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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Video Downloader professional Video Downloader professional
User count: 3,536,978
Rating: 208,937
Download videos from web sites or just collect them in your video list without downloading them.
#2 video downloader - CocoCut video downloader - CocoCut
User count: 613,219
Rating: 5,808
Best video downloader Chrome extension, this video downloader for Chrome can download video,music free,safe in one click.
#3 Video Downloader Plus Video Downloader Plus
User count: 939,833
Rating: 18,584
Video Downloader Plus - The fastest and easiest way to download any video from any website.
#4 Video Downloader Pro Video Downloader Pro
Publisher: John Cam
User count: 1,277,479
Rating: 636
Enjoy favourite video files at any time. Simply save it to PC and watch later
#5 1 Video Downloader 1 Video Downloader
Publisher: 1q Downloads
User count: 429,771
Rating: 6,531
Download video online from any websites fast and easily. 1 free Video Downloader allows to save video and watch it later
#6 Image Downloader Image Downloader
Publisher: Pact Interactive
User count: 1,500,300
Rating: 2,317
Browse and download images on the web
#7 Video Downloader Proff Video Downloader Proff
Publisher: schill7766
User count: 942,235
Rating: 427
Save video from popular websites and run it later
#8 Video Downloader Plus Video Downloader Plus
Publisher: VideoLoader
User count: 538,205
Rating: 651
Download video online from any websites fast and easily. Free Video Downloader allows to save video and watch it later
#9 Video Downloader by ODM Video Downloader by ODM
User count: 254,559
Rating: 1,102
Powerful video downloader. Pro download manager: save video, download music and images, managing downloads, etc.
#10 Simple Downloader for Vimeo™ Simple Downloader for Vimeo™
User count: 150,304
Rating: 314
Extension for download video and subtitles from by injecting download buttons directly into the Vimeo™ player.
#11 Downloader for Instagram Downloader for Instagram
User count: 164,135
Rating: 344
Hi-speed Downloader for Instagram. Fast Downloading Photo, Video or Stories from Instagram to your PC. Single and Bulk Downloads.
#12 Music Downloader - VKsaver Music Downloader - VKsaver
User count: 239,250
Rating: 584
Saving music from VK has become easy! Download your favorite tracks by checking their bitrates and sizes.
#13 Tap Image Downloader Tap Image Downloader
Publisher: Morfom
User count: 864,772
Rating: 13
Download images in different formats: PNG, JPG, SVG, WEBP. Save your time with image downloader tool!
#14 Universal Video Downloader Universal Video Downloader
Publisher: athopinnt
User count: 136,395
Rating: 286
Powerful Video Downloader. Downloads most popular media formats like flash, videos, audios.
#15 Base Image Downloader Base Image Downloader
Publisher: RafLeo
User count: 679,262
Rating: 11
Download images in one click. Image downloader supports PNG GIF JPG, SVG files. Filter by size, proper file names.
#16 Image Downloader - Bulk download images Image Downloader - Bulk download images
Publisher: Image Downloader
User count: 122,757
Rating: 16
Browse and download images on the web. Save fav image or select all at once to bulk download.
#17 Viddex Video Downloader Viddex Video Downloader
Publisher: Sasha Boradovko
User count: 236,106
Rating: 7
Easy-to-use video downloader for online videos
#18 Good Video Downloader Good Video Downloader
Publisher: create4u
User count: 105,638
Rating: 145
Video Downloader that works. Video, audio, avi, mp4, mp3, mov, flash download maintained.
#19 Easy Video Downloader Easy Video Downloader
Publisher: Yubi
User count: 145,245
Rating: 122
A video downloader that works with both internal and external download managers
#20 Image Downloader + Image Downloader +
Publisher: miwasazzavikko
User count: 208,891
Rating: 1
Need to download images? Filter and download everything you need from the page.
#21 Flash Video Downloader Flash Video Downloader
Publisher: brachovskitim
User count: 199,163
Rating: 55
Popular Video Downloader. Downloads most popular media formats, flash videos.
#22 Atomic Video Downloader Atomic Video Downloader
Publisher: atomicvideo
User count: 56,815
Rating: 666
All in one privacy focused, lightweight and ultra fast video downloader
#23 Pixiv Downloader Pixiv Downloader
User count: 57,709
Rating: 554
You can download the images, comics and novels easily from pixiv!
#24 Image Downloader - save photos and pictures Image Downloader - save photos and pictures
Publisher: Image Loader
User count: 38,135
Rating: 257
Find, choose and download images you need from any web pages.
#25 Video Downloader Unlimited Video Downloader Unlimited
Publisher: loader-unlim.
User count: 47,911
Rating: 548
Download videos from popular social networks, video hosting or streaming platforms. Quick and easy!
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