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Docamatic - Add Sticky Notes to the Web Docamatic - Add Sticky Notes to the Web

Want to add your own sticky notes to any webpage? Docamatic is your solution

Rating: 4.18 (11)
Users: 193
Version: 3.0.1 (Last updated: 2020-03-30)
Size: 1.44M
Price: Free
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Have you ever wanted to place sticky notes on a specific webpage? Now you can with Docamatic!

A searching feature in the extension allows the user to search for past notes. Once a note pops up, you can click it and it will open the page that contains the note in a new page.

Because of the heavy permission that is asked to change data on all websites, when I push an update, it has to be approved by Google. This means it takes 2-3 business days for every update to be pushed through. I am trying to speed up this process so the update happens sooner

- Edit all data on webpage. This is because the notes are actually inserted into the HTML of the page. You can verify this by opening the developer tools and inspecting the html over the note. I am trying to find a work around for this. If you know how to, I'd be great if you could get in contact with me

Known Issues:
- The style changes on certain webpages
- If you change the size of the note on the left or the top, it will result in the note shifting the next time you view it.

(October 18th 2019)
- Updated Note UI as well as Popup UI
- Added a heart feature (to heart your notes)
- Added a view all notes (as soon as you enter in)
*** Updates are coming ***

(August 3rd 2019)
- Added new error screen when note doesn't place and allows for user feedback

(June 5 2019)
- Added top bar for dragging
- Add resizing on any side
(May 10 2019)
- Redesigned pop up menu to include a settings page.
- Added feedback box to the settings menu
- Redesigned the logo
(Feb 10 2019)
- Color updates to correct color on picker
- Size of the note is saved
- Bolded titles on the search 
- Restyled the popup menu to fit a better overall theme

(March 28 2020)
- App size is much smaller

Future Updates:
- Add a hide all/ show all button to hide/show all the notes with 1 click on a page
- Add a pinning feature meaning a note is pinned to every page you navigate to
- Allow images to be put in the next area
- Automatically position new notes over black white spaces on a page

If you would like to help contribute to this project, please reach out to me.

If you have any questions,  comments, or suggestions; please feel free to email me.

If you would like to donate to support this application, donate at this link
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