT Go VIT Go
Publisher: Team Go
User count: 777
Rating: 24
Simplifying the experience of vtopbeta ;)
#15 Decreased Productivity Decreased Productivity
User count: 30,373
Rating: 251
Discreetly surf the web! Control exactly how you want web pages to look like.
#16 Group Doorman Group Doorman
User count: 106
Rating: 6
Group Doorman extracts members' answers from your Facebook group and pushes to a Google Spreadsheet
#17 No More Duplicates No More Duplicates
Publisher: Jakob Sennerby
User count: 8,455
Rating: 44
Avoid downloads of files you already have!
#18 Copy Download Links Copy Download Links
User count: 325
Rating: 0
Makes it posible to copy k2s, uploaded and rapidgator links. If all links already exist in clipboard, close the tabs
#19 StockX Assistant StockX Assistant
Publisher: stockxtension
User count: 179
Rating: 11
Access the Now… From Anywhere.
#20 Show CSS Outline Style Show CSS Outline Style
User count: 236
Rating: 2
Show the outline of all the elements that exist on the page.
#21 Music Meal: Audio Player & Playlist Streamer Music Meal: Audio Player & Playlist Streamer
User count: 4,686
Rating: 19
Create playlists from the top song streaming sources & play music in background
#22 Pass the Plebs Pass the Plebs
Publisher: Tim Stoddard
User count: 2,320
Rating: 16
Adds Polyratings (and much more) to PASS!
#23 MasterPassword for chrome MasterPassword for chrome
Publisher: ttyridal
User count: 1,911
Rating: 34
Remember your MasterPassword, and this app will generate unique passwords for every other site you visit
#24 Contact Hero Contact Hero
User count: 67
Rating: 3
Verify any email address while on the go with this convenient extension
#25 DnD does not Exist DnD does not Exist
Publisher: rhysmakesthings
User count: 2
Rating: 1
Replaces references to the worlds most nonexistent roleplaying game with other RPG's that actually exist.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.