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#1 Wikiwand: Wikipedia Modernized Wikiwand: Wikipedia Modernized
User count: 307,404
Rating: 7,741
Good old Wikipedia gets a great new look
#2 Lookup Companion for Wikipedia Lookup Companion for Wikipedia
Publisher: mongolian2010
User count: 44,369
Rating: 1,609
Essential extension for any Wikipedia users. Full-featured: saves your recent wiki lookups, multi-lingual, back/forward and more!
#3 Wikipedia night mode Wikipedia night mode
Publisher: grunbaster
User count: 55,313
Rating: 145
Wikipedia night mode allows you to work more comfortably on the Wikipedia website in the dark or in low light
#4 Wikipedia Search Wikipedia Search
Publisher: Corbin Davenport
User count: 25,675
Rating: 343
Search Wikipedia in every language from the address bar and context menu.
#5 Modern for Wikipedia Modern for Wikipedia
User count: 18,126
Rating: 84
Wikipedia gets a beautiful, clean, modern interface.
#6 WIKI 2. Wikipedia Republished WIKI 2. Wikipedia Republished
User count: 8,851
Rating: 68
Advanced Magic for Wikipedia.
#7 Wikipedia Quick Hints Wikipedia Quick Hints
User count: 6,115
Rating: 138
Display quick description of the terms in the Wikipedia article.
#8 Black Menu for Wikipedia Black Menu for Wikipedia
User count: 6,074
Rating: 81
Easy access to the Wikipedia universe
#9 Wikipedia with MathJax Wikipedia with MathJax
Publisher: Boris Gromov
User count: 6,338
Rating: 56
Renders Wikipedia equations with MathJax
#10 Wikipedia Lookup - Context Menu Wikipedia Lookup - Context Menu
Publisher: Damien Brunet
User count: 4,176
Rating: 43
Search Wikipedia from the context menu.
#11 Wikipedia Reading Lists Wikipedia Reading Lists
User count: 2,824
Rating: 26
Save Wikipedia articles to read on Wikipedia’s iOS and Android apps
#12 WikiCros | Wikipedia Crossword WikiCros | Wikipedia Crossword
User count: 4,657
Rating: 16
Crosswords from Wikipedia articles in more than 250 languages
#13 Wikipedia Lookup - Browser Action Wikipedia Lookup - Browser Action
Publisher: Damien Brunet
User count: 812
Rating: 21
Select a word or two, click the icon in the toolbar, learn something new.
#14 Wikipedia Plus Wikipedia Plus
User count: 615
Rating: 16
Utilities to improve the user experience of for avid users.
#15 Wikilas Cage: Nicolas Cage for Wikipedia Wikilas Cage: Nicolas Cage for Wikipedia
User count: 1,358
Rating: 32
Makes (almost) every Wikipedia article about Nicolas Cage.
#16 Wikipedia: Dark Mode Wikipedia: Dark Mode
Publisher: rvkantpujari
User count: 2,968
Rating: 15
Now read your favorite articles on Wikipedia in Dark Mode.
#17 Wikipedia Peek Wikipedia Peek
User count: 341
Rating: 6
Shows previews of linked articles on Wikipedia pages
#18 Wikipedia Copy Wikipedia Copy
Publisher: n3nikita
User count: 1,306
Rating: 6
Copy pure text from Wikipedia!
#19 Wikipedia Popup Wikipedia Popup
Publisher: David
User count: 270
Rating: 4
Wikipedia popup for selected text
#20 Wikipedia Shuffle Wikipedia Shuffle
User count: 311
Rating: 2
Shuffle through random Wikipedia articles
#21 Wikipedia Anywhere Wikipedia Anywhere
Publisher: rynu.smith
User count: 258
Rating: 9
Access to a floating mobile version of Wikipedia on any webpage
#22 ZeroWiki ZeroWiki
User count: 4,113
Rating: 97
This extension makes your browser load Wikipedia content from one of the available Wikipedia mirrors, instead of
#23 WikiTube WikiTube
User count: 5,942
Rating: 75
Adds relevant YouTube videos to Wikipedia.
#24 Look Up Wikipedia, Google Translate & Maps Look Up Wikipedia, Google Translate & Maps
Publisher: Andy Zett
User count: 948
Rating: 12
Look up Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Google Translate, Google Maps, and Oxford American Dictionary.
#25 DNS over Wikipedia DNS over Wikipedia
Publisher: aaron.janse
User count: 180
Rating: 7
Resolve .idk domains using the URL provided by the Wikipedia page for a given topic
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